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Microsoft Band's future in doubt; efforts to get it running on Windows 10 reportedly canceled

A new report casts doubt on the release of future versions of the Microsoft Band fitness wearable. It claims there will not be a new Band 3 released this year, or possibly ever, and efforts to get the Band to run Windows 10 have also reportedly been canceled.

According to ZDNet's sources:

Contacts told me recently that Microsoft has no plans to release a new Band fitness device this calendar year. I also heard that Microsoft disbanded the group of individuals who were trying to get the Band to run Windows 10 a number of weeks ago. But they weren't certain whether Microsoft might simply release a Band 3 running firmware at some point in the future. The first- and second-generation Band devices run custom firmware, not Windows.

In addition, our own sources have not heard any plans from Microsoft on launching a Band 3. An official statement from a Microsoft spokesperson to ZDNet is, as expected, very vague on the Band's future:

"We continue to invest and innovate in the Microsoft Health platform, which is open to all hardware and apps partners across Windows, iOS, and Android devices. We also continue to sell Microsoft Band 2 and remain deeply committed to supporting our customers and exploring the wearables space."

Microsoft is currently selling the Microsoft Band 2, which was launched in the fall of 2015, for $174.99 (opens in new tab) at its store site.

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  • All is well at Microsoft.
  • In one sense, all is well.  MS in the consumer space is a sinking ship.  The life rafts have already left and anyone left on board is going to go down with the boat.  With XBone getting creamed by PS4 (a situation likely to get much, much worse now that the Pro version is out), Windows Phone canceled and Band canceled, it's not clear what's left for them in this arena.  But they are going all-in on enterprise, rather like IBM did when MS drove them out of the consumer space.  They will probably still be big and profitable for the foreseeable future.  It's just that we consumers won't care anymore.
  • Sure, let's release Scorpio before it's ready so people like you can ***** that it was released way too early if things go wrong
  • Who said anything about Scorpio?!?
  • Probably the same source that told you Windows Phone was cancelled.
  • Would that source be reality? MS wrote off $7.6 billion of the $7.9 billion Nokia acquisition and then fired all 18,000 employees working on Windows Phones.  Then they announced "No more Lumias ever" and now they're taking Windows Phones off of the shelves at MS Stores. How much more cancelled do you want?  Do you want them to break into peoples houses and take back the phone's they've already sold?
  • so when they release the Surface Phone, will you promise to just go away?
  • I'll be pleasantly surprised if they even just announce it. I suspect it doesn't exist. Maybe next year we'll see something. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • He asked if you'll STFU not if you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Did I say something to upset you?  Is it a problem for you that MS is clearly exiting the consumer space to focus on enterprise? I mean, I'd love to see a viable competitor to iOS and Android, but at the end of the day, MS can do whatever they want.  And clearly they don't want to be in the phone business, anymore.  I'm a little saddened and more than a bit frustrated that I invested so much time and money into a failed product, but I don't go around asking people to "STFU" if they feel differently.  MS doesn't owe me a new phone.
  • Nope not to upset me. I was translating. (and no, you didn't say that, go edit if you wanted to say that).
  • You weren't translating, you were genuinely mad. Because no, he didn't say that. He asked if he would go away not stfu. He can go edit if he wanted to say that.
    I'd tell you to grow up but your dead meme of an avatar and fan boy tears over reality already screams that you should.
    Have a nice day :)
  • If you really think I can get mad over a phone or that your comment can provoke these days...
  • You really showed you did. And your thumbs down vs my ups really shows the community saw that. Goodnight kid.
  • And I'm answering to someone that thinks thumbs downs and ups show something? Good night to you, I'm at work :P
  • Dont argue with WSheep.
  • "Is it a problem for you that MS is clearly exiting the consumer space to focus on enterprise?" But.. they're not?  They still have a console out there, with a new one on the way, the Windows store etc.
  • I don't get it.. Why would MS be struggling to get W10 to run on the band? That doesn't make any sense, and would actually discredit the whole "W10 on every device" idea... Second, if it's a hardware compatibility issue that wouldn't make any sense either. They are designing the hardware, so why wouldn't they just design new internals that work with W10?.. Third, are we saying that other organizations can get W10 to run on small devices, and MS can't?... IDK, this story just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. What's really going on?
    It would make sense to think that MS is having trouble getting W10 to run on current hardware, and because of low sales (and ZERO return on investment) MS doesn't see it fit to go all the way back to the drawing board for a product that the general public isn't buying.. So, it's cancelled because It's simply not lucrative.. That story I could believe. But, it makes me sick that MS has trouble getting things to work. Physically, and in the market. I expect more from them. If Apple, and Samsung, can make it happen with new segments (although not very popular) MS should be able to as well. No excuses.
