Major update in the works for LazyTube

There's a major update in the works for Lazyworm Apps two Windows Phone Youtube apps, Lazytube and YouTube. No dates are available on the release, it'll be version 3.0 for Lazytube, but we're hearing it it won't hit the Marketplace until Mango is officially launched.

What's 3.0 bring to the table? All we know is what the above sneak peak image can tell. Which looks really nice by the way.

Updates will be posted on LazyWorms' Facebook ( and Twitter (@lazywormapps) pages from time to time.  The developers are also open to suggestions, comments and feedback that might help improve things (not that LazyTube and Youtube are shabby as is).

If you haven't given them a try, you can find LazyWorm's Free YouTube app here (opens in new tab) and the $.99 LazyTube app here (opens in new tab) (bothe links open Zune) over at the Marketplace.

Thanks Atta for the heads up!

George Ponder

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  • Awesome =D.
  • By far the best You Tube app for WP7. It had it's share of error's (HQ Streaming)but they were fixed promptly. Looking foward to what they have in store for 3.0 version. Keep up the hard work.
  • This is by far the best YouTube app on the platform, even better than HTC's Youtube player. SuperTube is also very good but LazyTube has a nice UI and a live tile.
  • It will be a shame if Microsoft ever improves the Youtube client on Windows Phone to the same level as these guys without giving them a job or something- they deserve some recognition for doing what Microsoft has thus far failed to provide a good standard with.Seriously, MS should hire these guys :P
  • Blame Google, apparently google doesn't allow MS access to the same API that they allow Apple etc.
  • Would be awesome if Microsoft were to take notice of our work.
  • This is a great app and its all down to the fact the developers work fast on updates listen to our feed back and generally have a good customer relationship with us which is why people should get the paid version to give them the credit the deserveThis app will just keep getting better we don't even need an official one. Other developers need to take note of this....PERHAPS LAZYWORM IF YOU READ THIS HOW ABOUT A GIVING US A GOOGLEPLUS APP ;)
  • There is no API for Google+, yet.
  • Thanks for your kind words, it's been a pleasure working closely with our users and it's one of the main reasons we have been able to innovate so much. As for Google+, not sure if it's such a good idea developing for Google services on Microsoft platforms these days... We're having a hard enough time dealing with YouTube! Having said that, if they came knocking on our door that would be a different story ;)
  • Looks awesome! Love the interface. As for suggestions i have two only:1. Browse the youtube site not m.youtube2. Download HD moviesLove the interface and as i have already bought it i look forward to using this instead of supertube.
  • Thanks!With regards to your suggestions, due to legal issues we are not prepared to risk supporting these features at this stage.
  • Come on. You are not HTC, you are not Microsoft. Your legal concerns are not serious or funded.By the way you are using the YouTube logo on you icon. You know that legally speaking you should not do this either.Even if your interface is Ok, the most important thing in a YouTube client is to find all the videos I am looking for. With LazyTube (limited to I find almost none of the videos I am searching. With SuperTube I am finding all of them. So why would I keep on using LazyTube. No thanks.The problem is that you consider yourself as a kind of official YouTube developer and therefore always worry about legal issues. Sorry, but it makes no sense. Once again you are not MS, you are not HTC.
  • Thanks for your feedback Kim, we are sorry that not supporting these features is causing frustration but doing so is simply not in line with our goals at this stage.The issue is not so much about us fearing legal action from Google but more about keeping the doors open to becoming officially recognized or promoted by larger organizations.Finally, by supporting these features we risk our apps being pulled from the marketplace in the even Google decides to clamp down on WP7 apps which could see even more frustration from users (especially paid ones).Once again, terribly sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you can see it from our point of view.
  • Better than Google+ app, how about a music and video streaming app that uses SkyDrive.
  • We'll definitely be looking into developing new apps in the future however at this stage we focused on perfecting YouTube for WP7,
  • Whatever the improvements, the limits of LazyTube will always remain the same...LazyTube is unfortunately limited to videos only, which is a total dealbreaker. You miss 50% of the videos normally available on the regular youtube website.
  • We'd absolutely love to support this feature but in fear of getting into legal issues our hands are tied!