Mail and Calendar for Windows 10 gains ability to open messages in new window and more for Insiders

Microsoft is pushing an update out for Mail and Calendar to those on an Insider build of Windows 10. The update brings a few new features to the app, like the ability to open email messages in a new window and more. You will need to be on an Insider Preview build in order to see this update currently, though Microsoft states everyone will see these features arrive in the next few weeks.

As noted by Microsoft (opens in new tab) (via MSPU), the new features include:

  • Open email messages in a new window
  • View .eml attachments and save messages in .eml format
  • Print Day, Multi-day, and Work Week views in Calendar

If you are running an Insider build of Windows 10, you can check for the updates now.

Download Mail and Calendar from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Jared DiPane

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  • Nice to get new features but the one I'm waiting for wanna is the ability to print emails from phone.
  • I'd be happy if I could even print PDFs from my phone.
  • Yeah that too, and websites.
  • You can. Install Perfect PDF Reader (the one with glasses) and then you can print any PDF from your phone. I've used it a few times, works like a charm.
  • Printing is something, printer support is another...W10m needs to support more printers, especially Brother printers...
  • I contacted Brother to ask about this- they are not planning to add W10M driver support for any other existing printers.
  • That's sad...I guess it's time to dump Brother!
  • Yea. Did don't research and will be buying the Samsung 2020w printer. Check it out. It's very compact. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I am looking for laser color wireless. Is Samsung c1810w ok and works with w10m?
  • Anyone else no longer getting updates coming through WS thanks to an app sitting in the queue & not installing properly? (in my case it's the Surface app). I'm on Fast Ring, latest WI build, 14316 IIRC. Any ideas how to work-around/fix? Thank-you!
  • Something I found on XDA that fixed the problem for me:
    * Start downloading a new app
    * Hit "pause all" on the downloads page
    * Hit "resume all" The stuck apps should slowly disappear from the screen. It took a few minutes for the first app to go away but after that it was quick. Sent from my Toaster Oven (Lumia Icon)
  • Ta mate, knew I'd read something like that, but couldn't recall where & what exactly, best!
  • Woah. We can open an email in a new window? What kind of sorcery is this?
  • The kind of sorcery that peasants running iOS have never heard of!
  • You know, I just got an iPhone for free from AT&T and I honestly don't see the big deal outside of apps & a more stable OS. I always use my 950 over the iPhone; it's not being used that often, only for aps I can't get on Windows 10 Mobile. Sent using my awesome Microsoft Lumia 950! (AT&T)
  • Well, I'd say that apps and a stable OS *are* big deals!
  • If a large number of quality apps and a stable OS are not a big deal then what is?
  • Don't forget the big logo on the back!
  • What has iOS got to do with this? The article is about PC not phone.
  • Working on two emails at the same time I believe
  • But we could already do that.
  • Anyone (Non-Insider) got an update ? To build .218?
  • Yep Sent using my awesome Microsoft Lumia 950! (AT&T)
  • Windows Central never posted about the update?
  • Me too Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 with a Nokia Lumia 730
  • I bet it gained the ability to crash...
  • Come on don't say like that ;)
  • Frack. And here I was hoping for sending emails as a different alias... Wait some more then...
  • Wow that's a big dive
  • Afaik this is for PC. What I really want is the ability to drag and drop attachments to the desktop. Right now I can drag drop only to a new email.
  • I'm still waiting to be able to use mail alias.
  • *Sigh.  I'm waiting for them to put back a useful feature from WP8.1: Outlook tasks.  How did opening an email in a new window become a priority?
  • nothing on mobile is a priority for Microsoft.
    You have to wait until.......... the announce of the death of Windows mobile.....
  • That's the same day they announce the death of Windows 10 as a whole, then.
  • I hope they add the ability to view Outlook attachments on non-Exchange accounts. It's ridiculous I have to use my Surface 2 (RT) to be able to see those.
  • Well m seeing the update for composing the mail from various aliases associated with one primary account. That's not there!
  • Still not Tasks, Notes from MS Exchange. :(
  • Looking for the ability to import email from other email clients. Would like to move away from Windows Live mail to Windows 10 mail and calendar but W10 mail is still limited in what I need. I'm sure more options are coming soon. What other phone would you be using beside the L640? I'm just sayin.... *One Windows*
  • This is excelent. I would like to have the same experience in continuum.  Regular windows is a must for me in continuum.
  • +1
  • I might be missing something or this currently does not exist but does anyone know how to get the mail app to sync drafts across devices (pc, tablet, phone)
  • Need the new feature "turn off tile pane in start menu."