Microsoft among most-hated brands, according to Twitter comments

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is among the most hated brands in the world, according to a recent report.
  • The report analyzed over one million tweets to assess people's negativity towards different brands.
  • Microsoft is the most hated tech brand in 22 countries, according to the report.

Microsoft made headlines with its Surface hardware event last week. Next week the tech giant will launch Windows 11. But not everyone is a fan of the Redmond-based tech giant. According to a recent report by RAVE Reviews, Microsoft is one of the most-hated brands in the world.

RAVE Reviews used the research tool SentiStrength to review over one million brand-related tweets. These tweets were used to calculate a hate rate based on the percentage of negative tweets. RAVE Reviews then split brands into categories and broke down results based on location.

According to the analyzed tweets, people in the U.S. hate Microsoft more than Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Microsoft saw a negative-tweet percentage of 41.57% in the U.S. The story internationally isn't much better for Microsoft. It is the most hated tech brand in 22 countries around the world, according to the report.

Hated Tech Brands

Source: RAVE Reviews (Image credit: Source: RAVE Reviews)

We're not sure what Microsoft did to earn a 50% negative-tweet rate in Finland. The company may want to reach out to its PR people in nearby Norway, in which Microsoft only earned a 35.29% negative-tweet rate.

How much stock you put into these figures depends on how much you value people's comments on Twitter. The methodology of the report by RAVE Reviews led to some surprising results for several brands. It claims that LEGO is the second most hated brand in the U.S. The study may be skewed by negative tweets of people complaining about stepping on LEGO pieces.

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  • "We're not sure what Microsoft did to earn a 50% negative-tweet rate in Finland" Nokia? Sadly nowadays most people value branding & image more than anything. These are though only stats about negative tweets so not sure if you can generalize this as it can be easily skewed.
  • I was gonna say, Nokia probably explains the negative sentiment from Finland.
  • I doubt the average person in Finland cares about what Microsoft did to Nokia, but it could be related.
  • This is a joke right? From Wikipedia: "The company was viewed with national pride by Finns, as its mobile phone business made it by far the largest worldwide company and brand from Finland."
  • Twitter is not a good gauge of popular opinion as it is. Much of it is an echo chamber. If people end up believing that what Twitter believes, the world believes, a small subset of people with more extreme ideals would be making decisions for everyone.
  • MSFT is still viewed as the monopolistic incumbent of desktop OS. It is not a cool brand at all, that is also the main reason of its failures in retail business.
  • That perception was valid... in the 1990s. Even I hated MS then. Back then, they did things like released a Windows update that worked with MS Office, but broke WordPerfect Office, at the time the dominant office suite. They admitted it was their fault, but then took months to fix it. By then the damage was done and WordPerfect never recovered in the marketplace -- "To be safe, we should go with Microsoft's Office suite, because it will always run well on Windows." However, that view is wildly obsolete now. Microsoft is probably the most open and supportive of other companies (even bizarrely its competitors) of all the major tech companies on the planet. Google today is like MS of the 1990s.
  • This is all true.
  • Yes, 40+ year old neckbeards hold a grudge really well.
  • That's a much succinct explanation than mine but just as true. :-)
  • No offense to non-Linux neckbeards intended! They are good people, every last one.
  • People like google, facebook as they are spying on us but they hate microsoft because microsoft is not spying much like them. It's that much simple.
  • Ohhh, thats sad man
  • In most people's view:
    (Spying + Free) > (Private + Paid) There's a major disconnect in understanding that paying for quality is usually better than getting a subpar free alternative. If the service is free, you are the product.
  • Oohhh man, really, such a good conpany, they gave us great OS like Windows XP, Windows 7 and Yes Windows 10 and many more, they gave us Office and many innovative things, thats not cool
  • I'll tell you why Lego got 2nd most hated, have you ever stepped one?! That's why. As for Twitter, haters pipe up way more than supporters. For every one hater who can't shut up about it, there's at least a dozen people who don't care. And also, more people actually use Microsoft products than most. There aren't many companies out there that are Linux or Mac based. The higher exposure rate naturally makes for a higher hatred rate. If those same people were forced to use other OSs, they'd probably find something to ***** about them too.
  • I would say that Android and IOS user base is much larger than Windows user base, so if your theory were correct, Google and Apple should rank first and second as most hated brands.
  • Android has a lot of users (more than Windows globally), but iOS does not. iOS has relatively low adoption in most countries outside the US. However, I would also say that few Apple users hate Apple, and most non-Apple users don't have much emotion about them. There are some Windows and Android fans who hate Apple for competitive reasons, but competitive hate (like Xbox vs PlayStation) never amounts to very many people. Overall, Apple generally manages to maintain a fairly positive brand. johnnypdx is definitely right about Twitter and haters. That's what Twitter is -- a forum for whiners, haters, and complainers. (I confess that I advertise on Twitter sometimes for my company, because it does reach some of our customers, but I cringe every time do it.)
  • If you consider that IOS is in every IPhone and in every IPad you realize that IOS user base in larger than Windows user base
  • Francesco, I wanted to be sure I wasn't spouting bad data, so I looked it up. We're both a little right and a little wrong. As of mid 2021, There are more Windows users than iOS users, but not by as much as I had thought. There are an estimated 1.25 billion iOS users (I would have guessed a much smaller number). There are about 1.5 billion Windows users (that's user accounts, where actual figure may be higher due to shared family PCs and communal PCs at some offices that share a common user account). To put it in the same context, there are about 3.75 billion Android users. Of course there is overlap. Many (maybe most) iOS users are also Windows users. Same with Android users.
  • "There are an estimated 1.25 billion iOS users (I would have guessed a much smaller number)." Are you sure it's not devices? Many people in rich countries will have the watch, the phone and a couple iPads.
  • Two things: 1. Makes sense that Twitter would be the source for an article not about "most loved tech brands" but "most hated tech brands." Twitter is a rage storm where a small minority of the angriest people offer moral support to each other, giving themselves affirmations for their disdain for others. It's an echo chamber of anger and should not be taken seriously. In many cases where famous people or companies are involved, the data isn't even real -- a handful of people create bots that post as if they are millions of people. That's probably mostly limited to politics (a lot of the "boycott X" campaigns have been traced to fewer than 10 actors who appeared to be millions of users, scaring companies into adopting the leftist cause du jour), but I wouldn't put it past Google, China, and others to have bots trashing Microsoft. 2. In this context, "hated" is not the opposite of "loved." If I understand the data model correctly, the same company could, in theory, be both the most loved and most hated at the same time with a plurality of votes for each in any given country. It just means that there are a lot of tweets expressing negative sentiments around Microsoft. While I wouldn't want to be a hated company, the reality is that if you're successful enough to be a known brand, your going to draw hate from some whiney Twitter user. Ultimately, the ONLY metric that matters is customers voting with their dollars. If I were to pick a most hated tech brand, it would probably be Twitter, followed by Facebook, then Google as companies who officially, without even hiding it, engage in despicable business practices and try to influence media and politics. Twitter is just grotesque. Apple and Microsoft would both be on my good list, because they treat their users like customers and mostly do good by them and, for the most part, stay out of politics. Amazon, Netflix and most others are in the middle for me.
  • This is probably one of the most accurate descriptions I've seen of Twitter. So many of the things that are hot topics on Twitter aren't even a blip to the regular person on the street and so many of the posts come from a place of (often irrational) anger. It got even worse when Tumblr said "no" to porn posts so they could have an iOS app and its users went on a mass exodus to Twitter.
  • figured comcast would be up there but they arent global.
  • Would say the same for Sprint and Delta.
  • You got exactly that!* *Unless you used Netscape Navigator.
  • This is hilarious
  • Social media is dominated by hate... That's why I don't use any of it...
  • Twitter. Really? Are there any positive comments on Twitter?
  • The most hated brands are also the most popular and the most familiar. What a shock.
  • Does this matter?
  • "Does this matter?" Nope. "How?" Uh ... 😁😂
  • 👍👍👍👍
    My thought exactly.
    MS just rolls merrily along raking the cash in, regardless of what twitter drones might or not say. Don't think anybody of significance makes their buy/no buy decision based on the twits.
    "A difference that makes no difference is no difference."
    Slow news weekend, perchance?
  • Week-after-Christmas slow, it seems. I don't want to dismiss Twitter as a place you can't get good insights. It certainly is a source of useful data. But you can be lazy with any data. And when there's nothing to write about, you can just make things up!
  • It's Twitter, the most hostile, toxic, SJW infested hellstew in the internet. I got canceled on Twitter just because I'm a fan of the Shantae series and Shantae is one of the most hated video game characters out on Twitter due to false claims and hate driven propaganda by SJWs. Twitter should never be used as a source for feedback, unfortunately, companies like Nintendo, Disney, Nickelodeon, etc. get their feedback from Twitter, which of course, leads to results that damages their reputation rather than improving their products...
  • I'm sure Nintendo, Disney and Nickelodeon only get their feedback from Twitter, and specifically from the parts of Twitter that hurt your feelings the most.
  • Actually, Disney at least, does watch Twitter very closely. My sister was on the admin side for the Mouse a little while back and they make a lot of decisions based on social media. It has absolutely muddied the waters of what they produce and what they cater their stuff towards.
  • If true, it explains a lot.
  • I am sure media companies do a lot of market research on Twitter, specifically, where they get the most positive feedback. I don't see how this justifies JT Daddy's sad puppy routine.
  • Wow, is it? What the hate angle on poor Shantae??? I swear, if people worked so hard to fix the world as much as to look hard to find points to bicker and make mini-witch hunts, the world would be a paradise.
  • "How much stock you put into these figures depends on how much you value people's comments on Twitter." Oh, so the figures are basically garbage, then.
  • Exactly this, they got it wrong on their source
  • I feel like it shouldn't be understated that way too much of the console war bickering happens on Twitter so this result is unsurprising.
  • Lot's of dumb people in the world.
  • Absolutely wrong interpretation of the context, since everybody hates everything on twitter.
  • Twitter is just a hate fest of a site, so who cares what the haters say.