Yesterday morning we mentioned that Windows Phone users in Taiwan are supposedly scheduled to get WP7.5 Mango on the 16th and sure enough, that's true. What's also true is that the update won't be coming via their Zune software but instead they need to take their phone to a supported shop (with an appointment) to have a tech flash the phone. Estimated wait time: 20 minutes.

One such place is the HTC flagship store, which will be opening and taking in people to flash their phones to the Chinese-build of Mango, but users will have to have their phone backed-up themselves. While this may not be the most elegant method, it's a method where Microsoft's infrastructure is obviously still being put in place. And hey, what AT&T user here wouldn't go down to the store tomorrow if it meant getting Mango, amirite?

Source: Microsoft TW; via: ILoveWP; Thanks, @SkyLanD and @JohnnieXu, for the heads up!

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