Meet the world's smartest watch on Kickstarter: AGENT

An interesting Kickstarter listing has been spotted. A smartwatch called AGENT is currently open for backing, but has already surpassed the team's goal of $100,000. So what exactly is AGENT? It's a watch that can connect to smartphones, as well as power apps and more. 

The plan is to have AGENT alert the wearer when alerts and incoming calls are received by the connected smartphone. Some smartwatch app examples have been provided, which include connectivity with door locks, weather and others.

Be sure to head on over to the listing to read more information and see some more photos. There's currently 29 days left until the Kickstarter closes, should you be interested.

Source: Kickstart; thanks, Lance, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • In pink please
  • Just to add something about WP today... Speaking of pink, does anyone remember that Nokia used to make magenta colored devices? Will they ever come back?
  • I hope not. They need to focus on more masculine colors, IMO. Cyan and Yellow look terrible. White's bad as well. Red's OK, but glossy ruins it. The only decent colors are the matte black (which is bland) and grey (which isn't offered much of anywhere). I would rather see them cater to guys who don't want to stand otu with effeminate colors, giving us a more-basic blue, or a dark green or an orange. Things that arent' soft and feminine.
  • Oh man, I never thought of orange. That would be cool. And a blue ass blue definitely needs to be made available.. But, I would probably still get the gloss red. I hope they always have gloss red available.. Orange though? Cool!!
  • You're completely crazy! :) Cyan, White and Red are awesome!
  • +1
  • Please don't make stupid statemente like "Cyan and yellow look terrible". That is your ridiculous opinion and its obvious that many many people love them (if not most). If you want to stay under the radar just get the boring blck or grey and stop complaining. I would not mind an orange phone though, but my yellow 920 is still the best looking phone i've seen so far.
  • I agree. The colors aren't bad. It's a matter of preference, but I do wish they had more toned down colors. That said, I do have the 928, and white isn't bad. It does stand out compared to black, but it's still toned down compared to cyan and yellow. White, grey, and black are good colors.
  • matt cyan is boss. yellow and red are bitchin. stop talking nonsense!
  • Guessing that this one is actually compatible with windows phone then?
  • ..that would be nice. I'm still waiting out on my kickstarter'd pebble but am probably gonna ebay it once it comes in as wp integration doesn't seem like its on the radar for the foreseeable future.. funny thing is they actually had a lumia featured in their initial promo kickstarter video..
  • It is, according to this comment at least:
    @Surur -- I have good news there...Windows Phone 8 *does* support Bluetooth for apps. To confirm: we're using Bluetooth SPP (via RFCOMM) with WP8 and AGENT today. We did lots of testing with a Lumia 920.
  • Read the kickstarter, there's a pic with it tuning on a WP. the video confirms WP compatibility.
  • in the comment section, the creators replied to someone, saying, and i quote:
    "Windows Phone 8 is a first-class smartphone citizen in our world."
    So i would take that as a yes.
  • Have a thread in the forums if you want to give opinions about it..
  • Guess what else notifies you when your phone has an alert? Your phone. Is this really necessary? Another device to drain your phones battery, it would be cool if it worked when your phone isn't around... Like if you're at work and you are not allowed to have a cellphone.
  • I think is all about having a watch plus the extra functionality.. I mean sometimes is convenient and safer just to look at your watch rather than taking out a $300-500 phone or breaking it.. Just some examples.. I mean is safer in your pocket..
  • not to mention, this is waterproof. And its more subtle and less disruptive to look at a watch in a meeting or to press a button on your watch to switch songs than it is to take out your phone to do certain tasks.
  • This.
  • Meetings, movies, playing games, having sex, sometimes you don't wanna look at your phone.
  • heart rate monitor could be useful too in one of those... ;) (i kid. i kid.)
  • I use my HRM in meetings all the time to make sure I haven't been bored to death. Otherwise, an HRM is always handy to help you know if you are performing an activity, uh, adequately.
  • This is perfect watch for me, I do a lot of surf and jetty fishing. Handling 4-5 hundred dollars phone is nuts in these situations. I am in.
  • So like Gnomio, which was discontinued?
  • more like gnomio if it had existed, actually worked, and looked good (i never saw an actual prototype of GNOMIO, the design for the low end sucked, the high end looked nice, but they were talking theoretical {the os would be built with Windows Embedded, meaning future tense}, so i was dubious. That and its cancelation makes it seem as if it was either: A: A scam, or B: The gnomio team hit a compatibility issue getting the software to work with Windows Phone early on.)
