Developer unlocked Lumia 920 running on T-Mobile US with strong download speeds

Windows Phone Central forum user KoukiFC3S has managed to get a Lumia 920 running on the T-Mobile US network (reportedly making use of 1700MHz). Purchasing the developer unlocked device online, it was possible for a new account to be created with the carrier and the device to be used with some promising results.

Publishing a number of screenshots on our forums, KoukiFC3S was able achieve download speeds just shy of 9Mb/s. The Lumia 920 speed test supplied is shown on the left in the image below, while our own 3G speed test on the Three UK network is on the right (using a HTC 8X).

Lumia 920 Tmobile Speed Test

Should you be able to get your hands on an unlocked Lumia 920 and wish to make use of the handset on T-Mobile, there's hope at least. Be sure to join in the discussion on our forums by checking out the "I got a Lumia 920 on TMobile USA" thread.

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  • Very cool
  • That's what id like to do if I'm not impressed by the 8x in person.
  • Whoa! Bring it on baby.
  • Can it use T-Mobile's 4G?
  • Is the same network, T- Mobile doesn't truly use 4G is all marketing they use DC-HSDPA 42 mbps, I am not sure y they are allowed to keep marketing as 4G when it really isn't .
  • Because 4G is speed to the consumer. Who cares about the way they get it. If it can download at the same speed or faster why not call it 4G. I laugh everytime I see that Verizon commercial with the graphs. They have nothing by T•Mobile. Yet in many areas Tmo is faster. Try the tmobile test drive and find out for yourself.
  • Oh wow really? I believed it lol, I was thinking of getting their pre-paid "4G" Service if I could get my hands on an Unlocked 920 but I'm on AT&T so it was just an idea once my contract finishes in order to save money...Ok now I'm it is 4G speeds? That would be great.
  • Its the speeds shown in the screenshot lol. If that's 4G to you, then yes it has 4G. Even LTE isn't up to the true 4G speeds yet (though I believe it has the potential). Tmobile is definitely holding their own.
  • Don't mistake T-Mobile's 4G for real 4G LTE. 4G is marketing, and if you've experienced 4G LTE, then T-Mobile's "4G" is blown out the window. T-Mobile's 4G only tops out at what Verizon or AT&T's 4G LTE can do at the minimum. You can regularly get speeds 3-5 times faster on 4G LTE.
    Is T-Mobile 4G really 4G? From T-Mobile's marketing perspective, yes, it is. Its faster than plain old 3G, even though T-Mobile's 4G is technically a more advanced form of 3G. And at this point, with the other major network's on much faster and advanced technology, T-Mobile has to say they have 4G otherwise their network will just seem inferior (and it is) in comparison.
  • True. Most times my at&t lte will blow away others here in Vegas. But quite often my girlfriend's Radar will smoke my 900 & she's on Tmo.
  • By that definition LTE isn't 4G either.
  • Who says 4G has to be LTE? To me 4G is speed not technology. If tmo's "speed" can beat Verizon's "LTE" then I would rather have HSPA+ it's all about the speed who cares about how you get it. T-Mobile will have a nationwide LTE footprint by the end of 2013 anyway and it will be "LTE Advanced" using the latest category equipment.
  • They're allowed to because HSPA+, LTE, and WiMax (lol) were all deemed "4G" technologies by the ITU. The REAL 4G is much faster than today's LTE speeds.
  • Wait a second..i thought the unlocked version does not support T-Mobile's 1700MHz frequency, but the recently given by MS to developers did support the pentaband. So..this might be the one of those developer edition ones..
    Edit: Or may be he is using it in a place where the refarming has been done..
  • He did indeed purchase the dev unlocked version, fixed the article to better reflect that :-)
  • Cool, I had actually read somewhere (may here itself) that even the Lumia 900 is pentaband but Nokia locked the frequency because of ATT.
    I was on T-Mobile prepaid using the awesome 2GB data on my Radar 4G till I bought the Lumia 900 unlocked, had to move to ATT prepaid just to use the slow 3G :(
    I wish T-Mobile refarms its frequency soon in Columbus so I can move back to T- Mobile
  • I live in one of those areas that the frequency has been re-purposed for 3g. I use my lumia 900. It registers as "4G" but the speed tests says its 3g. Either way, the speed is decent.
  • I constantly got 8mbps here in columbus on my radar 4g
  • The Lumia 920 released on Rogers in Canada has been confirmed to be pentaband, also.
  • It has the band needed for LTE, but still lacks the band for tmobile 3g; until the refarm is complete, of course.
  •  Actually, it does indeed have AWS support for WCDMA. That's why it works on WIND.
  • I may be misreading it, can you please tell me which band tmobile runs on for 3g? I may be forgetting.
  • T-Mobile uses the 1700 Mhz AWS band for UMTS/HSPA+
  • Is that what the UMTS is? From what I understand they had to have the GSM 1700 band.
  • UMTS (also refered to as WCDMA) is the 3G standard uses by AT&T and T-Mobile.
    GSM is the 2G standard uses by AT&T and T-Mobile.
