Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 advertisement spotted on billboard?

It was only yesterday when we looked at Nokia utilising the Lumia 928 at an invite-only event in New York City, but now we're seeing advertising already kicking off before the hardware has even been announced. The shot above shows what appears to be a billboard showing off the Lumia 928 and its low-light camera capabilities. Looking good, right?

It looks real enough and the mobile operator is Verizon, so all our boxes are ticked. What's more is there's definitely the Xenon flash on the rear of the render used. Should this not be a hoax, someone has clearly jumped the gun or we're to see an imminent launch. If you didn't notice it first time round, check out the Live Tile in the top-right. Instagram? It looks more like CamWow to us. Sorry, folks.

CamWow Lumia 928

The excitement is definitely building, especially if you with Verizon.

Source: MyNokiaBlog; thanks, einztrigger, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Bold move writing best low-light camera on a smartphone, although I entirely agree.
  • Not bold at all. The 929 is undoubtedly the best at low light pictures and the 928 should be no worse and maybe even better with the improved flash so sounds reasonable to make that claim.
  • I just feel that if I were to see an ad and they said they were the best. I wouldn't believe it, I'd rather pass it up or do my homework first. So I just think that a few might also read in disbelief.
  • If the ad gets you even thinking about buying this phone then it was a successful ad.
  • but for those it spurs to do research and see that it really does have the best camera, word of mouth can go a long way and possibly over time build nokia's rep in the US for quality products again. as many people it may deter bc of assumed BS marketing, it will also attract, and in this case it's very likely the phone is to have the best, or at least one of the best, cameras.  people will eventually know it's not BS. gotta start somewhere.
  • Point taken.
  • What would you rather say..
    The Nokia Lumia 928 - We've got a camera like the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the HTC One.  We hope you think ours is better...
  • Bold move to release an ad of a phone that doesn't exist yet
  • Ha Ha, well said.
  • I think you're confused. The phone DOES EXIST. People have seen it. It just hasn't been announced yet. Big difference. Is it stupid that they have a billboard out for a phone that hasn't been announced? Yes.
  • What do you call a phone that isn't announced.. Exactly. That's why I said doesn't exist YET. Besides please tell me who actually seen the phone because it seems I may have missed the part where a phone was shown to the public.
  • There was a Verizon employee who reported seeing one in his store by a "customer"".. That doesn't mean he was telling the truth, but someone has been reported to have seen one.. Anyways, with as many renders we've see of this device it would be crazy if I didn't exist.. Almost everytime we've seen these renders they have come into fruition.. I almost have no doubt that the Lumia 928 does literally exist, and you shouldn't have any as well.
  • Verizon employee? And who said it was a Verizon employee? Yeah.. Think critically buddy. Until the phone is announced by an official company (Verizon or Nokia), the phone technically doesn't exist. What you're relying on are strictly rumors and alleged employees and representatives.
  • Ok, I'll meet you halfway.. I believe that it exist based on my previous experiences seeing the type of information we've seen so far. you're not sure whether it does or doesn't exist.. So, lets just say it allegedly exist.
  • Right now the phone is just a rumor, and I truly believe that it'll be out... And when it does im buying it 1st day it comes out
  • Looks at Samsung commercial for GS4. They say erasing object in photo is only possible on GS4. Straight out lie when you can already do that on Lumia phones. At least this is true.
  • Yeah, a sales rep showed me that on the S4, and I told him that WP has had this feature going on a year now. Plus, he couldn't even get it to work on the S4.. Lol!
  • Poster for a flagship device in what looks to be a terrible neighborhood? No disprespect to the people who live there, but you're not going to find the people you want putting it up there. Now a billboard for something like the 521 with the tagline "Lowest Plans, Lowest Price, Best Features" here would be great.
  • Yeah, too bad this is their one and only billboard, right? :(
  • Why not? I grew up in a neighborhood that isn't so great. People find ways to buy expensive phones. Just as they find ways to buy nice ass cars. It might not be Windows Phone. But they do
  • Yup, many people do,have their priorities right... :P
  • Yeah, I live in a mobile home park near Chicago, and we all know of "trailer trash" right? I own the 920. Not everyone wants a low end phone. I work in a area that would be a downgrade from what you think is a terrible neighborhood. Don't judge a book by it's cover, rich boy..
