Mango RUUs available in Taiwan

Jas Chiang, Windows Phone user, has sent in a screenshot of two Taiwan Mango RUUs (ROM Upgrade Utility), which ties in with our post detailing Mango upgrades taking place at the HTC flagship store (opens in new tab). Why can they not update via Zune? Jas mentions that should they use the media player to update their handsets, they wont receive the CHT language pack.

It's so close we can almost taste it. This is putting some real confidence back into Microsoft's update process if all things continue to run as smoothly as they are now.

Source: @alljerry04 (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • i just wish one of them store reps could leak us the programe to update lol....
  • See the link I posted below.
  • It contains 3 languages, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English
  • It is going to take some getting used to win 8 screenshots.Not saying it isn't cool, it just makes me giddy when I see it.
  • I am so excited right now. I know everybody else is excited too. I have removed mango from my lg optimus, so I can update to mango with zune (if it's going that way in some while). But I think mango is coming later in The Netherlands than other country's...
  • The files are now on XDA: