Microsoft adding support for running multiple instances of UWP Windows 10 apps

Microsoft will soon allow developers to support opening multiple instances of their Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps on Windows 10. The feature will be available to all starting with the upcoming Redstone 4 update (version 1803), and it is currently supported in the latest Windows 10 Insider build and SDK (via Neowin).

In a new post on the Windows Dev Center, Microsoft offers examples of how developers can implement multi-instancing and how it will work. From Microsoft:

Prior to Windows 10, version 1803, only one instance of a UWP app could be running at a time. Now, a UWP app can opt-in to support multiple instances. If an instance of a multi-instance UWP app is running, and a subsequent activation request comes through, the platform will not activate the existing instance. Instead, it will create a new instance, running in a separate process.

Besides allowing multiple instances of the same app to be opened, developers will also be able to customize the experience a bit. For example, in a case where two instances of an app are open, developers can specify whether they want to prevent each instance from working on the same file. Or, if an app is launched for a file that is already open, developers can force a redirect to the instance that already has the file open.

Multi-instance support has already been supported for some time in specific Microsoft UWP apps, including Calculator and OneNote. However, expanding the option to all developers will tackle one of the more frustrating issues with using UWP apps over their desktop counterparts.

For more, check out Microsoft's full developer documentation as well as the most recent Windows Community Standup.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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