While we like the Zune Desktop client quite a bit, sometimes finding apps or browsing for them can be a little sluggish. Luckily, a new website has launched that helps to cut all the fluff out and get right to the point.

Marketplace Browser is a streamlined site that references all the apps in the Marketplace, allowing you to search or just browse apps, including the Top 100 or Categories (no "latest" but we're sure that's coming).

Once you find an app, you can read about it, see screenshots and the best part: click to load it up in Zune Desktop to install. This last trick is the sweet spot as it works in Chrome and Firefox (not just IE) and will allow very quick installations of found apps.

The developer Paul Willen considers it a work in progress, so we can expect additions and improvements in the future. Regardless, we recommend it right now.

Source: Marketplace Browser; via Mobile Jaw