Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 reportedly spotted in the wild at a NYC event

The Nokia Lumia 928 has reportedly been seen in disguise in New York City during a private Nokia concert held for "social influencers, lifestyle and consumer media". The Nokia Blog notes that numerous setups for recording video with supposed 928s in a thick black case was observed, and even a few Nokia folks had them closely guarded.

Nokia is believed to be announcing the mobile phone in the near future and should this report be accurate it can't be long now.

While the hardware was disguised in cases, the website claims the Xenon flash was unmistakable. Looking at the shot below, it certainly looks like the renders we've covered in the past.

Lumia 928

It's also noted that a port was spotted on the top of the Lumia 928 beside the headphone jack. The Nokia Blog speculated that this could be the microUSB charging port or HDMI out.  We're confident in stating that the 928 does not have HDMI (sorry, folks) so it's most likely the micro USB jack.

So why have the super secret Lumia 928 recording video at a private concert? To be used later in a promotional video, of course.The event was meant to highlight the Nokia Lumia 920 on AT&T and some of their other accessories, but indeed the whole thing may have also used as a setup for a future Lumia 928 ad.

The Lumia 928 is believed (and rumoured) to launch on Verizon and we'll continue to keep a watchful eye for any details. 

Source: The Nokia Blog; thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Hurrry!
  • Yeah, holy hell, just release the thing.
  • Charger on top?? Not mad but am I seeing that right?? Lol
  • It is much more ergonomic or efficient when it's on the top becasue you don't want the wire on your lap while using the phone when it's on charge? I don't for certain. I personally think it's a good thing
  • I agree, they figured this out on the Lumia 900 and apparently forgot those benefits with the 920. I miss it with my 920 when I upgraded.
  • I think the benefit of having the charger on the bottom was so that companies could make accessories that would universally work with Windows Phones. That is one of the reasons iPhones were so successful because there were so many third-party docks, car chargers, speakers, etc. that supported the iPhone connectors. As Bluetooth becomes more and more common in audio devices, and wireless charging in phones, I think the need for the universal port/location is diminished.
  • Problem is, the 920 and 8x's charging ports are reverse. So even if that was true, they'd have to make the microUSB able to change directions.
  • NO!! Now why would someone do such a thing. Well, Atleast learn from their mistakes
  • Huh I've just always had phones with it on the bottom, but I guess I will see how I like it when this finally comes out.
  • Yeah me too. I might find it comfortable to use when it's charging, too bad they didn't think of this for the Lumia 920 but atleast they learn and progress
  • So while holding it upright and using it while plugged in, you actually enjoy the weight of the cord tugging the top of the phone down towards the ground? I mostly use wireless charging but when I travel I pack the cord. I see your point if it is lying down flat but not while holding it. With the cord in the bottom, the weight of the cord keeps the phone upright. Personally, I prefer it at the bottom for this reason. I felt that the 920 is a heck of a design that they got everything right. If rumors of this phone and the aluminum skinned (requires a wireless charging case) phone are any indication of the next phone after the 920, I may be holding off on an upgrade for a while.
  • Oh I'm not complaining about the design of the lumia 920s. It is one beautiful phone, the way in holding my phone right now i prefer the cord on the bottom, but say when I'm lying in bed i would like on the top. I too have a wireless charger which o do use quite a lot and it cheers me up everytime it makes the charging tone. Magic
  • that would be helpful while i'm charging my phone in my car, where the cable runs from the center console and is above where i rest my phone between the two front seats.  i guess in any other situation it doesn't matter if it's on the top or bottom.
  • I would agree. I use an audio cable in my car and it's a pain to have a cord coming out the top and bottom.
  • That makes perfect sense...
  • but it could also be annoying for anyone who mounts their phone anywhere on the console where now the phone is above the cable and the wires would have to come up and over the top of the phone as opposed to just plugging them directly into the bottom.  i dont personally use any kind of mount.
  • The charger location doesn't bother me anymore.  It's on the bottom of my 822, for testing stuff I have an old Droid RAZR MAXX and that is on the top and my Z10 BB I'm testing has it on the side.   It's only a problem for me when it's bed time and I've had too many beers and it's dark and I forget where the plug goes for the phone I happen to be using...   :)
  • Why can't Nokia make an app like photobeam for video? That way there's no need for an HDMI port. (obviously) maybe can used over WiFi only. I'd love that. (unless there is something already like this.)
  • This is also something I want.
  • Nokia PlayTo is awesome. I use that on my tv, xbmc (openelec) or any device that supports the playback. I play videos or photos right on big screen from phone.
  • Its WP7 only though, AFAIK.
  • No , It is already released for WP8 
  • Well I cant find it on my 920
  • same here
  • Ty, installing it now.
  • Well I've downloaded it now thanks from beta labs.
