Mafia Pizza Car - Review

Elbert Perez is at it again. He's developed another entertaining Windows Phone game, Mafia Pizza Car. You play the role of a Mafioso pizza delivery dude. You're not only responsible for timely delivery of the pies and taking care of a few side jobs along the way.

Unfortunately these side jobs tend to attract the attention of the police and you'll need to learn to avoid them or run the risk of getting busted.  To see how Mafia Pizza Car shakes out, zip on past the break.

The Main Menu on Mafia Pizza Car has options to play the game, view credits, view the online leaderboard, and access the settings (music/sound effects on/off). When you go to launch the game you'll see how much money you've earned, access to the Help Section and options to upgrade your ride with your money earned.

The game screen has your tip total, distance to the delivery and current job listed at the bottom. A small red arrow next to your delivery car will help point you in the right direction and a successful deliver is made when you drive through a perimeter ring around the target house.

You control the car by a virtual joystick. Just tap and hold the screen and a ring and dot will appear. Slide your finger around to move the dot (which represents your direction of travel). It's not the easiest way of controlling your vehicle but you can get used to it.

Once you hit a house or pedestrian, the police will be alerted and start to chase you down. Stars will appear at the bottom of the screen to indicate how many officers are after you. Police cars will run into houses, other cars and each other all of which will minimize the intensity of the pursuit.

Game play was fun and challenging. Challenging to deliver the pizzas without running through a house and challenging to avoid the police when you do crash into a house (and you will eventually hit a house). Running over pedestrians will also sneak up on you. Pedestrians are basically dots on the screen and easily mistaken for shrubbery.

All in all, Mafia Pizza Car is a fun, fast paced game for your Windows Phone. The controls are the weakest link but you get used to them. It would also be nice to have some sort of safe haven or hideout available to elude the police. Once they begin chasing you the game becomes more a game of survival and you loose sight of the jobs at hand.

Mafia Pizza Car is a free, ad-supported game. It joins the ranks of other top notched Windows Phone games from Elbert Perez such as Impossible Shoota, Steam Castle, and Traffic Cop.

You can find Mafia Pizza Car here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

George Ponder

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