Metrotube to return to the Marketplace as free app

Happy news for those of you who are fans of LazyWorm's Metrotube app. After announcing that it would no longer be available after the first of the year, the developer has decided to bring it back to the Marketplace, this time, as a free app. In a letter to users,  the company explained that they faced a challenge with YouTube's API when trying to obtain high-quality videos from the Google-owned site. They were forced to use a workaround, but found it to be unsustainable in the long term. LazyWorm tried to get support in an official capacity from both Microsoft and Google, but just couldn't work it out, so they originally decided to pull what was widely considered to be the best YouTube app out there.

Since an officially-supported solution could not be found, LazyWorm decided to re-offer Metrotube for free using the workaround.  LazyWorm's announcement was short and to the point.

Our goal from the very beginning was to deliver a rich YouTube experience that could be officially promoted by Microsoft (or Google). It was for this reason that we never supported features such as video download or the playback of non-mobile content and why we have spent the past 7 months investigating alternative avenues of delivering the same rich experience via official means.We were truly hopeful that we could resolve these issues however it has gotten to the stage where we've exhausted all of our options. Essentially, we have done everything in our power to go through official channels without any luck. We don't want to see the project that has consumed a year and half of our lives go to waste like this and so we've decided to re-launch Metrotube for free.We hope the app receives a big enough response from the Windows Phone community justifying the need for Google or Microsoft to show us a little more support.

While it's not quite the storybook ending they had hoped for, we here at Windows Phone Central are psyched for Metrotube to return. Perhaps Google will realize that it runs circles around their official app and will decide to support it in some fashion.  Metrotube has passed Marketplace certification and should be available within 24-48 hours.  We'll update things with a link once it becomes available.

Source: LazyWorm Apps

  • !!!!
  • Thanx bro, couldn't find in marketplace normal way.
  • Best YouTube app ever!
  • :-D
  • I hope add free
  • Sure, I'd rather have a paid app without ads, than have annoying ads on a free app.
  • Either way they should be compensated. I've never found ad supported apps on WP annoying...yet.
  • Oh there's quite a few I've come across where the ad is right next to where you need to select... Or full-screen ads between levels that look like loading or info screens to 'click' past... Or ads like in Ape The Wall that rapidly transition in a distracting way. There was this drink pouring app that put the ad right in the middle of the glass thereby destroying any illusion that the drink was 'real'
  • You don't think they should be compensated for their work?
  • I still have this on my phone. Never uninstalled it.
  • Ditto
  • Great app, been using Supertube for the last month to download videos, but very excited to try this new one. Also hopefully ad free since ads use a lot more battery by accessing location and what not....
  • Cool! Looks like this app came after my time lol. Time to try it out!
  • I came to the party a tad late too. Supertube is pretty good too though.
  • Thank god, you're back! I missed you so much! :'(
    The was never a real alternative. And Prime Tube just keeps crashing over and over.
  • Great I'm using it now and you can get it from the marketplace. Look at the previous wpcentral review or post of metrotube to get link
  • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS...finally..I was waiting for this a long time. I woud've paid £10 for this app. Absolutely Gorgeous! 
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
  • MADE MY DAY. But I could already get it via the Reinstaller app. Anyone that's never used it: you're in for a real treat.
  • How so? I've used it and it's good, but it's just YouTube after all?
  • Had heard alot about the app. But was fine just using the IE browser for YT. Will check it out when it returns
  • You have been so deprived :O
  • How? IE gets the job done and the full site works great too.
  • I won't argue that MetroTube is fantastic and in just about every way superior to the built-in functionality of YouTube on IE. I will mention, however, that loading a Youtube link via an email, SMS, or other web page can be a little tedious going through MetroTube. If only there were a means of setting MetroTube as the default handler of YouTube links.
    If all I wanted to do was watch a video that someone txts me of a cat doing something stupid and then never look at it again, MetroTube is overkill.
  • So happy. I miss metrotube.
  • AWESOME!! It's still the only YouTube app I'm using. I tried the others ones but none is as good as Metrotube!
  • Is there a way to download videos with it because I don't remember that feature
  • Best WP YouTube app! I still have it installed & never looked back. Glad to hear the news!
  • "We hope that the app receives a big enough response from the Windows Phone community to justify the need for Google or Microsoft to show us a little more support."
    I'm not clear on this statement - why does Microsoft need to show them support?  Isn't it Google's API's (or something) that was causing the issues that prompted LazyWorm to pull their app from the Marketplace?
  • I think they are alluding to the influence MS *should* wield over Google, not really asking MS to directly provide financial or technical support to build the app.
  • Thanks for the insight.  If true, LazyWorm is very naive - it isn't Microsoft's responsibility to champion and advocate on their behalf with regards to Google.  Not to mention, Microsoft hasn't even been able to 'reason' with Google to improve the native YouTube app.
  • There is no Youtube API. All the 3rd Party apps use tricks to access youtube. Lots of apps use the mobile website to get the content, but mobile website misses a lot of video's. To get HQ or HD you have to use some nasty code icm with desktop website. 
    Google is known for sending take-down lettres to devs like Lazyworm to get the apps offline, but it seems that Google doesnt see Windows Phone as a threat yet so they only ask to change names (remove any Youtube name from the app name).
    So Lazyworm hopes that MS will protect them from Google if they intend to shutdown the app.
  • Yeah, best YouTube app ever. I tried prime tube but it is not as good as metrotube
  • Supertube is good too.
  • It is nie available :)
  • better then nothing, but really sad that they spent hard work in this app without achieving their goal :-(...
  • I mean if they are offering it for free, they will have ads, everyone needs to make something.
  • Awesome!  Glad to see it back!  Loved this app!
  • Yes!
  • Yes!
  • I still have mine since day one. I've tried so many other YouTube apps. Nothing beats this one.
  • Just use SuperTube.
  • You obviously have never used MetroTube. MT shits on ST.
  • Different league. I find MetroTube to be the best YouTube app around, including iOS and Android.
  • Brilliant news!;-)
  • YAY!
  • I rebooted by phone then lost it now it's back =)
  • Welcome back!
  • Still rocking version 3.0 from November 21, 2011. Never had ads on it.
  • Hahaha I still have there app before they left marketplace last year. Been using it until than and also use YouTube pro has well. But metrotube feels better performance than YouTube pro
  • So happy! I've had to use SuperTube since my 1st Gen Surround hard reset on its own!
  • I just downloaded the full version again using the marketplace link from a previous wpcentral article about metrotube. I already paid for the app the first time around so I didn't have to pay for it again. I just hope I get any new app updates since I used the old marketplace link for the paid version.
  • Thats the old one, so dont download it yet!
  • That's the great news for today!
  • does anyone has the new link to the updated version (I think it's the 1.3)?  thanks