Nokia Lumia 928 coming to Verizon next month?

According to two unnamed sources, Bloomberg is reporting that Verizon will start selling the Nokia Lumia 928 next month. This comes shortly after earlier whispers that Big Red's version of the Lumia 920 would be officially announced on April 25, which seem to fall in line with Bloomberg's findings. Perhaps that ratchets our 5 on the Rum-o-meter up to a 6 or maybe even a 7.

Rum: 6

It goes without saying that getting a flagship phone on Verizon will be a huge boost for Nokia. And with a 4.5" Super AMOLED screen, 8.7MP OIS Pureview camera, alleged aluminum body and all the perks of the Nokia Lumia 920, the Lumia 928 should be pretty alluring to Verizon customers.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait at least until sometime next month to see what effect a Verizon hero phone will have on Nokia.

Source: Bloomberg; Via: UnwiredView

  • Ugh!
  • I know the renders look like it's polycarbonate and the Verge said it would be so as well, Bloomberg is reporting it's aluminum. I wonder who's right? Personally I hope it's aluminum (hence why the 928 versus 922 moniker, to position closer to the 930 family of devices) but who knows. 
  • If I'm not mistaken, it's the 910 (T-Mobile) that will be aluminum, so Bloomberg's wrong, but at the same time right, and when all 3 devices are out, I want to see which one looks the best. :D
  • Someone at TMO told me it would be the Lumia 921.
  • Does anyone think its a bit late to be releasing a phone with the same specs as the 920, shouldnt they have done it when they launched the 920, now android has once again gained a comfortable lead in the specs battle while nokia has been standing still.
  • I dont think the specs will hurt the device in all honesty. If the phone looks good in person then it's presentation will attract buyers.
  • Nokia still has the best camera, and I don't have any apps that require more power than my L920 has so no I don't really agree with this really.
    Android phones are behind with UI in my opinion anyway. The OS is horrible, like a crap iOS.
  • Specs are irrelevent when comparing devices from two different OS's.
  • Not in the eyes of consumers.  I have plenty of friends that believe they somehow need the latest quad core 2GB RAM superphone.  Granted, when running Android, you do need those specs.  But I can't convert them to Windows Phone when they see Android phones with better (but useless) specs.
  • And that right there is a perfect example as to why Android has captivated the masses. Lack of knowledge from the consumer stand point. 
  • Reminds me of this video...

