Lumia 928 Billboard

It was only yesterday when we looked at Nokia utilising the Lumia 928 at an invite-only event in New York City, but now we're seeing advertising already kicking off before the hardware has even been announced. The shot above shows what appears to be a billboard showing off the Lumia 928 and its low-light camera capabilities. Looking good, right?

It looks real enough and the mobile operator is Verizon, so all our boxes are ticked. What's more is there's definitely the Xenon flash on the rear of the render used. Should this not be a hoax, someone has clearly jumped the gun or we're to see an imminent launch. If you didn't notice it first time round, check out the Live Tile in the top-right. Instagram? It looks more like CamWow to us. Sorry, folks.

CamWow Lumia 928

The excitement is definitely building, especially if you with Verizon.

Source: MyNokiaBlog; thanks, einztrigger, for the tip!