  • Have you tried the hurl app? It is like photobeam but for YouTube videos.
  • I forgot about this app, installing it now.
  • Phone looks weird mounted to a tripod.
  • I can confirm, no HDMI-out on the Lumia 928.
  • How can you confirm?  Be you really love mangos?
  • Lol
  • No, he loves his wife and never complains about her.
  • this made me lol
  • this is getting really annoying. i dont even remember the 920 being this insanely secretive leading up to launch. do we even know a firm launch date? and people are saying it'll launch this month?!?! 
    i wanna see this thing in colors, all angles, etc. and all we have are two evleak shots and an fcc drawing. f you nokia. 
  • I'm okay with them testing the hell out of it. Verizon is also probably trying to push in some BS apps or restrictions on it, like they do.
  • Yep, I'm still pissed that Verizon neutered the group/threaded SMS feature on their current phones. If that's not corrected when the 928 comes out (because there is no reason NOT to), or very soon thereafter, I'll happily take my family's business elsewhere. That's pure BS.
  • yea it's weird. my htc trophy with 7.8 has threaded group messaging that essentially looks like a chat room, while my dad's 822 can't do that and if he is part of a group message he gets everyone's responses in individual messages threaded under that person's specific open thread and not under the group thread.  why was this changed for the worse?
  • They have already announced that the group messaging will be back by this summer.  I personally hate that feature on my Trophy and have it turned off but for those who disagree... it is coming!
  • I agree, are you saying that we cannot even get an annoucement if it comes out this month. We have phones that are announced that are not coming out till June and July still announced.
  • Agreed.  The whole thing is just too overblown and too drawn out.  Hardly even excited for the damn thing anymore and I've been waiting since my upgrade was up in October.  
  • yup, i agree. ive been eligable for upgrade since feb but im holding out for the 928 and catwalk. i was a little disappointed the 928 lost the curved sides/flat top look of the 900/920. i may very well be switching to tmobile if this phone doesnt really "wow" me. 
  • i think thats the EOS or Catwalk. the 928 does not have a usb port on top, but the catwalk is rumored to
  • I agree. I believe this to be the EOS or Catwalk as well.
  • INCORRECT! The 928's USB port is on top of the phone. I can confirm, I am house.
  • Telling someone they are incorrect in big bold letters then proclaiming that you are a house is not convincing arguement. It does however lend one to think your dosage may need adjustment,
    Also the concept of belief cannot be incorrect. Belief does not operate with in the guidelines of fact or fiction. That is why it is a belief. To accept it as fact makes it a truth to you and no longer a belief. So no, it is not incorrect, as I was stating a belief and not a fact or truth. You could hand me a 928 right now with the port on the top and I can still say I believe it is an EOS, that is the beauty of beliefs they do not have to conform to logic. 
    U wot m8?
    I was replying to "mrshamoozoo" who said, "the 928 does not have a usb port on top." He is 100% incorrect. I have seen final images of the 928 that have not leaked that have the USB on top. I can’t share the images, nor say exactly what they are, but the USB is 100% on top. Go ahead and revisit this message and reply when the phone is finally announced.
  • Is this phone thicker than the 920? Do you think this is a pointless device with Catwalk coming?
  • troll...saying you confirm it without physical proof other than saying you saw it is just being a troll.  If I told you I saw a camel out run a race horse would you believe me without evidence for everyone to see to prove it?
  • ...unless of course he did actually see it and is trying to give us some info.
  • While it may be on the top when they release it, at this point with out proof it is merely a guess at which he claims as fact.
  • I am telling you. I have seen it. It is a fact. The USB port is on the top of the phone. No mystery to my post. It's 100% confirmed! However, you can continue to suggest that it is a myth and assume that I am guessing. Just wait until it's announced and think back that maybe, just maybe, I was trying to be nice and answer a question that people had.
  • Nokia will probably announce on the 14th at their London event and Verizon will make the phone available 2 weeks after that (pre-order at least)... Where they will also announce the catwalk, eos, and potentially a tablet as well. MS might even drop by and mention 8.1
    I don't think we will see a carrier exclusive on the catwalk. It will launch to most networks in November, and to Verizon, because they are lame and slow releasing, in December or January.
    These are my beliefs...
  • Catwalk is extremely thin while this is thick so that's not catwalk.
  • To say this is not news would be an understatement of monumental proportions. This is simply rumor mongering that should be viewed as an insult to anyone's common sense and intelligence.  So now it is disguised and putting in appearances at an AT&T event? Do you even realize how stupid that sounds? Let's see, AT&T who still holds an exclusive on the 920 told Nokia, sure, bring along a mythical VZW phone so that you can do future marketing for our major competitor to whom we are losing market share. I am sure all of the people waiting for this (still vaporware) device will just be clamoring with renewed excitement, but that does not change the fact that this constitutes a bad joke. Now it isn't just a hero phone, it is a super hero phone that only travels in disquise. Oh, how did your supposed April annoucement and release of the 928 work out for you?
