Microsof's Web-advertising for WM Ain't Too Shabby

Seems that MS is finally getting into the "How do we make WM look useful to the average-Joe?" by launching a fairly nice and informative web site (opens in new tab) that walks one through some important functions like Mobile Office,Windows Media Player, Mobile Outlook and the ever popular Live Search with a touch of humor to boot

Other sections include "See the phones" and "See the Software" allowing one to ...well you get it. Check it out and pass it on, I suppose.

Thanks to VW for the heads up.

WC Staff
  • This site isn't new, and has been up for a few months.
  • Ah, right. I had forgotten about it --title updated. Thanks!
  • lol,..woops...well, it was new to me obviously. I'm working on trying to get out from this rock that I live under...
  • I just noticed these updates on the site last week, and went through some of the phones that they profile - I often wondered why Microsoft keeps their Today screen's green??
  • Yeah I remember seeing this a while back and hoping that glass interface would make it into WM 6.1. Well we all know how that turned out. Let's just say I'm not holding my breath on WM7 either (seen it, eh, ok, hopeful nonetheless). Man who do you have to kill at Microsoft to get the "cool" factor back into Windows Mobile. Does his Jobness have the market cornered on "cool"? No offense Bill (past) and Ballmer (present) the man could sell sprouts to an obese guy. Sorry for the distasteful reference...I mean about the weight?not the sprouts, but if that also offends you I?m sorry too.
  • @erickbryce, lmao