Marketplace gets keyword-search added on

Although we prefer AppFinder for searching the Marketplace for new wares, it's nice to know Microsoft is still tweaking things a lil' bit on their end. Evidently, in the last 24hrs, Microsoft has added keyword-search to the Marketplace, making it very slightly easier to find apps based on topic as opposed to just searching by title alone.

As you can see in the image to the left, searching for Google brings up a few apps with Google not in the title, which is probably a welcome feature for developers too. But as you can also see, music still pops up to confuse your results, which leads us back to AppFinder...

Source: @JustinAngel

Daniel Rubino

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  • So how did this get updated? Was there any sorta prompt or did it just happen without any notice one night? Or is it because it's more of a server side thing that MS does updates on their end and not on the phone itself so you'll never get a prompt etc? I guess I can sorta understand why music sneaks in since they do sell music in the Zune marketplace but ya, they should add search filters/options so we only get apps or games.
  • It's all on their end, nothing to do or enable on your phone.
  • Makes sense, we should see more of these types of updates after the holidays, I'm sure lots of teams are heading out on break for a week or two.
  • can you give me that link where i do update that !!!!!
  • Basically they indexed the app names AND the app descriptions. The whole thing is now searchable. It should have been this way from the beginning. Unfortunately, they still don't prioritize apps at the top of the search results.
  • Searching has ALWAYS been in WP7 marketplace -- just not obvious. Open marketplace and hit the search button on your phone. Really, that simple.
  • You do realize that they did not mean that the search functionality was added (EVERYONE knows it was there), but rather it was improved by including keyword searching rather than just title searching?
  • There is this Application on WP7 called "I AM RICH" and it costs $526.49, unbelievable.