Nokia Lumia 920 purchases have Portico update pre-installed

We've just got word from a Windows Phone Central reader that the Portico update is pre-installed in a Lumia 920 which was received from Dutch retailer KPN. According to the tip the build presently listed on the device (8.0.10211.204) matches what we've previously reported on when talking about the latest Windows Phone 8 update.

There has been speculation that Nokia is pushing out hardware with the latest build already installed, which is now confirmed with the recent reports. The company has had the update on its servers (though some were pulled) for some time but should you still be waiting on the update to hit your Lumia 920, there's a way to retrieve it manually.

Thanks, Daenney, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • It's good to see Samsung isn't the only one doing this...
  • It's not nice to see the update still unavailable for current owners.
  • Just flash it, it's very simple to do.
  • Does it keep user data, SMS etc . Thanks
  • So why is the photo HTC??
  • It was the image on the phone that was suppose to be representative of Portico. We assumed our readers would "get it" but alas, we underestimated you. None of this of course has anything to do with the story at hand...
  • LMAO!
  • laughing at this response ^ well played
  • Not the best response to retain or increase readership...
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  • Sorry Dan, condescension isn't the best way to deal with readership - especially here where it's just not called for.
  • Maybe he's becoming a little jaded over those who nitpick about the seemingly unimportant details. I know I would be.
  • Why is there on nokia lumia 920 news htc 8x picture?
  • To blow your mind.
  • Now Daniel be nice...
  • What kind of stubid comment is that from you daniel, always respected you and bought wpcentral app too and thats how you treat..
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  • Wow, who cares, lol!
  • And also ships as an HTC 8X. What a ripoff!
  • Why are we still waiting for this update in the UK?
  • Sorry for the profanity. But that's that Sh**t I don't like. Why does early adopters always get scr**ed.
  • Being an early adopter is like being a pioneer. You always end up with an arrow in your back. Now that you know, don't be an early adopter next time.
  • Cutting edge is the bleeding edge.
  • I like that saying
  • My new replacement Lumia 920 I got from AT&T that was shipped on Dec 28 had the Portico update installed.
  • Your point is?
  • Well the report is from over in Europe. I'm saying it's also been that way in the US since at least Dec 28.
  • Yes the US AT&T phones get the update. This hasn't been news for weeks. Which is why I'm wondering why you brought that up. The point from the article is that for first time, a non US Lumia gets Portico.
  • His point is inline with the article, so shut it!
  • Why is everyone attacking each other...
  • Please stop being jerks guys. Daniel or anyone else can put whatever picture they want. And clearly the 8x was running Portico. :p
  • ^1
  • I cam confirm that my replacement AT&T Lumia 920 which was shipped out last Friday had portico preinstalled
  • Same for an insurance replacement, brand new, not a refurb, yesterday that had the update pre-installed. way to go Nokia/AT&T
  • I posted that my AT&T 920 came with Portaco installed back in 2012 - ok it WAS sold to me 3 minutes before closing time Dec 31st but is this still news? Admittedly, if it had been an HTC phone, no-one would have believed me ;D
  • Still no update for uk lumia users.
  • The Samsung ATIV S in Canada also has Portico pre-installed.
  • When is the update coming out?
  • And still no update for my unlocked 920. It's really starting to irk me.
  • Is it not possible for you to do the manual work around?
  • Not for the BUILD device. I would end up flashing a Rogers ROM and I don't want that.
  • I just had a replacement device and it came with the update preinstalled. I am not sure if you guys are taking about the same thing.
  • Nice to see you guys are getting the WP8 update thro but what news of 7.8 for us "oldies"????
  • looks like Microsoft in deeply involved in WP8 and forgot us oldies!!
  • That's ok. I have wireless sync and a keyboard and they don't. Plus, our OS is stable!
  • No update in Italy too.
  • Devices released in India have the update installed. Looks like all new devices released will be having this update.
  • Anyone picked up a new 920 in the UK with portico pre installed? My upgrade date is 8 days away and I plan on going into the store and picking up a Lumia 920 that morning.
  • Also Singtel Singapore pushing Porticos apparently...if there is stock ;-)
    But no OTA yet...but certified ROM from Nokia, so DIY, hehe...
  • My 8S comes with the update installed. Does anyone have vibrator and battery problems with that device, by the way?
  • My Ativ S, bought last week had this update installed..
  • Lumia 920 and 820 comes with Potico update preinstalled here in India!!
  • My HTC 8x had to be replaced just 28 days in, happened two days ago. The like-for-like replacement came with Portico pre-installed. (unlocked from Phones4U, UK)
  • Nothing for the 920 here in Australia yet on Telstra. ..hoping this happens soon as the camera is not worth using at the moment. In fact I keep ducking back to my old iPhone for snaps...any news would be greatly appreciated as I'd rather not complete the upgrade myself from Nokia's software app.
  • I just bought my Lumia 920 with Optus but portico doesn't seem to be preinstalled. How do you figure out whether it is or not? I checked in 'settings/about' but I don't know what portico's number is
  • I also recieved my L920 from Austrian carrier A1 with the update preinstalled.
  • How do you know it's preinstalled?