Mashable festive poll shows WP7 beating Blackberry

Mashable love their polls, and any reader would agree that they are fairly useful with majority of votes coming from tech enthusiasts (the majority being Apple owners over at the social media giant). Publishing the results for their holiday gifts for 2010 poll (opens in new tab), it is clear to the eye that Windows Phone 7 has actually performed relatively well.

Having only been officially around for a few months, receiving a mixed reception, and majority of news surrounding the platform outlining negativity over positive announcements, many predicted that the platform may not perform too well over the festive period. Reaching 5,000 apps in the Marketplace, shipping a good 1.5 million products, and listening to the end-user’s feedback, Microsoft have continued to display their determination to create a solid dent in the already-established competition.

Taking a quick look at the pie chart, it’s easily noticeable that Android has continued to dominate over all other platforms, with the iPhone maintaining a healthy share. This is all to the book and is expected by, well, everyone. What’s interesting however, is where Microsoft’s new product is sitting comfortably. Taking a promising 10.3% of votes in the smart phone category is a fantastic achievement, and shows that the insane amount of investment made by Microsoft, the decision with starting from scratch and bringing a new OS to the monopoly board is beginning to show signs of positive results.

Although the chart does shed some light on the current state of the war between the operating systems, it should be noted that this is a Mashable poll, and should not be used as an accurate calculation. As for Windows Phone 7, the 2010 launch has been nothing more than a blur for most. Next year, however, should prove to be either a fast paced sprint with the proposed updates, marketing and what not, or a slow walk ensuring satisfaction is maintained at a reasonably high level.

Source: Mashable; via WMPoweruser (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • @Richard, Re: "...majority of news surrounding the platform outlining negativity over positive announcements..." I'm just wondering where you got that idea? The majority of the reviews I have read were very positive, and basicly the only negative points were that 'things' were missing in this v1.0. But even with those missing 'things' most reviewers were positive. =7
  • The majority of news and posts published by technology covering blogs were both sceptical and some what negative towards the efforts of Microsoft, and the overall first impression the OS displayed. More reports were posted about the lack of confirmation by Microsoft on an estimate as to how many units were sold, among many other stories. The reviews of the operating system itself (as you mentioned) were fairly positive and most reviewers were certainly intrigued with the fresh look feel, however, it felt as though the news side of things were being over-shadowed by a negative cloud. I do agree with you that the majority of reviews were actually positive, but the news and articles weren't as "hopeful" as one would have wished post-launch.