Lumia 800 white version announced and hands on [Video]

To fit in nicely with Nokia showing off the upcoming Lumia 800 white version, SlashGear have got their hands on the device. Looking fairly impressive, this handset features a unique feature that differentiates this version from the other themed 800s. As can be seen in the above video (as well as the photo shots below) the white 800 sports a glossy finish, bouncing light in all manner of directions, and looks almost identical to the N9 variant. 

Don't allow the glossy look to fool you though, this is still a polycarbonate unibody that has been dyed all the way through. The white Lumia 800 is expected to be available later this month in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Finland, Poland and Switzerland, with other countries to follow. Check out a few shots of the handset after the break. So, what colour are you?

Source: SlashGear, Nokia Conversations

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I knew this would happen. Will there be a white Lumia 900 (at&t), do you think?
  • I love mine. Lol.
  • And there is no video link.
  • The video is found on the SlashGear article, which is linked to as source.
  • The color looks nice. But then you are showing the Lumia 800 in my book this is the best looking Mobile device on the market today. It just screams out sexy!
  • Yes, I love it, but, how easy is to get dirty...or scratched?
  • It doesn't show scratches. The phone is made out of some kind of dyed plastic so the shell is the same color all the way through.
  • Sexy! Please make a white 900 too, then my money is yours Nokia!
  • It will come, and I've heard a matte red will come too, but that might just be said because a random pic appeared.
  • Just want a 900 in any waiting to be spent.
  • Someone needs to tell that guy that you don't have to actually tap on the arrow to get to the app list - just swipe left.  
  • Love the gloss, but a matte finish would have been nice too!
  • Very nice looking phone. I wonder if they went the glossy feel because it will be easier to clean because of the white
  • Would love matte red too lol.. Oh the options.. Nokia is certainly establishing itself as the leader again.. I think they made the white glossy because if it was matt it would look dull.
  • Also, a white body with a grey theme would have been epic.
  • I personally don't like it much, it seems the screen brightness loses some punch against white boarders.
  • Looks great. You can pre-order on from today for delivery on the 6th of march.
  • A white with a white theme...that would nice...
  • if you use a white theme, there would actually be a black frame.
  • Ah I wish it was matte white instead of glossy white. But it still looks pretty cool, hopefully it comes to Microsoft stores!
  • Damn, 345 emails!