Lumia Creative Studio Beta brings support for editing Living Images

Microsoft has announced a new Lumia Creative Studio Beta, a testing ground for updates to its popular image editing app of the same name. The most notable addition in this beta release is the ability to edit Living Images captured with Lumia Camera. Microsoft is inviting all Lumia users to try out the new beta release and tweak their photos with filters and adjustments for brightness, vibrance, and clarity, among others. There are some known issues in this build that you should be aware of, however:

Following edit operations are either not supported for Living Images or contain some limitations for them:

  • Clarity (under Enhance category)
  • Blur
  • Blur background
  • Image saved with Creative Studio is not shown in Creative Studio's landing page until the application has been restarted
  • If Creative Studio was launched from Photos, Lumia Storyteller or Lumia Camera's camera roll, image saved with Creative Studio is not shown in the application in question until it has been restarted
  • Changed aspect ratio is not shown correctly if edited Living Image is re-opened with Creative Studio.

An important thing to note if you're planning to test the app out is that the download link for the app appears to only work when opened from your phone, and only returns an error if opened in a desktop browser. So, if you want to give the beta app a go, hit up that store link below on your phone to get started!

Download Lumia Creative Studio Beta for Windows Phone

QR: Creative Studio Beta

Source: Microsoft

Thanks for the tips, everyone!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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