Nokia Lumia 800 hands on [Video]

And just like with the 710, we got some hands on time with the much acclaimed Nokia 800 Lumia--but this time in a more quiet and better lit environment, thank you Nokia.

The device is pretty smashing. The screen really is one of the best we've ever seen both in terms of color ("wet" blacks) and just how it pops up at you. The touch sensitivity, always a finicky setting, seems perfect to us on the device as well. The unibody design makes it truly an elegant piece of art  and with a top notch camera, really makes this an excellent device.

Needless to say, we want one. Bad.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I can't believe that they forgot to put a front facing camera..!Has nokia totally lost it..with deep skype integration in the future,how can they not put a front camera on it..even the n9 has one..
  • Everyone phone should have it for sure, especially since it is another tool developers can use for fun things. However, I still plan on importing this phone haha! It is too beautiful!
  • I thought about doing this, but I'm going to wait. I just think that the U.S. version of this phone is going to have the ffc. But I'm also hoping for more storage options and colors on the U.S. version as well :)2012 is only a few months away, so I will gladly wait for the premium Nokia WP devices set to arrive here at that time.
  • Well there's gonna be like 10 Nokia phones between now and 2013 lol. I'm sure te next like 8 will have front facing cam.
  • Remember, this is the release for European Countries where FFC is not important to them. I'm sure the US release will have FFC Camera and will probably be called the Lumina 900. I can't wait until Christmas, I know what I'm getting.
  • FFC is important to me and I'm from the Netherlands....Also, Nokia should release the Lumia 900 in Europe too, to make this wrong right.
  • That's not exactly true. N9 that's pretty much the same as 800 has NFC, like some other things that 800 misses.Also all the Symbian phones have NFC.
  • no need to get bent up, Nokia will flood the market with phones and I'm sure the rest will have FFC.
  • That is an amazing device, especially the screen. This guy is outdoors and the screen is visible as if he was inside. Not to mention the unibody design. Is there going to be an unlocked version of any of these devices?
  • I love your desription of the black being 'wet'. Looks just that with the video. I've never wanted to just... touch a phone so badly. I feel like I'm in a strip club -___-
  • Pretty good quick looks at the phone and the OS on the BBC: to see the OS getting some coverage!
  • it just me or did the guy demoing the phone there sound an awful lot like stephen elop? if so, i'm quite impressed mr. rubino.
  • I kept wondering the same thing. I was half expecting a surprise, 'and to wrap this up, look who we had taking us around the device', camera shifts and it's elop! and the crowd goes wild...
  • Major design flaw. Since the screen extends beyond the housing, it will get scratched like crazy. Really don't know what they were thinking with that type of design.
  • It is Gorilla Glass, but yeah, that's a concern. Then again, my Dell Venue Pro has a curved glass screen--same issue--with gorilla glass and it's held up well.Still, when you hold the phone, you kind of forget things like that ;-)
  • can u do better? probably not, stop with the ridiculous design complaints.
  • Whatever bozo. It may be a nice phone, but who wants to spend all that money for a phone that with one slide across a table and the screen is all scratched up. It is a valid concern. I currently on my second Samsung Focus. The Focus has a slightly recessed screen and my first one cracked right across the center of the scree from normal use without dropping. Gorilla Glass is not all that it is "cracked" up to be.
  • There isn't a phone out there that wouldn't get scratched if you laid it face down and slid it across a table. Why the **** would you even do that? You get a case so that the screen is then recessed and the glass won't be touching the surface it is on. I don't see how anyone walks around with a phone and no protective case on it. The Gorilla Glass on my Focus has zero scratches on it after a year of use.
  • its ok, invisible shield will fix things just fine... im talking actual product -> the plastic thingy
  • Gorilla Glass is only scratch resistant, not crack resistant. Yes it can break it drops. I don't see the screen wrapping around causing this to happen more then it all ready does.
  • Iphone is so Steev Jobs
  • Again, sloKia and WP7 have a US failure of a phone on thier hands. I will wait for the Samsung Focus S 32GB on ATT. I will have to leave sprint but thats the way it goes...I realize that specs aren't everything but MS has to realize that the smartphone business is like the PC business of 10 years ago when specs were EVERYTHING and it didnt matter if it anmounted to any real world performance or not, its just the way it is. How can you play the game with 2 year old Specs? You cant. In todays smartphone business you must have a hi end device even if its unnecessary. I really want a WP7 device but I get tired of hearing about all these WP devices with 3.7 inch screens and no onboard memory.
  • What part of " for Europe " do you not understand? We have no idea what Nokia is doing for the US yet. As for specs, the specs that MS mandated are for a reason. It's for all Windows Phones to have the same experience and to cut down on FRAGMENTATION. They are not gonna make phones with specs too far apart from each other. This is the reason why ALL windows phone could get mango. Don't expect a real bump in hardware specs until Windows Phone 8. The iphone goes a whole year on old specs. No one complains bout it, they still buy it. Microsoft is not competing with android specs. Android phones with dramatically different specs is the reason it's a mess right now. That causes FRAGMENTATIONAlso, at the end of the day it doesn't matter right now cause Windows Phone on a single core processor can hang with the best android dual core and iphone 4S. That's how fast and smooth Windows Phone is
  • If this thing had a 3.9-4" screen, a FFC, and more memory, I would buy it in a millisecond. It also concerns me that the battery isn't user replaceable.
  • No replacable battery ? forget it...No front camera ?I'll stick with my trophy a bit longer...
  • I have to say that the Lumia 800 is a very good looking phone. I really like what Nokia brought to the table with Maps and Music. I was dissatisfied with the phones specs. I know that WP7 runs great on present phone hardware but I guess I was expecting something a little more innovative. Not having a front facing camera is probably one of the biggest letdowns. Don't get me wrong, I would trade my HD7 in a hart beat for the 800. I just think in this market you really need to push the envelope. I'm hoping that Nokia’s next phone comes with a bigger screen, FF camera and 1080 video recording to name a few. I guess my theory is if you want to gain market share the product not only has to have great software but great hardware to match.