Marco Argenti, Nokia’s head of developer experience, leaves for Amazon

Nokia’s head of developer expereince, Marco Argenti, is making the jump from Nokia to Amazon. You’ll remember Marco because he kicked off a large developer drive by giving away 25,000 Lumia devices to developers to work on Windows Phone apps. What’s he going to be doing with Amazon?

We caught up with Marco back at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. In the interview we learned about all the services and APIs Nokia was giving to developers, how Nokia worked on getting exclusive apps to their platform, and how they plan on supporting developers overall. It’s an illuminating interview into what happens behinds the scenes of some of your favorite apps. You should really read it.

So what’s Marco going to be doing at Amazon? We don’t know much, but he did say he’s joining the Amazon Web Services team. AWS is Amazon’s cloud computing platform, which if you’re familiar with cloud computing puts it against services like Microsoft’s Azure, Rackspace Cloud, and others. He’s also not the last high profile person in the Windows Phone world to join Amazon. Microsoft’s Charlie Kindel and Brandon Watson joined over the past few years.

One way or the other, we wish Marco the best of luck on his new path.

Source: Twitter

Sam Sabri