  • Smartphones are no longer the domain of the wealthy. Why do you think phones are subsidized so heavily in the U.S.? It's so people at all levels of the financial spectrum will buy them. There are plenty of people in the hood with the latest and greatest.
  • Yup, lock in a customer with a smartphone on a smartphone plan, and you get near pure profit numbers by putting the phone in the customer's hands and forcing them to use data. The Lumia isn't at 5% of its potential without a data plan.
  • I'm sorry but I just had to respond. There is absolutely no way to tell if the neighborhood is "terrible" just because there is no white picket fence or BMW in the shot! You said no offense to the people that live there, but turned around and said maybe a low end phone should have been advertised instead... That's contradictory to say that someone that might live in this area can't have any phone they choose! First, we don't know where this is, and even if it is a low income neighborhood, so what? This may be a popular zip code for Verizon customers, or business customers (which the 928 will be great for), or a downtown area (which doesn't have great appeal in most major cities), or any neighborhood that they deem appropriate to advertise to... I know you didn't say this, but I'm jus putting it out there that every non-picturesque community doesn't need malt liquor and cigarette ads ( the usual ads placed in lower income communities. Again, this is not against you personally, but rather an ideology of classism that very much exists here. The book Millionaire Next Door has taught me a lot! Those houses with pickups in the driveway and 10+ people inside may very well be entrepreneurs that have worked hard, put their resources together, and collectively earn 1 million+! Anyway, I hope I didn't offend you...just had to get that off my chest. Hope you understand...
  • I like downtown, in fact couldn't stand being "suburban", but to each...
  • There's a reason so many people are poor and in debt and that's because they don't know how to handle their money.
  • The point that most are making is that who says the people in this community are poor? That's the whole point, passing financial judgment and calling this community "terrible" based on a photo...
  • I've known a fair number of folks who must get by on very little. It is not always that cut and dry.
  • Agree.  While the ad may be real (promotional material on 81/2 x 11 document), this is a fake 'billboard'.  No way would it be placed there, in that manner.   Someone used an app to create this 'beauty' :)
    Billboards are there for a reason - to be seen.  The placement of this so called Billboard wouldn't been seen by anyone except those walking in the alley of that area.
  • Wow, what a retarded statement. How do u know there isn't a major interstate right there?
  • You could be right but its still a pretty bad looking neighborhood and I'm from queens ny lol 
  • I actually thought this was in a third world country when I first saw it this morning. It reminded me of the Philippines and how they plaster adds everywhere. When I first went to the philippines, I questioned why they were posting stuff everywhere in poor neighborhoods and slums. They get paid for it and they need money, so why not? It's just the reality of things.
  • Third world countries are the countries which don't belong to NATO or Soviet Union.
    Think before posting.
  •'s the low income families that spend big bucks on nice phones and cars.  The rich knows how to save.  The above average rich is made up of 20% of America and Apple/Samsung combined makes up 60%+ of all smart phones according to the latest comscore.  Even if every single rich person owns an iphone....where do you think the other 40% comes from?  Idiot.
  • hey man, San Antonio is the 7th largest city in America and it looks like this everywhere...haha, I kid.  But anywho, advertising where there is a huge population seems like the case here.  -Even if does look like it's in a terrible neighborhood.   
  • Funny that you say that,, because every WP billboard ad I've seen here in Dallas/Fort Worth has been I a "lower income" more urban neighborhood... But, then again you really don't see these types of billboards in middle to upper class suburban neighborhoods... So, it kind of makes sense.
  • Could very well be that the billboard is next to a major highway in a major city....
  • It is not real. Verizon ads would be in red. My guess is this is a photo shop job.
  • microsofts logo is the most prominent, making this an MS ad. It is blue because that is the color of the Windows 8 logo and the most prominent color in MS's/Windows' new aesthetic.
  • Wow that not expect this reaction. I appologize to those that I offended. All I was trying to get at is that (based on the picture) it doesn't seem ideal spot for a premuim phone, on americas most expensive carrier.  I'm sure there are people who live there who could get it witha  2 year contract, but from an advertisement perspective the product and the demographic don't realy match the location. 
    Now take this add, put it downtown by a bunch of bars and clubs, where a bunch of 20-30 year olds go and would love a low light camera... that's what I'd call smart advertising.