  • I agree, but disagree in how you handled your comment. Speculation and rumor are what fuels/feeds technological bloggers, it's how they make their money. All Rich is doing is being playful and informing.
  • In fairness, when WPCentral reported on rumored launch dates before, I think they gave the rumors love ratings on their Rumometer.
  • This is a rumored device therefore any discussion of it is based on rumor!  If you have a problem with rumors then I would suggest avoiding discussions of rumored devices!
  • I really hope Nokia gains enough clout to push devices to every carrier and end this fragmentation stuff.  Too many devices, but not enough available.  I want a flagship on T Mobile. 
  • I hope that the leaked pic is not the real deal. It's not an unattractive phone, but there is nothing special about the design that would make people put their iPhones and Galaxy S's on eBay.
  • Humor me?  Why do you say that?  Is there something special about the design of the same iteration iphone or the same ol' Galaxy line of products?   I think Nokia's design -including this 928 is dashing compared to those other products.  And get this...I do not even own a Nokia phone!  Yes, they are kinda following the N8 design, but then least they are changing the design up a little compared to those other OEMs.  I will laugh if the Note 3 looks exactly like the Note 2 when it comes out.  I own a Note 2 btw, and let me tell ya.  Its a boring Galaxy design.  I will be done with Samsung after this phone.  I also find it funny how other OEMs are looking into colors for phones instead of the same mediocre black/white/silver designs.  But anyway that's just me. 
  • Are you sure that is not an earphone jack on the BOTTOM of the phone?  That seems to be more common than putting the power/usb port on the top.  My HTC HD7 had the jack on the bottom next to the usb port and I found it very convenient.
  • Im with you this makes much more sense.
  • Look at the run time numbers on the screen for recording video and the on screen button settings on the far right. ...
  • but wouldn't those orient themselves properly no matter which side the user rotates the phone/screen?
  • You can faintly see the 3 capacitive button labels in the distance, as well.
  • Considering 3rd party accessories having the charger port on the top makes no sense at all.
  • I got ten bucks says they will claim in the forthcoming commercial that the image stabilization is the cause for the great non-shaky concert footage...of course, now we know it was on a tripod.
  • would showcase the low-light capabilities AND the rich sound-recording on the 928 ...
    Surely, they could find a better challenge to show off stabilization than a concert..
  • Having the phone on tripod may actually expose it to more vibration at a concert...
  • Instagram let it come with instagram
  • They are waiting to long to release the 928. By Christmas they will prob have a new line of Lumias.
  • Smartphone mules.
  • For fucks sakes, RELEASE IT!
  • Can anyone give me a few good reasons to get the 928 and give my 822 to my son? Is the camera and the xenon flash so much better that it makes up for not having the extra memory? Any other reasons? Cuz if not, I'll wait for the next series to come out... the 822 is awesome enough for now, I think.
  • better screen, nicer design? probably about the only real differences.  oh and the xenon flash/pureview tech if you care that much about picture taking.
  • Its probably just a 900 in a case.  No One can confirm to say it is a 928 since there is NO offical release, only rumours.  Headphone and USB out match the same locations on the 900 and too blurry to see the captive buttons.  People need to calm down and get over yourself.  Its a phone that is still behind todays tech if and when it is released.
  • You really think Nokia would use the sub-par (read: shitty) camera in the L900 to film something when they have L920/928?!? Also, other pics show what appears to be a Xenon flash. (But lots of "today's tech" have these anyway, along with OIS, super sensitive screen, wireless charging, right?)
  • I just wish windows phones were more widely available on multiple carriers like android phones are. The 920 has been out for a while but we are still waiting for a Verizon variant. Its like the old days are coming back where if you wanted particular phone you had to switch carriers. Maybe its just me. I bought the HTC 8x because the only other decent windows phone Verizon offered was the midrange Nokia.
  • I chose the 822 over the 8X... the only thing "midrange" about it is the screen resolution and the size. The latter being the exact reason I chose it.
    Holding both phones with one hand, I could not touch the top far corner and then the back button with my thumb without having to reposition the phone in my hand on the 8X. Which is cumbersome. On the Lumia 822, I can... and my hands are of at least average size. I was sold immediately.
    And as far as the screen resolution, I can't tell. Maybe my eyes aren't as good as they used to be, but just today I noticed how much better my screen looks than the iPhone 4S... so unless I decide to watch a Michael Bay movie on my phone (not gonna happen), I'm good with it.
  • lol its hilarious how everyone wants a phone this way n that, n when Nokia do it, y'all want more!!!
  • Charger on top reminds me of the Samsung commercial mocking the iPhones jack on the bottom, boooom... LOL Anyway, is the 928 gonna be another giant brick? I'm waiting for the backlash against these enormous phones.