Play as the Avengers on your Surface in Marvel Run Jump Smash!

While there are a zillion endless runners on Windows Phone, Marvel brings one on Windows 8 as well. Marvel Run Jump Smash! is an endless runner where you play as superhero characters like Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, or Black Widow.

As the name suggests, the game involves running, jumping, and smashing your way through different environments, dodging obstacles, and battling super villains like Loki by deploying your superhero’s unique ‘Special Attack’. As you run, you collect coins that help boost your run and let you buy special power-ups to boost your distance and score.

Marvel Run Jump Smash!

In the game, you can compete with friends to gain the top leaderboard position and fight Super Villains and their henchmen in iconic Marvel locations. Also, as you go along, you can unlock addition superheroes and then swing as Spider-man, shoot arrows as Hawkeye, unleash the thunder as Thor, or binary blast as Captain Marvel!

Marvel Run Jump Smash! is pretty interesting and addictive, especially if you are a Marvel comics fan. Well, who isn’t? It’s a pity though that the game requires an active Internet connection to play, and is a no go when offline.

Download the game for your Windows 8 devices from the Windows Store for $1.49. There’s no trial available unfortunately, but it’s a good one for sure. Let us know how your run has been.  

Source: Windows Experience Blog

Abhishek Baxi