3 UK to no longer carry Windows Phone? No decision yet.

There has been some confusion surrounding a tweet posted by one of the social moderators who run the @ThreeUK Twitter account. The tweet in question (shown in the above shot) is a support answer to another Twitter user and should not be mistaken for Three UK not supporting Windows Phone as there is a massive typo at play here. See the below follow up tweet:

"That was a typo - There has NOT been any decision made about ranging windows 7 phones."

Unfortunately, Three UK still haven't got any Mango devices lined up for launch on the network - a real bummer for myself if this holds true since my contract is soon to run out and I wouldn't mind a free Mango handset upgrade (who wouldn't?). We'll keep an eye out on the coming soon section of the Three website in hope that they throw up a surprise to go next to the wide range of Blackberry and Android handsets.

As far as we're aware Three will be shipping the Mango update and they do support the platform as of now, just no news on any upcoming hardware. For the shorter version of this article: move along, nothing to see here.

Source: @ThreeUK, thanks Ro for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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