Marketplace coming to 6.0/6.1 phones in Nov.

Microsoft's Todd Brix has clarified some confusion over the launch of Windows Marketplace for Mobile, the app store launching Oct. 6 with Windows Mobile 6.5. While Microsoft has previously said that the Marketplace would be available for Windows Mobile 6.0/6.1 phones, though not immediately at launch, Brix has nailed down the schedule for us.

As we’ve been discussing since July, our plan is to deliver the full Marketplace experience in two phases. First, we’ll launch Windows Marketplace for Mobile with Windows phones on October 6th. We’ve also discussed following this launch with an update that will include support for Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1 by the end of the year. More specifically, we’re targeting November for phase two.

So, it's coming to older phones, just not until November. But, wait, there's more.

In addition, this second phase will bring the PC based catalog and shopping experience, user generated app reviews, advanced key-based anti-piracy protection and other enhancements that expand your business opportunity and make it easier for a larger number of customers to find and buy your application.

So there you go. A big segment of the Windows Mobile population will have to wait a month or so.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Nice news I hope. Not holding my breath while I wait. Also waiting to see prices. High prices for apps will not help the app store grow.
  • Any free apps?
  • Free Apps are worth exactly that. I'm looking for reall apps, desktop quality. don't mind to pay if serves its purpose.
  • there could be free apps, the developer still has to pay a yearly fee to join the marketplace, so I would say free apps would be less.. As for pricing that is up to indivdual developers, I am tempted to list my apps at $0.99 but if the market doesn't have near the exposure of the apple store (and isn't anywhere near exclusive like the apple store is) then I don't know if this model will work.. You see with the apple store you can expect people to pay 99c to try your app if they half like the look of it, for Windows Mobile they can just get a demo from another store first and then buy at 99c from the MS store... This would mean sales would be much lower I would imagine except for the very top applications..