Nokia Lumia 800 featured in episode of Kreutzer Kommt

Nokia has continued to show support for its current generation hardware with numerous television shows sporting Lumia Windows Phones. The latest addition was a white Lumia 900 featured in a recent Homeland episode. Now we have German show Kreutzer, where a black Lumia 800 was spotted in an episode.

The Lumia 800 in Kreutzer was seen not once, but multiple times. Showing off the likes of messaging and video capture, it's good to see more marketing coming to light. Check out more shots over at

Source:; thanks, Anton, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Wunderbar Handy!
  • wonderful mobile phone
  • hopp hopp Nokia, mach sie platt!!
  • Lumia 800 best looking phone in the world ;)
  • Not entirely related and kind of old news by now, but a Samsung WP can be seen in a trailer for Swedish movie; Hamilton as well.
  • Nice work Nokia is doing with product placement. The second picture shows another silly person that records video in portrait orientation.
  • I have one my best phone ever
  • They need to get one in the hands of the right and current pop "star". Teens would go nuts over it.
  • Does anyone know what phone is in the Fun. We Are Young video on XBox Music? Just noticed it.
  • If memory serves me correctly, George Ponder believed it to be the TITAN.
  • Soo is there a survey of some sort where we see what models of WP or Lumias are more shown in the wild? If its the 800 then I assume no one likes the big form factor... for a Lumia.
  • It seems like the 800 has seen more traction outside of the US, which makes sense since it launched a long time before the 900 here.