We previously covered the leaked Orange memo that pinned the 15th of September as the roll-out day, but we are all ware of this day passing by. Now, Microsoft has finally released some more detail on the actual window for release. Eric Hautala published the following over at the Windows Phone Developer blog:

For months, we and dozens of our partner companies have been laying the groundwork for the Windows Phone 7.5 update—and making solid progress. As a result, we now expect to start rolling it out in the next week or two. At that time, we’ll also refresh the Where’s My Phone Update? table to reflect the worldwide roll out status.

This ties in with Joe Belfiore's tweet last week that reminded everyone of "the fall" being aimed at for the green button to be pressed. So, there we have it, keep an eye out on this space for the announcement within the next two weeks. 

Source: Windows Phone Dev blog  Thanks goes out to everyone (too many to name) who tipped us on this!

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