  • gah more fuel to add to the fire. just announce the damn phone already. myself and i personally know 3 others waiting for this phone to come out so we can use our upgrades.  not sure why a massive billboard would be put up before verizon or nokia have even confirmed the official existence of this phone, so in that light i have my doubts that this is real but i hope it's real because that would mean, imo, that the phone would have to be announced this upcoming week.  no way would a billboard be sitting there for 2+ weeks without anyone even knowing what the hell it's advertising due to lack of an official announcement, commercials, etc.
  • They will announce it on 7th of May
  • how do you know of this exact date?
  • Verizon event in NYC
  • I hope you're right, but we've already passed a few rumored announcement dates - I'll keep my excitement in check until I finally have a 928 in my hand (or until a complete failure of my Trophy forces me to upgrade). 
  • haha me too
  • I mean, really - whoever is in the driver's seat with this product roll-out sure knows how to build up excitement and then let it shrivel and die before taking advantage of it... 
  • The May 7th date likely came from this post:
  • thanks!
  • So how'd that work out? I hate to say, "I told you so," but...  
  • Right above Jose's garage too! You big spenders you! :P
  • +1 million
  • "It is located in Oakland, CA on MLK Jr. Way & 41st NW facing south."
  • I'm calling BS on this, big fat fake. That's not a Microsoft or Nokia style tagline at all. Looks shopped and looks like they have tried to infer instagram too.
  • I've never seen a Verizon logo that small anywhere ever. Must be fake based on that alone!
  • Well there are 3 things,
    1. Image of the phone is shown under an angle. New phone image that wasn't seen before.
    2. The quote sounds like something Verizon would pull off.
    3. We were told that Nokia will start its campaign with large amounts of Verizon advertising.
  • I get that, but would you not expect a better, clearer message. Seems an odd sales tag to me. Plus i would expect media advertisement first or at leat a prominent bill board position in new York etc
  • The only odd thing I see its not its location, is the time frame. To release a phone that isn't even advertised on the Verizon wireless website is just weird. I'll check for 928 at work and see if the depot has anything on order. It should be registered as a sellable unit by now if the device is advertised so soon
  • Verizon billboards are done in red not blue. This would have to be a MS or Nokia billboard if it were real.
  • What city is this in? We need someone to confirm this thing exists because it seems very strange to advertise before any official announcement!
  • Yes, where was this spotted?
  • Hey, that's my apartment building in the background! When they let me out next week in going to pick up my 928.
  • Back to what I really wanted to this a real billboard? It appears to be over someone's garage or suspended in mid air.
  • why is there an ad of the lumia 928 in that sort of place ! i mean look at those old buildings !! is that really the best place to put an ad !?
  • This is getting ridiculous.
  • Lol shitee neighborhood and I thought America was clean noooooooot :D
  • My wife and the millions of other users of phones want a real pintrest app.  All this fuss over Instagram and I rarely hear a mention of pintrest.  And yes, she uses or tries to use the alternates, but they are clunky.  I know pintrest users are 90% women which may be why on this tech site it rarely gets a mention, but this is a big missing app.  Any news on that one Rich?  What can you guys dig up?
  • Tell her to use Fancy, Tumblr or Brit + Co
  • idk the more i look at this it just smells fishy in terms of authenticity. sign is just hoisted up over this random spot. not quite sure if the lighting and shadowing are accurate but something about it seems off. verizon logo is so small. the catch phrase is hardly a catch phrase and i doubt tons of potential mass consumers who know anything about picture taking know what low-light is even if it does sound obvious. just doesnt look/sound like something that would appeal to a wider audience.  in its defense the renders are from different angles than we've seen before. so either for the sake of trolling someone went out of their way to make new renders for the sole purpose of teasing people by posting this on the internet or someone in verizon and/or whatever ad firm does work for verizon is a huge troll lol.  idk really is hard to tell if this is real or not.  i'm more optimistic about the apparent verizon event on the 7th in nyc for an announcement of the phone but not so sure this billboard is anything to be excited over.
  • It looks like it is a "Microsoft" ad, and if it were, they wouldn't be advertising the Lumia like that. It looks like a billboard without a specific owner.
    Where is the Nokia branding?
