Nokia Lumia 928 gets strapped to an octocopter, produces beautiful footage

Nokia hasn’t been shy about the Nokia Lumia 928. A few days ago they put the device up on their homepage and have slowly been releasing video footage from the device. Today we get another tease. Let’s check it out.

After filming on a rollercoaster and live street music, what could be next? How about strapping the Lumia 928 to an octocopter and setting it free in the wilds of British Columbia. Warning: Do not watch if you’re in a cubicle. You might snap, set the building on fire, and run away to British Columbia to live out the rest of your life in the woods.

Gorgeous right? Hopefully we’ll be getting a more in-depth look at the device sooner than later. Below is a new screenshot of the device where you can see the Verizon logo for 4G/LTE.  Need anymore proof this is coming to Verizon? Also check out that speaker. 

Lumia 928

Source: Nokia

Sam Sabri