  • Hasn't anyone heard if the motoactiv? Yes its android, but does all of this. I just don't see paying for a kickstarter that already exists. Or why we're even talking about this.
  • Nobody here cares about something that is not compatible with Windows Phone. I think you're commenting on the wrong site. Ridiculous.
  • It doesn't do all of this. This will be open to develop with an sdk, unlike motoactiv, have newer and more battery saving tech, be cross compatible with all smartphones (and puts Windows Phone first.), etc... aka: Comparing this to a motoactiv is like comparing a high-end commercial-grade oven to an EasyBake and saying theyre "the same".
  • If it is for Windows Phone and it comes to anywhere in this planet, then ill buy it
  • +1
  • what do i do with my omega 007 now?
  • @ start and perhaps drive the car remotely :)
  • The special thing about this watch is that it is running the .NET Microframework. The same language used to write windows Phone apps is used here (c#). wireless charging, bluetooth debugging, a real SDK (read professional), and interopability with Windows Phone 8 Peerfinder API.
    Tons of fun coming up with this device.
  • This made me cry tears of joy.
  • Only downside is it needs Qi at all time to charge.
  • Sounds great, great concept. I would get one. 
  • I would definitely get one. It'll make it easy to check for notifications on your phone if it's deep in your pockets or backpack.
  • Are we going to ware two watches now. If you have a Tag, omega, Rolex ect you are not going to simply leave them at home.
  • It's about time that wp8 phones get bluetooth 4.0 LE, otherwise all these power saving features are useless.
  • I want a Knight Rider watch!
  • Finally, wp compatible smartwatch. I actually prefer pebble due to its e-paper screen. If pebble is still not supporting windowsphone, i guess this is our only choice of smartwatch. Or is there any other options?
  • This has a new display technology that is supposed to combine the benifits of epaper and lcd without the problems (ePapers viewability and battery use w/o the slow refresh rate, and LCDs ability to provide smooth animations and UIs, without its power hungry nature).
    So i would think, in theory, this watches display would be more preferable.
  • I've never used a bluetooth device with my Lumia 920 .  What kind of notifications are they able to display? I'm refering to devices with a small lcd display.
  • How far are we going to go with these gadgets, I'm mean really. You have a watch to control your phone a phone to control your computer. . . Go go gadget legs?
  • Secretly, this is all part of Microsoft's FOUR-screen plan...
  • Sadly, I don't think we'll have all the functionality of the watch for our phones.
    The one comment confirms that WP supports the "Bluetooth for apps", great.
    But, there is no API in WP8 that allows access to messages, so there is no way for either the watch to get the message details from the phone.  Nor is there any way for an app running on the phone to read SMSes and send them to the watch.
    Microsoft needs to open up their APIs more - we've got a curated store, there's no reason we can't have apps with access to sensitive information on the phone.
  • They said in a comment they are using the standard hands-free profile to provide for features such as caller id, answering and ending calls, etc..., meaning, in theory, if one enables messages to be read over a headset (Which is part of speech settings and ease of access settings in Windows Phone.), the message will be sent via the hands-free profile to the AGENT where the message will be displayed.
  • Except when a message is sent to the bluetooth headset on Windows Phone, it's sent as audio, not as text.  And I can guarantee you the watch will not be able to transcribe the audio into text.
  • I sure hope the thing will cost less than the other watches House of Horology sells.
    Edit: It will... about 1/2 the cost of an HOH watch.
  • When is it being released to the public and how much will it be. I work in the security industry and I get yelled at when I take my personal phone out of my pocket, so it would be nice to have something to show me who is calling/texting without taking my phone out of my pocket
  • All your questions are answered on the Kickstarter page. (Tip: It's $100 cheaper now.)
  • Place your bets on how long before people start screaming for an Instagram app! ;)
  • an instagram app on a watch built for easy notifications and tasks, which contains no camera and has nothing to do with imaging????? this comment makes noooooo sense.
  • Meh looks like a gimmick each to there own i suppose
  • Theres this product called orsto X1 coming soon developed by a firm in the UK. Much cooler concept , and its dubbed the most technically advance smartwatch . Check it out and you might want to support them!!