Metro Home brings WP7 to your Windows 7 desktop

We've seen some attempts at bringing the Windows Phone 7 Metro UI goodness to your desktop before and now the makers of HTC Home have a "special" version of their Vista/Windows 7 widgets available.

Called Metro Home, it brings the usual widget functions including "date and time, weather information for the current day and next four days, and picture slideshow" and allows limited customization.

Oh and its donation-ware so no big commitment if you like it or don't. We're loading it up right now because we keep it geeky-real, son.

Source: HTC Home (opens in new tab); via: InToWindows (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

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  • Why in the world would anyone use this when the Omnimo 3 theme for rainmeter is so extremely well done and a thousand times more comrehensive in setting up a wp7 theme desktop? Seems like a total waste of HTCs time, effort and money....
  • Because running Rainmeter is not the same as using existing desktop widgets? I have a Netbook/Notebook and running an extra app on my UI is not something I really want...
  • NOw if some could implement Omnimo 3 for website template in HTML 5, that would be great. For the iPad folks wanting to play with wp7, try this..... Create a virtual machine and install rainmeter and Omnimo. Size the virtual display to the iPad resolution and configure Omnimo as you like, then install logmein and run ignition from your iPad and viola wp7 style interface on the iPad.....