Microsoft: 41 percent of current Windows 10 users installed it on a desktop PC

Microsoft released the 9860 build of its Windows 10 Technical Preview a few days ago and now the company is offering up some of the installation statistics it has gathered since its release. It's not a shock to learn that 41 percent of 9860 testers have installed the build on a desktop PC, since that is what this version of Windows 10 is targeting.

The stats were provided in a graph posted on the Twitter account of Gabriel Aul, the leader of Microsoft's Operating Systems Group's Data and Fundamentals Team. In addition to all those desktop users, 32 percent of 9860 testers are using it currently on a laptop and 22 percent have it installed on a virtual machine setup. If you are wondering where two-in-one devices like the Surface Pro 3 figure in these numbers, Aul posted a follow up Twitter message that stated, "This reporting puts 2-in-1s like SP3 in the 'Laptop' category."

Just two percent of testers are using it on a tablet and just one percent are accessing it on an All-in-One PC. The stats show that two percent of users are in the "other" category. We will leave it to you to speculate just what that means. What kind of device are you using with the Windows 10 Technical Preview?

Source: Gabriel Aul on Twitter

John Callaham