Lumia 920 from Rogers reportedly carrier unlocked, works on WIND and T-Mobile US

We previously looked at the news of an unlocked Lumia 920 working on the T-Mobile US network, but now reports are being published at XDA and beyond that Lumia 920 Windows Phones being sold by Canada carrier Rogers are all carrier unlocked--that's pretty big news, but also it has seemingly been confirmed that it has pentaband support.

Said Windows Phone 8 devices have been confirmed to work on WIND and T-Mobile US, though tethering is reported to not be functional.

We cannot confirm for ourselves yet just how much functionality is present (if any at all) when using a carrier unlocked Lumia 920 from Rogers on either WIND or T-Mobile (AWS networks), but should consumer experiences be across the board it's worth noting when looking at your next Windows Phone.

We've been made aware that it's not a requirement to have (or open) a Rogers account to purchase the handset outright at $599. We cannot guarantee that screenshots provided in the XDA thread are indeed accurate, but with the number of success stories published it's definitely looking likely.

Source: XDA; Thanks, San Ien J., for the tip

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Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I bought the 920 from Rogers for $599 last Tuesday. I can confirm that a Fido micro sim worked in it and I was able to make a phone and access 3G. The area I was in didn't have LTE so I can't comment on that.
    More details here:
  • I would jump on it if they had it in red...
  • Just to let you all know, Fido owned by Rogers.   And from my experience, all phones bought from Rogers work on Fido without being unlocked.  I bought a Samsung Focus from Rogers and used it with Fido without unlocking it.
    Therefore, to prove it is unlocked, you will have to try another carrier; telus, bell etc.  So just because it works with Fido, doesn't mean it's unlocked. 
  • +1
  • Kittshelby, I had rogers iphone 4s and gave to my wife to use it in Fido, it didn't work. And when I called their customer service, they told me the same thing that even though it is one company in financials & Operations but policies are different. I think your samsung must have been carier unlocked. Regardless, I hope this comes unlocked for later batches as well after the official launch...
  • I hate to be negative Nancey, this still doesn't help us Verizon customers :-(
  • Blame Verizon for using CDMA and not GSM.
  • Thats the beauty of GSM, matey! :D
  • Yeah there really aren't much for you guys, but at least it seems that T-Mobile users might have a way at a Lumia 920. Hopefully it isn't just the first batch that is unlocked. It is 599$ but better that then nothing I say.
  • Wish this was the same news for the AT&T Lumia 920. Hopefully after the phone is readily available we can start seeing sites selling the Rogers unlocked version at a reasonable price.
  • Well we won't know for sure until Friday if the AT&T 920 is unlocked/pentaband or not.
  • Question is where to buy Rogers 920 in US?
  • Ebay probably :P 
    Also, hope you like black, cause thats all we're stuck with :(
  • It cones in any color you want, so long as it's black.
  • just searched ebay. all black dev version from build 2012 for about $800. anyone knows about the differences between the dev version and the normal version?
  • The dev version is the international version... should be the same as the one from Rogers
  • Thanks! now thinking about getting a dev version. Damn, just a little bit expensive
  • $150 more than the ATT one but I guess that compensate for freedom Rodgers is giving to customers unlike ATT who seemingly dead on hanging you by the rope even if you cough out $450. I wonder what clause was in the Rodgers exclusivity that isn't in the ATT one.
    I'd like to buy the ATT one and unlock it but then I may be better off paying $150 more because the ATT one may not be pentaband who knows.
  • ATT One is NOT pentaband, it lacks support for the TMobile bands...
  • I think you're jumping the gun here.
    The roll out of these 920's is highly suspect in my opinion.  I personally believe these are the same prototype devices that were handed out at //Build.
    Why Rogers was given these devices is beyond me.  First global launch of the 920 is to a very few select stores in the unimportant market of Canada, and with no fanfare?  Really?  That makes no sense at all.  If I had to guess, it was to somehow keep Rogers happy for something that has happened behind the scenes that we have no knowledge of.
    I am very doubtful that the next wave of 920's that come on the 12th are going to be unlocked in the same fashion as the first wave was.
    Here's hoping I'm wrong.
  • They can't be giving away special edition Lumia 920's. For wide sale they wuold need to go all the trouble to get it accepted, it would make no money sense. Nokia has anyways tried to kept Lumia 920 models only in two models, while Galaxy S3 needs two models in Europe alone because it doesn't carry enough of LTE bands.
    Much more logical reason is that everything in USA takes time, why you see Galaxy phones 3-6 months before in Europe and Asia.
  • The trick now is to find a Rogers store that actually has the bloody phone.
  • True the 1 in Waterloo doesn't
  • The one? I called about 14 stores over the Kitchener waterloo and Cambridge area and not a single one had even seen the devices pass through their hands yet, nor did they have any further information.
  • I went over to Future Shop (in South Calgary) to find a belt-case for my 920, and the salesman in the phone department pulled out a 920 from underneath the counter to check the size against the cases they had in stock (he didn't know I had my 920 in my pocket).  I didn't look closely at it, so it may just be a fake display model or just a Lumia 900, but you may want to check with them.
  • OMG, i need this on WIND.
  • oooo, this would make my buddy happy, he's on Wind, think i'll get one for him to test first though
