Marriage proposal using Wordament and a Windows Phone

An active player (munkiiyebee) of Wordament has built a custom version of the game, which was used when he proposed to his girlfriend. The word search type game puts the player up against others from around the world where every player competes on the same board to achieve the fastest time. So how did he use it for the proposal?

In the above video, we see the fan/developer's custom port of Wordament that was used by his girlfriend, and as you can see the words required to be found spell out "Will you marry me?". A cheesy, but original touch since they both play the game frequently. To wrap up this story positively, his girlfriend (now fiancé) said yes. Awwh.

Source: YouTube, Wordament, via: WPSauce, thanks HD7guy for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Awesome!!
  • Great idea.
  • Cute, clever, effective
  • That's a clever thing. :D
  • Ha, that's cool :D
  • Wow, that totally beats my "ring in a Christmas ornament" proposal I used!
  • He even put in an ad. LOL
  • Gotta pay for that ring!
  • An ad for "home investment," as well - a hint for the next question, perhaps?
  • Thanks Guys, really glad you all liked it. The first word she saw was "dare" then she was just about to pass it back to me when she noticed the "?" and then started to take a second look :-)
  • Nice work... Good on ya, man!
  • Nice!!
  • Congratulations to you and your bride-to-be on engagement sir! It's a clever original way to to ask someone to marry (although admittedly wouldn't be my personal style of approaching it). Now, the question is, did you video tape the proposal and her saying 'yes'?
  • No, there is no video of the proposal itself that would have ruined the moment.
  • *clapping* congratulations!
  • Very creative!
  • Nice work!
    {Dramatic slow-clap}
  • Haha epic!
  • Love it!
  • Lol nice
  • Very sweet.