    careful there are some swear words in it.
  • Or to put it more accurately, the WP OS has been standing still. Nothing Nokia can do about increasing the specs till MS updates the OS to support those higher specs. So its either launch an outdated phone or nothing at all, and seeing as WP is fighting for every % of marketshare it can get releasing it is the better option.
  • I personally don't need any better specs than my 920 gives me and am fine with them but a lot of consumers love numbers and the higher the better in their eyes, and im also talking about the camera, unchanged from the 920 also.
  • To me, it's not even about specs; it's about receiving a phone that is 6 months old when newer devices are potentially just around the corner. As a Verizon customer and WP fan, it feels like a slap in the face. This is especially true when my current phone is the HTC Trophy, which also was released on Verizon about 6 months after other carriers got the same or even better WP7 devices.
  • On top ot that, they are probably going to charge $199 upfront.
  • well at least one of the companies is taking the trouble and going to the extent of providing an entirely redesigned phone just to satisfy the whims of a stupid carrier...Im pretty sure with the 920 just rolling out in many markets, this 928 or whatever is meant just for the US verizon market and that's a huge headache for Nokia to produce such an exclusive device since Im sure these polycarbonate cases in so many colors are not easy not cheap to produce
  • Totally agree with penny. ^ I said this in another forum almost verbatim. I will wait to hear more about this device, but I still don't believe Verizon supports WP...
  • actually i thought the OS supports higher end specs with the exception of 1080p resolution. the point of it sharing a kernel with W8 was that the OS could grow with hardware. does it not currently support quad core or any higher than a gig of RAM and there re just no devices out yet with such specs or does MS have to officially update it to support those specs?
  • 95% of normal people don't give a rip about specs. When my wife chose a phone she actually played with different ones to decide which one she liked. She didn't care about the spec sheet.
  • Similar story here as well, my friend got her 822 without looking at any specs.
  • I keep hearing that claim, that average people don't care about specs. That's flat out wrong. The problem is your average person cares too much about specs because they don't understand why quad core is pointless on a smartphone unless your playing Crysis 3. You have your anecdotes and I have mine. But I can at least point to the Lumia 900 as a case study. Amazingly beautiful phone but in the end it couldn't sell well because people harped on the single core CPU and "low res" screen. Specs sell.
  • Then again when people buy apple products they don't care so much about specs, because they "know" that they're good enough
  • Apple is a different story all together.  No other company in this world can rely on the blind faith they enjoy from their consumers.  So yeah, with them specs only matter when Apple is ahead on them.  For instance I never used to hear Apple fans talk about screen resolution.  After retina its all they talk about now.
  • nope it isn't late. play with a lumia 82x or 92x and compare hwo smooth and responsive, fast loading, quick, etc. it is with an android phone with technically more under the hood. you'd be hard pressed to find a difference. the WP OS runs can accomplish what any other phone out there can on a different OS without the mega specs. MS's only motivation to bring their phones up to those specs is so they can compete in the marketing war with android. really no different than what apple does. iphones don't have monster specs and their users enjoy the user experience just fine with minimal to no issues.
  • Yes i said that in an above comment but consumers care about numbers, its partly why android is so popular
  • People here are going to disagree with you.  But yes you are right.  MS still hasn't learned their lesson with WP7.  They are letting Android continue to outpace WP in the spec race.  As dumb as we may think it is, specs do sell.
  • Yes, this phone is too late to consider as a trophy phone. Everyone other than Lumia fans (like me) will yawn...
  • I sure hope so, my HTC Trophy is barely getting by now. :/
  • Had to just go for the 822. Tired of waiting. Super good looking feeling phone. Didn't want to pay the high dollars for the 928 anywho.
  • 822 is tempting for me too. I'm thinking maybe I can get that outright for $250 or so and keep my unlimited data plan for a while longer. I know it's not 4G but it is unlimited.
  • 822 is 4G, even if you buy it off contract to keep the unlimited data.
  • Same here. And I'm happy with mine.
  • Mine is still holding up pretty well. Of course I'd love all the new features and speed improvements, but it's still holding it's own.
  • my contract just ended on my trophy. phone is still trcukin' along like a champ after much accidental abuse.  just waiting for the 928 now, can't wait!
  • Just get the 822unless you have the money to dish out. I'm happy with mine. Who cares about the camera. If you have a trophy now it's still an upgrade. That expandable memory is great for music/pics/video. I think its worth it, IMO.
  • I would say wait a little. I had a Trophy, bought my 822 day one and love it. It's a great phone but if you can wait for a 928, wait. Unless you absolutely need/want SD card support and removable battery. I'm buying 928 when it's released and giving my gf my 822.
  • It's May 14-21. I've been telling you guys that for a while :)
  • And you also said that it would be a 32gb WITH a MicroSD slot.... We'll see how accurate you are on the 25th...(if it's annouced then)
  • The phone doesn't have a SD slot. I don't recall saying that but if I did it was a mistype. Also never said April 25. I said late April early May.
  • Dude this is establishes news already. Shouldn't the ratch-o-meter or whatever be at a 10 at this point?
  • Typing this on a Z10. This phone took too long.
  • I was in the same boat as you. Due for an upgrade, losing hope and patience for the long awaited flagship Nokia on Verizon, and was just about to jump on board with the Z10. Eventually, I just made the final decision to go with the 928 whenever it came out. Just hope it's worth the wait.
  • Well, I bought it thinking that the 928 would of been out soon and I would just return it. Well, it grew on me and I'm keeping it. Phones are pretty much all this desperate company BlackBerry has so I'm sure the Z10 will get updated more than wp8. Sadly, Microsoft makes it hard for me to have much faith.
  • You do know that Verizon tests their phones at length right? Even if the 928 was ready to be sold a month ago, Verizon could've (and did) hold it up to make sure it's test perfect. I had the same issue with the HTC Droid Incredible a few years back. Phone was said to be ready in February but didn't come out til May. As a Verizon customer, we play the waiting game at the expense of having a strong network. 
  • I'm aware.  That does little to help my Trophy with a dead battery.
  • WP OS is a very optimized OS for the hardware it runs on so it doesn't need the high end Quad Cores like Android does I mean WP even runs better on hardware android would struggle with
  • Who cares about 928 seriously?????? 4.5" screen? Its like 2010 again
  • Its nothing spectacular like the xperia z with 1080p, bigger screen and lighter
  • Moreover Lumia 920 already same shit
  • Unfortunately the xperia thing is just another boring android....  so it's specs are irrelevant to this conversation.
  • Hurry up and bring it out. Ready to put my trophy away and have my first phone with a front facing camera
  • I guess switching to ATT does not sound that bad... :-/ getting real tired of big red's bs.
  • Well I work with Verizon BS everyday and I-phones, Driods, Blackberries, the gamut, I'm a sys admin and it cracks me up, we had a wireless link from verizion run thru the whole building for Verizon phones, but we get drops all the tiime. They hate me because I have a At and t phone, full LTE and 4 bars and mine doesn't die in the elevators, theirs does.   lol
  • Fancy story babe. How people don't get that reception depends on location is beyond me. AT&T is a punchline where i'm at.
  • *continues twiddling thumbs impatiently...*