Mango on Verizon September 27?

After Microsoft's announcement that Mango updates would roll out "in coming weeks" and AT&T's confirmation that they would begin on September 27th, one of our faithful readers decided to take it upon himself to try to find out when exactly Verizon was planning to send out their updates. 

He poked around the Verizon Wireless site, when suddenly he was prompted to join a live chat with a representative.  Through a clever bit of social engineering (AKA, directly asking the rep if Verizon's Mango update would roll out the same day that other major carriers' would) he was told that it would indeed be available on September 27th.

There are a couple of other interesting points in this conversation.  Firstly, the representative says that regardless of whether the phone is purchased now, or post-Mango roll out, the software will be the same.  So it sounds like Trophies will come pre-loaded with Mango.  Secondly, when asked about other Windows Phone devices on the horizon, the customer support rep states that no information has been given out.  Hopefully, this is just a matter of timing and not a sign that the Trophy will be Verizon's sole WP7 offering.

You can see the relevant part of the chat log above.  Names have been redacted, as to not get anyone fired.  Now, customer support reps have been known to be wrong in the past, so don't take any of this as gospel truth.

We are also seeing Mango referenced in Verizon's support pages on updating the HTC Trophy.  Not only can you download a .pdf on the benefits of updating to Mango but also the instructions on how to go about updating your Trophy. 

Thanks for the tip, Sam!

Clarification: Where the CSR informs our reader that whether the phone is purchased now or after the Mango roll out, the software will be the same, the CSR is referring to the update itself.  While we could see Trophy's shipped with Mango eventually, the CSR meant the software update will be the same for existing phones and those currently in inventory. 

And yes, CSR talk can be confusing and designed to make the sale.  Hence the caveat to not take any of this as gospel.  It is simply an indicator that September 27th might be Mango Day for Verizon customers.

Seth Brodeur
  • Does anyone really put any value in what a faceless chat technician has to say? I'm as excited as anyone waiting for the updates, but I don't think chat transcripts are worth much.
  • - Will it make coffee too?- Yes, it will.I'm 99.9% sure that the said support person has no clue about Mango date or anything else WP7-related and only typed this to make a sale.
  • A friend of mine got a new Trophy on Wednesday and it shipped with NoDo. So, if the software will be the same, does that mean all of them are shipping with NoDo and have to be updated upon receipt?
  • NoDo was the OS version that the Trophy, Arrive, and HD7s shipped with. As far as I know, the stores are not allowed to update any devices themselves because it is modification of a product. Plus, (especially in the case of Android devices) the carriers would rather people buy the newer hardware that has the newer OS version already installed.
  • yes, the post got the info wrong. rep implied existing phones in inventory will NOT come with Mango pre-installed.
  • Hey guys, you are exactly right. The pre-loads will NOT come with Mango. This was a typo, not a misunderstanding. Sorry if it was misleading.
  • In androids case they would rather you buy the new hardware, it doesn't mean it will have the newer OS installed, or even available.
  • Yeah...Sorry, but, I have spoken with way too many CSRs to fully believe that Verizon will updage the Trophy the same day that AT&T plans to update most of their Windows Phones. Also, a CSR is one of the last people in the company to be told such things.I'm not hating on Online Chat Salespeople, they are just doing their job. The problem is that their job is to sell current phones and plans of all variations on their specific carrier. It's pretty tough to keep up with everything that way.
  • 27 27 27.... wait... it took them, ummm.... 5-6 months to get Trophy I believe in VZW? Nope... I dont.. BUT I WANT MANGOOOOoooo!
  • Well in Verizon's defense regarding the issue of releasing a WP device, MS did not have CDMA support ready until April/May of 2011 which is why both Sprint and Verizon did not have devices on release. NoDo brought that support.
  • I had my cdma device for sprint on March 20th.
  • Ok my bad I guess it was March not April. So yeah Verizon was slow either way getting the Trophy in June I think, but they didn't take 6+ months.That being said Verizon sucks for being lackluster about WP in general and that's from me, a Verizon user...
  • I am cautiously optimistic, my reasoning? From everything that we are seeing, with all of the carriers worldwide and their announcements, I am thinking that this might actually be a case of Microsoft exerting proper pressure/influence on the carriers/OEM's to make sure that the customer experience is a positive one, as they have been insisting they want. If the Mango update happens smoothly, getting it to everyone within days of each other, as it looks like it could, it will be a HUGE Win for Microsoft and WinPhone.I am not naive, I know that these CSR's don't have a clue about the stuff they sell, but sometimes, if you happen to get the CSR that is more tech support than sales, they might know.. MIGHT.
  • As Mulder would say: I want to believe. I really do. :(
  • I think the update will most likely be in the same timeframe as the other carriers. I was just saying that I think chat techs are a poor source of reliable info.I do think that MS really has learned and wants to do the right thing. The question is how cooperative is VZW in this process?
  • Verizon has one WP7 handset to deal with... One! You'd think they would be able to manage that single, solitary device and roll out Mango in a timely fashion. Gods help us if they ever expand and release some additional WP7 handsets and then have to work on multiple devices! Especially if they were from different manufacturers!! *sigh*Come on Verizon... Please get your act together, show WP7 and your customers some love here!BTW, Since I have little faith in us getting Mango any time soon I updated my Trophy on my own earlier this morning. As others have said, it's awesome. All my fellow Verizon users, you are going to love it when it actually gets pushed.
  • cautious optimism beginning to overpower cynical pessimism.they *might* redeem themselves for botching the launch of the phone so badly
  • Just in case someone installed one of the HTC Trophy leaked roms....The numbers match the same so it is the full final rom...BUT ! If you read through the directions in the link for install, it shows as it's a upgrade in Zune, so not a lose all your data rom.
  • I work as a chat agent all day long. I have to say that you cannot trust everything we say. Most of it is heresay, as they are NOT going to tell the agents the exact date and say to that agent "Shhhh, don't tell the customers". Lol. Good luck with that. Do not trust this. I don't trust what I say to be true. I just want the sale honestly.
  • @DavidinCT - That's wrong. If you load up one of the leaked HTC ROM images to get Mango early it most definitely erases all your data. Just did it this morning. I copied off everything I could prior to the upgrade expecting it to be completely reset and that is indeed what happens. You have to reactivate the phone, go through the initial setup all over again and then go about adding your data, setting up your accounts and reinstalling all your apps/games. Kind of a pain but it's so worth it.
  • Verizon was last to introduce a wp7 device & will most likely keep its lack of interest in mind. I have no problem dumping them for T mobile if they don't deliver on some awesome mango handsets. If you want to own the network then support high quality handsets for each os. HTC Trophy cool...but basic. Mango's for me & Apple's for her.
  • Did you not read the news of VZWs CEO Lowell McAdam saying he believes WP7 will become #3 and downplaying the role of RIM in their lineup?
  • I'm at the point where I need to see actions from Verizon, not words. If they can deliver just ONE great phone for me, train their in-store reps to push WP7 and start acting like they want to support Windows Phone 7, then maybe their words will mean something. In the mean time, simply telling me that WP7 will become #3 leaves me feeling no different about Verizon.
  • If any of you have been to a Verizon Retail Store (Official VZW, not an authorized reseller) You may notice that they have the Trophy on display already running Mango. I was at the Broadway & 17th St Store today (9/23/2011) and snapped these two pics of the ONLY display unit:Start Screen: About Info:
  • 3:00am 9/27....No mango love here...
  • Just got a update notification on my Trophy, VZW, for Mango. I'm updating now!