    CDMA2000 1xEV-DO is the 3G standard uses by Verizon Wireless and Sprint.
    CDMA2000 1X is the 2G standard uses by Verizon Wireless and Sprint.
  • We shouldn't forget about T-Mobile's 1900Mhz spectrum reframing that will make any AT&T phone work with T-Mobile 3G. 
  • That will take a long time to happen, may be another 6-12 months, by that time I might have moved on to the L810 from my current L900 or some other device from CES launch
  • For those of us who are lucky enough to live in the areas that do, it's great. I'm always switching phones and now I can use ATT phone with faster internet.
  • It's 95% complete.
  • In Las Vegas and Kansas City. Not in other markets.
  • No its in other markers
  • I was wondering if that 920 is actually running on 1900mhz instead of the 1700mhz. Some areas like Las Vegas already have that frequency.
  • The initial batch of L920s available from Rogers in Canada (also only available in black-if you can find one) definitely have the 1700 band, as well as being factory unlocked. There are users running them on WIND, Mobilicity, etc, which ONLY has access to AWS spectrum.
  • Well, the Nokia Lumia 920 is already confirmed to work on WIND which uses 1700Mhz for HSPA+.
  • What's the avarage LTE speed in the US? Doesn't 8Mb/s translate to about 80M connection o.O
    HSPA+ seems to be pretty good compared to LTE...
    Nordic dude
  • Average LTE speed is between 15 and 20 Mbps depending on whether your on ATT PR Verizon. I'm on att and average about 20, hitting 25 pretty regularly and I have seen as high as 32
  • Looking at the screenshot you can get on T-Mobile 80Mbps? 4 times faster than ATT or Verizon  LTE.
    And T-Mobile in the States doesn't even have LTE?
  • Screenshot is 8Mb/sec not 80Mb/sec. Lol
  • Can the 920 work on T-Mobiles 3G network?
  • Not on the 1700MHz freq but the 2100MHz which is being done in the refarming process
  • Thats going to take a while for reframing huh? I'm debating whether I should buy the 920 unlocked and run it on T-Mobile but if it doesn't support 3G, I guess I'm assed out lol.
  • My apologies for the c;oarse language Pootbutt, but did you not read the F'ing article!? Yes, it does run on TMobile's 3G. Also Pankaj above is incorrect.
  • Apparently you didn't read the article because it was a DEV UNLOCKED device used, which is why I asked. Maybe I should've added consumer unlocked version or whatever lol
  • Apparently you didn't do any research because the Nokia Lumia 920 from Rogers is NOT developer unlocked, but it work on WIND which is an AWS carrier.
  • Oh I see what you mean. Well the standard version in the US is the carrier version and that happens to belong to ATT so that answer is no. You'll need a non ATT model w/ the appropriate bands.
  • Can u tell me why am i incorrect? I m still standing on my point, that it wont work on the un-refarmed tmobile frequency (based on the specs on nokia's official site) unless the info on the site is wrong.
  • Yes the Nokia Lumia 920 can work on T-Mobile's 3G. (At least Rogers version can)
  • Ugh so confusing lol one guy saying it works, another saying it doesn't smh lol. The rogers phone, thats Canadian right? I'm here in Texas so I'm guessing maersk is right then ? If my deposit isn't bad on att I'll just get a contract lol
  • Yes, Rogers Wireless is a Canadian carrier.
    Apparently, the first batch of the Nokia Lumia 920 that Rogers sell is carrier unlocked and works on T-Mobile's HSPA+.
    Since AT&T hasn't started selling the Nokia Lumia 920, we have no idea if the one from AT&T will also work on T-Mobile HSPA+.
  • So best bet is to buy a factory unlocked version huh? Or hell, just wait until the 920 is out and see what happens? lol
  • :) Lucky you, guys... Here in Croatia we must wait for a few more months, probably, before Lumia 920 gets here... Anyway, I see the screenshot option is being heavily used, that's good... :) Finally, eh? 
  • wheres the american release....screw a dev phone.... -_-
  • My question is I'm on wifi 80% of the time so does it really matter much if I get 4G or not on the L920 I'm on tmobile.
  • Well, if you use WiFi 80% of the time then it shouldn't really matter which network you are on, unless it sucks big time 20% of the time. I think buying Lumia 920 off-contract and using it on StraightTalk or Net10 Wireless (AT&T type SIM) maybe a viable option if you were thinking of using it on T-Mobile to save money due to T-Mobile's cheaper data/talk/text plans.
    I have been using unlocked Lumia 800 (Europen version) on Net10 (AT&T SIM) and I constantly get 2-7Mbps speed (avg 5Mbps) where I live. It is more than sufficient to run any video on my phone. I pay around $46 for unlimited talk/text/web, I can even do tethering and watch videos on my computer (done only for testing). My point is, this plan is way cheaper than any T-Mobile plans and you don't have to worry about T-Mobile bands. That's my 2 cents.
  • I wonder how much fun you'll have when Net10 disconnects you for unauthorized tethering and excessive data use. Something you don't have to worry about on T-mobile.