    btw, if you see this comment, it might be worth mentioning that Rogers only have about 12 stores that has this according to the sale associate i spoke to yesterday, he said it's in store purchase only for now (may be) because of supply issue... so us westerners will have to wait until later in the month to see it (so its not on the website at the moment)
  • I talked to my local Rogers store in Vancouver, and was told that they would not be rolling out the 920 in Western Canada until the 28th of November, as per Rogers head office. If the exclusivity is in fact only one month, we might just be seeing announcements of the device coming to other Canadian carriers just a couple of days later. I'm desperate to get this phone in hand, but I will wait til December 1st to see if I can avoid Rogers. I absolutely abhore how they do business in Canada, and am shocked at myself that I'm willing to jump to their service for this device.
  • Well, I just happen to be flying to Calgary this weekend, so this may work out very nicely.
  • I hate to burst your bubble, but the chances of finding one in Calgary (or pretty mush anywhere) is slim. I live in Alberta, and not one Roger's store has seen them, and most have no idea of any details at all.
  • You are a terrible person
  • It won't hurt to look / phone around. Who knows what the dealers may get in stock by the end of the week...
  • I've been trying all the downtown Toronto stores over the last week or 2.. Nothing. They all say the same thing "Try us again at the end of the week, we get shipments everyday after lunch. We never know what we're getting until it shows up". I had one in my hands on soft launch day but the sales person wouldn't sell it to me saying that it's only available to me if I sign a contract. I wanted to buy it outright and apparently that wasn't allowed.
  • You could've signed the contract and then cancelled it right after. No more ETF. All you have to pay to get out of a 3 year is what you owe on the phone.
  • Soo close yet soo far away :-)
  • What I desperately need to know is does the MMS and internet sharing features still work on a different carrier? There has been an uproar from many users on Nokias forums about these features not working with a different providers sum installed with no way around it other than flashing a custom ROM to the device. I don't want to do that and I need it to work out of the box on Telus, can anyone please confirm as soon as you find out? Thanks.
  • I know you posted this question two weeks ago and by now you probably already know the answer but I can confirm that I got internet and MMS working on my unlocked Rogers Lumia 920 (now on Telus network). At first I couldn't get the MMS working but a recent update on my phone magically fixed that problem.
  • Mms works on T-Mobile. Tethering works for me on T-Mobile.
    I got mine in North Vancouver on Sat 11/3.
  • That's good news Tai4de2!  Do you have anything to report in terms of HSPA/HSPA+ performance, etc?
    Never mind, I search for other posts in your name and found more info. Thanks!
  • When can I get a T-Mobile WP8 device!!!
  • I can confirm this works on Telus as well.  I did have to manually enter the internet and mms apn settings.  I can get LTE and can send mms messages, but for some reason I can't receive them.  I am also unable to tether (although curiously the tethering did work for me on Telus on the first day I got the phone, but it doesn't now).
  • What where the settings you entered?  My unlocked Rogers Lumia 920 connects to TELUS 4G fine, however only voice works, no data.  On hold with TELUS tech support trying to figure it out.
  • What settings did you enter?  I just unlocked my Rogers Lumia 920 and trying to get it work on TELUS.  I got the APN settings from TELUS but data still doesnt work.  Perhaps I have a bad sim card?
  • Nokia Lumia 920 running on Wind Mobile!
  • Hello
    I'm from Chicago and I want to buy Lumia 920 from Rogers without the contract. I checked the Rogers web and during the checkout I need to choose a plan. Do you know guys if I can cancel this plan month to month later.? I have one more question: I wonder if they will send this phone to USA?
    best regards
  • Hi.  I'm also from Chicago and want to know the same thing.  Will Rogers ship me a couple of the Lumia 920 phones and do I have to have their m-to-m contract to start or can I just buy it outright?
    I do have friends in Vancouver and in Toronto that could buy them for me if Rogers won't ship.
    Also, are these phones still unlocked and pentaband?
  • You do have to purchase a month to month plan which is a minimum of $55.  You also have to pay to have it unlocked.  Rogers does it over the phone for $50 (they add the cost to your bill).  Then you can cancel your plan.
    I know cause I did it.  I'm now using it on the Telus LTE network.
  • I bought the Lumia 920 from Rogers and got it unlocked and fully working on Telus including internet and MMS.  I had to buy it without a contract but on a month to month plan.  So I had to pay for one month of service with Rogers ($55) then I had to pay Rogers $50 to unlock it.  (Tried several online sites for unlock codes but the codes they gave me didn't work).  Then I cancelled my Rogers plan.
    Once I had it unlocked it worked on Telus right away but I had to add an ineternet apn and an MMS apn, which was super easy.  As soon as I added the internet apn I had internet access (without WIFI) but after I added the MMS apn I still could not send multi media text messages.  Two hours on support chat with Telus did not solve anything.  Then the next day there was an update available for some kind of network app and once I downloaded that my MMS was working perfectly.  
    The "about" screen and the splash screen still say Rogers, but who cares.
  • I bought a Rogers 920 two days ago. I've tried two unlocking websites, but so far no dice.
    Which third party unlocking websites did you use before you gave in and paid Rogers $50?