Marvel's Avengers patch fixes Black Panther leveling cheese, adds MCU suit and new missions

Marvel's Avengers
Marvel's Avengers (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The latest patch for Marvel's Avengers has been released on all platforms.
  • A number of fixes are included, such as ending the Black Panther leveling cheese and fixing the Nehanda's gear piece.
  • Black Panther's MCU suit is available from the marketplace as of this latest patch.
  • New multiplayer mission chains are available for daily and weekly rewards.

The latest patch for Marvel's Avengers is here on all platforms and it's not a particularly hefty download, though it does have a number of important components. I'll start at the top: The Black Panther leveling cheese has been fixed as has his insanely high damage linked to the broken Nehanda's chest piece. It's hardly surprising, as anyone who's already played the game will have been expecting it, but all is now as intended.

If you weren't familiar, the first mission of the War for Wakanda expansion features Corrupted Vibranium shards which, when destroyed, give out rewards. It was quickly realized that you could easily cheese this by reloading the checkpoint and doing it over, and over, and over, and the gear was so good you could hit the 130 cap for drops in about an hour. Obviously, this isn't how the game was intended to be played, so you'll now only get drops on the first go. So if you were going to reset the campaign to get some leveling done, maybe try other methods using the Corrupted Vibranium instead.

Marvel's Avengers

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

In a recent developer stream a surprise was promised with the next patch, and it turns out that surprise is the MCU suit for Black Panther. What isn't a surprise is that it's an exotic outfit that'll cost you 1400 credits in the marketplace like all the other MCU suits for the game's heroes. Whether you're wanting to drop the cash or not, it's undeniable that it looks incredible.

There's a lengthy postdetailing everything that's fixed, and there's plenty of little annoyances that should now be gone. As for newness, aside from the outfit to buy there are also now two new mission chains included with daily and weekly rewards. These focus on multiplayer and are a more interesting way to farm for resources.

New Multiplayer Mission Chains – We're introducing 2 new mission chains that are focused on multiplayer. Rise and Shine is a Daily where you'll need to complete a War Zone with at least one other player to get rewarded with Upgrade Modules, XP, and Fragments. Up for the Challenge is the weekly iteration of this with more objectives and will reward a Catalyst, Fragment Extractor, and Units.

Marvel's Avengers

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

For regular players, neither of these two new mission chains are going to require anything spectacular to complete, but they are a way to get extra resources every week, especially catalysts which are most useful if you need a little XP boost to help with some leveling. Especially since on September 2 the double XP event ends, as does the increased exotic rewards from the OLT and Mega Hive.

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