Although Nokia caught some flak for the misleading demonstration of the 920’s camera, we’ve always maintained that optical-image stabilization (OIS) is a very real and proven technology. 

Still, Nokia has some catching up to do to prove to the world just how impressive the 920’s camera can be with OIS on board and as it turns out, the task is simple: just use it.

A Russian site managed to get a meeting with Nokia and to try the 920’s camera in a real-world experiment with the Samsung Galaxy S3. The test? Strap both phones to the top of a remote controlled car, and then drive it all over a bumpy rug.


The magic of the Lumia 920 PureView camera

The video is unedited and uncut, meaning there is no room for fudging here. In fact, you can see the folks having some problems finding and starting the video on the 920 (there looks to have been a few false starts).

But the pay off is worth it. When you see the actual footage of the Lumia 920 it is quite evident that the camera is being stabilized by the mini-springs that surround the camera, allowing for a smooth viewing experience.

There’s little doubt in our mind that we’ll be seeing some excellent videos from users in the coming months with this phone. And OIS isn’t just about video as it affects still photography too, allowing you to attain longer exposures without the handshake that causes image blurriness all too often. Those longer exposures translate into brighter pictures in low-light situations, like restaurants, clubs or even just chilling in your abode.

The moment we’re waiting for: the Nokia Lumia 920’s camera versus the new iPhone 5. That should be fun.


Source: YouTube (TheUltimat111); via Neowin