Lumia 920 from Rogers reportedly carrier unlocked, works on WIND and T-Mobile US

We previously looked at the news of an unlocked Lumia 920 working on the T-Mobile US network, but now reports are being published at XDA and beyond that Lumia 920 Windows Phones being sold by Canada carrier Rogers are all carrier unlocked--that's pretty big news, but also it has seemingly been confirmed that it has pentaband support.

Said Windows Phone 8 devices have been confirmed to work on WIND and T-Mobile US, though tethering is reported to not be functional.

We cannot confirm for ourselves yet just how much functionality is present (if any at all) when using a carrier unlocked Lumia 920 from Rogers on either WIND or T-Mobile (AWS networks), but should consumer experiences be across the board it's worth noting when looking at your next Windows Phone.

We've been made aware that it's not a requirement to have (or open) a Rogers account to purchase the handset outright at $599. We cannot guarantee that screenshots provided in the XDA thread are indeed accurate, but with the number of success stories published it's definitely looking likely.

Source: XDA; Thanks, San Ien J., for the tip

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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