  • I found the billboard on the CBS outdoor site so it appears to be a real billboard.  Now we just need someone in the area to see if that ad is actualy on the billboard.  It's at MLK Jr. Way & 41st St. NW/S Facing South in Oakland CA.
  • link to the page on the site?
  • @odin09 and @dietyyli, great work detective work you guys. When I saw it was a CBS sign, my first instinct was to look it up too!
    The other side of the street doesn't seem to be so bad...
  • Doesn't really show many artifacts of image modification.  Perhaps a little along the bottom of the board, but seems pretty genuine:

    Given that it's consistent with other info seen to date, likely real.  Perhaps someone put it up a week or two early.
  • wtf stop reminding us of instagram and btw i knew it was camwow so stop reminding us 
    im mad 
  • I don't know if this was covered, but the phone was supposed to be announced, but it was delayed. Someone must have forgot to also delay this board, it's probably legit.
    I pray it's legit. Guess who's on Verizon waiting to jump Android ship to a WP flagship? (...this guy. Duh.)  
  • Execs at Microsoft/Nokia/Verizon must read all this and shake their heads...people be crazy! I would like to buy this phone (if it truly exists). I just hope it's worth all the damn hype and time I spent reading all the articles of rumors, leaks, and speculations.
  • the hype is really just from anticipation of the phone's release. they aren't hyping this phone to be the next coming of christ so you also shouldn't expect that. expect a slightly better 920 and the hype will probably meet your expeectations.
  • Execs do not read tech blogs or their commenters. Most of them have no idea these sites exist.
  • Gawd. The Lumia 928 is the worst held secret since BB10...
  • It looks good at those angels. Almost like the polycarbonate wraps around the phone. But unfortunately it doesn't. It still looks good.
  •  While I'm happy that Verizon is finally getting their 920 variant, I am a little disappointed that they're only showing the same three colors (black, white and gray) that the 822 came in. I'm currently a proud 822 owner and I will upgrade to the 928 but I want the RED one.
  • They are showing the grey model? I'm looking at the photo on a phone, so I can't really see it.
  • Er... this only shows the white model. No black, no grey, just white.
  • Nice place to place an Ad too bad it will be only sold on Verizon so that will millions more people out  .
  • It better be released soon...
  • Location of the billboard.
  • Wise man once said wait and see
  • He also said, "Man with hole in pants pocket feel cocky all day."
  • Is that the msft logo at the top right corner ? If it is, it really looks like the old logo, don't you think ? 
  • Just release the phone already. I've heard about the 928 for months now
  • A billboard ? But, if you call Verizon up, they will just give the same old BS....We dont know anything about upcoming phones...
    What has the release date gone to now ? If this is true, maybe sooner than later...
    Just release this dam phone please.
  • Just in time for my  2 year new phone upgrade hehe 
  • I want a RED one too and am getting concerned that we haven't seen any leaked RED press photos...
  • If I want good low light pictures I would take my 5 kg big camera in stead of a phone. The Canon pictures are still 100x better than photos taken with a mobile phone..
  • hence why it says "best lowlight smartphone camera."  plenty of uses for a smartphone camera with good low light. 99% of people couldn't care enough to even own a DSLR, let alone carry the hulking piece of hardware around with them everywhere they go in case they are in a low light situation.
  • Looks like a high traffic area. . . For drugs!
  • Its already been leaked from the Verizon device manager that there will be black, white, cyan and red.
  • typically i don't believe everything I read particularly when it involves advertising, however I will concur with this ad...
  • ....I think someone screwed up on this. I'm guessing they weren't allowed to put this up yet. My brother worked for an advertising agency, and said that they have issues with people putting up the ads early to get the work out of the way. Just a thought! 
  • Looks fake
  • This billboard is located at the following address:
    4117 Martin Luther King Junior Way, Oakland, CA
    Can anyone confirm that this billboard advertises the 928?
  • First thing it's great that Verizon is getting a premium phone, secondly, they do a great job of promoting their phones unlike AT&T.   I take that back, AT&T did a great job of promoting the Iphone.
  • Will decide after the 14th of May!   Hope the 920 in grey is coming in the U.S. version - unlocked too.  If not; have to go with another color - red or yellow or blue!  Black attracts fingerprints.