Just can't wait for a Windows Phone 7 device? Here's the next best thing: use this paper cutout made by Swedish software developer Jayway. Simply download and print out the .pdf file (other formats available) and off you go.

Now on a serious note, this was actually made by a developer for developers so they can get a better idea of how their program would look like on a "life-sized" device instead of a 24" high-resolution monitor. In this case, the Jayway team was interested in font size. Basically you can print out your images of your test application and smack them on. Or even cut out slits and have a pull-through panorama style experience.

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(Hint to Microsoft: developers really want prototype devices sooner than later!)

For us, we're going to print one HUGE one out so we can walk around NYC, reenacting those 'Trigger Happy TV' bits (must watch) "Heeello! What? Yes the iPhone is total rubbish!"

Read more and grab it here.