Lumia 800 coming to Three UK, staying with Windows Phone

Three UK has announced on their blog that they're looking to stock the Nokia Lumia 800 (opens in new tab) as their next Windows Phone. This is fantastic news for those who are tied to the network and want to purchase the 800, and also for Windows Phone users as a whole. Three UK was in the news not so long ago with the possibility of pulling out (opens in new tab) on Microsoft's OS. 

Check out the above video for a quick run through, and be sure to also view our coverage (opens in new tab).

Source: ThreeUK

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I'm on Three and am happy they are sticking with it. To be honest they needed it, their current phones are ****
  • Three have plenty of good phones.-Galaxy S2-Sensation-iPhone 4S-Galaxy Nexus (coming soon)And a lot more besides.
  • Excellent. So, just looking for official confirmation from O2 and then that'll mean all of the big 5 networks will have picked up the Nokia.
  • O2 deffo onboard.
  • NO MAGENTA? wtf