  • Well, as I said, I did tethering just for testing but they don't seem to care if I keep browsing all day long. I don't watch videos on my phone too much but I do use my phone a lot for web browsing. I have used more than 10GB in a month with no problems (I checked it after I got "COUNTER" app from Nokia, before I didn't know how much I used to use). I just didn't want to disclose it, lol.
  • Actually some 920's will work on T-mobile's network. Just not the US 920. Take a look at the specs for the Canadian or French version for instance. 1700, 2100 listed.
  • Also, Rogers's Nokia Lumia 920 is also confirmed to support HSPA+ on the 1700 Mhz band.
  • This is not correct. As I stated above, both unlocked phones (Euro and American) will work on tmobile US, but only with 2g. Though it has the necessary LTE bands, it lacks the GSM bands required to use tmobile's 3g.
  • As I stated above, the Nokia Lumia 920 from Canadian carrier Rogers Wireless does indeed support HSPA+ on the AWS band which means that it supports T-Mobile's HSPA+.
  • US At&t version lacks the 3g bands yes, although I would bet it is just disabled. European and Canadain versions have t-mobile's aws band though. Check the specs on the franch or candaian nokia site. see for yourself
  • Blame att for that, i guess they did that for the 900 as well
  • Hi Rich or Jay or anyone that can help I'm having a problem posting from the app...Error msg is "error posting comment: bad authentication code. try logging in again. please try again." I've deleted the account info from settings content in the app.
  • Update got it working did a couple install and uninstall.
  • I wonder if it would run on Verizon?
  • Nope. VZW does not have WCDMA.
  • I read this in the forums yesterday, which by the way is an awesome addition to the app. Good job fellas! I also read that it may work with Verizon's LTE 700 data band but not 1900 voice band. Not sure how true this but want nothing more than to have a 920 on my network. 822 is meh but not high end.
  • Yeah the 822 is ok but not all that the 920 is! I have the HTC 8x that was given out at the launch event its on att and is not bad but I really liked the 920's. I'm going to wait and see what the odyssey is going to be, before I use my upgrade on Verizon.
  • See screenshot on this post from consumer Rogers Lumia 920 (factory unlocked) with a T-Mobile SIM in Buffalo yesterday. Note the full bars of 4G.
  • I love you and hate you simultaneously.
  • But that's still after the refarm right?
  • Before.
  • Duffau you are not understanding the T-Mobile refarm process. T-Mobile is refarming their 1900MHZ band to provide HSPA+ to unlocked ATT phones which do not have 1700/2100MHZ support. However, if a phone does support 1700/2100MHZ bands then it will automatically use that band on T-Mobile's network and get HSPA+. Since the L920 is pentaband and supports the 1700/2100MHZ bands then it will work on T-Mobile's network and get HSPA+ speeds. The refarm is only relevant to phones that do not have 1700/2100MHZ support.
  • .
  • While this in Brazil, i just have 15Mbps in a ADSL connection and stil need to pay around 50 dollars. HSDPA+ exist only in the metropolis and the average download speed in these are about 0,3MB/s. At least cost just 0,25 dollar cent/day
  • off topic q: How can I do a screenshot on my Mango 7.5? (Nokia 610)
  • Get another camera or mobile device and take a photo of the screen :P
  • that's what I have been doing :( How bout in win8? Will there be a screenshot option already?
  • Yes... W8 and WP8... :-)
  • Well in wp8 its home+power but in w8 that combo = ctrl+alt+del. I have no doubt I can do this on my surface but been too lazy to look it up lol.
  • Side load screen capture
  • Meanwhile we still have no idea when this thing is actually launching in the US...
  • The 9th
  • Great minds think alike... KoukiFC3S chooses the best phone in the world with an alternate OS (I want the 920, have a HD7), and he also chose the best car in the world with an alternate engine (I have a Zenki FC)... WP and RX7 owners unite!!! LOL About the speeds - those are definitely nice speeds for mobile, h*ck I've only got 15mbps for cable internet at home.
  • Still wondering which carrier the Ativ S is landing on. Hopefully tmo will get it. Cant wait to test both the 8x and Ativ S.
  • Crossing my fingers on that one also.
  • Rich Edmonds, please update the article.
    It has been conformed that the Nokia Lumia 920 from Canadian carrier Rogers does support HSPA+ on the 1700 Mhz band.
    The developer handset is NOT unique in its ability to support HSPA+ on the 1700 Mhz AWS band.
    A user from our forum has already conform that Rogers's version does work on T-Mobile HSPA+ network.
  • It's pointless if you can't even get a 920!!!
  • Guys I still can't login through the app. What gives?
  • Had the same problem uninstall and reinstall works then login.
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    So thanx guys
    NOKIA LUMIA 920 black
  • Curious, I got mine this week at BUILD and I've had instances where the cell status in the top left would say "H+" as oppsed to "H" in the image above. 
  • H is HSDPA
    H+ is HSPA+
  • Oohh aahh liking the speed results. Q: are these speeds UK? Or U.S ?