  • We are commenting on a rumor that could be as wrong as all the rumors till today (which said that they are announcing Band 3 in october). Moreover, I work for a big multinational enterprise that produces software and hardware, they do this everyday, I mean the "ok we have this hardware and this software, let's put toghether a small group and see if they can work together" thing happens very often. It doesn't mean they couldn't rework hardware and/or software to make them work together, it just means they have explored the cheap way and saw that it can't be done. Another source that works at MS confirmed some days ago that Band 3 is coming soon, but you know MS is made of hundreds of thousands people so every rumor you hear (positive or negative) doesn''t mean much....
  • Exactly
  • Microsoft couldn't even get Windows 10 to run well on the Lumia 1020.... So what hope do they have of getting it to run on a Band?! This whole one OS fits all concept is good in theory - but it just doesn't seem to work in reality. Look how long it has taken them to get the 950 running decently...
  • Windows 10 embedded? Duh!
  • Win 10 for IoT runs well on the RPi3 (arm, dual core)....
  • We know! That's part of our point.
  • yup embedded=IoT :)
  • Windows 10 worked fine on the Lumia 1020 - what makes you think it didn't??  My Lumia 1020 ran Windows 10, now I upgraded to the 950 XL
  • I think you hit the nail on the head when you said, they are seeing low returns and that's why they dont see it viable to put more resources in order to get it to work and bring out the newer product. It's quite a shame really, because I love my band and was looking forward to what they bring to the table next. The problem with MS, is they are not marketing their products whatsoever, so much that most people dont know of their existence. Outside of the US and UK, MS has put zero effort into making their products available. Despite the success of Surface, many people STILL dont know of its existence, I had to order my band 2 from the US cuz even in a country like Belgium I couldn't find it. When people see my 950 they ask me is that the new Nokia Lumia? I cant help but feel the only reason the world actually knows what a Lumia is, was thanks to Nokia and not Microsoft, and that is mostly due to the effort Nokia put out in international markets. My 950 recently fell and screen broke, it has bern the most frustrating experience trying to get it repaired and even the local MS "care center" has been unable to help. I sent a massive email to several Microsoft email addresses in different countries, only to finally get a response today from an outsourcing company asking for my number so they can contact me. With MS putting zero effort internationally, it really is no surprise that they aren't succeeding with selling their products that we have come to love
  • Wow! People ask you about Lumia? That's amazing....
    Yes, as I've said, countless times,, MARKETING has always been the main thing that's held MS back.. Zune, WP, Band, it's like MS intentionally doesn't want people knowing about their $hitz..
  • Haha no they dont ask me about one they just specifically ask when they see my 950 or the photos I take with with it. Yes I do remember you for always pointing out their weakness in marketing their products and you are right but availability and support is also a big issue, cuz even if they market the hell out of their products, what's the point if they are hard to find or hard to find support etc. for. I remember when my 920's tray broke in Beirut, I was able to take my phone to a Nokia Care Center where they sorted it out in 10 mins because Nokia had made sure support was there for their products as well as spare parts ...on the other hand, the Microsoft Care center feels like a billboard; it's just there because it needs to be. So they really need to push their marketing as well as presence/availability in international markets.
  • Same for me. And the green mozo is also very appreciated.
  • Low sales are the result of neglible to non existent advertising either  band.  They build a decent to fairly good product (or some say great) and there's no tv advertising that Ive ever seen, the occasional ad in the best buy weekly ads, no ads that I've ever seen online.  Thats not a good business model.  And now the wearable market is shrinking supposedly which sompounding the problem.  Its kind of like gtheir strategy for consumer smartphones.  While I like my windows monile phones I'm also starting to look at Android  as I think its a better fit for me than Apple.   
  • Omg I'm literally rofling I love this guy
  • When the Surface tablets were first released, their inventory was written off due to lackluster sales, yet they're persevered and made a difference. As for Lumia, I'm on the fence on the Surface Phone rumours, but if they are true, winding down the Lumia brand would make sense. I always read that article exactly as that: that they were winding down the brand, not the mobile division entirely. They've mentioned for awhile that the Lumia wasn't quite the direction they were wanting to travel.
  • Well, let's not forget, Nadella di say that MS will make a phone for fans. This could be the rumored Surface phone, but I wouldn't hold my breath. I don't expect to hear or see anything closely resembling a Surface branded phone until sometime late 2017 or early to mid 2018. This isn't a direct quote, but I read an article stating that they will make a Surface branded phone, when they can bring something that no other phone can do...something truly unique. Now, I don't know what that thing will be, but I'm willing to bet that the technology needed to bring whatever ideas they have for a Surface phone to life, doesn't exist or is not quite ready for consumer use. In the meantime, I suggest that anyone looking to stay with Windows 10 Mobile, consider the HP Elite X3, Acer Primo, or the Lumia 950/XL. These device will be supported for some time to come. I can see OS updates supporting these devices for next 2-3 years. I'm on the fence, at this point. I've been with Windows Phone/Mobile, since the beginning. I know MS is planning on supporting the Mobile OS for some time, but that only means that we have to now rely on other OEMs to make good phones. The before mentioned phones are great options to work with, for now. As much as I want that HP Elite, the 950 XL would be a good upgrade to my 1520, without the huge cost. Now that the price has come down on the 950 XL, I may just do so. That will at least buy me a bit more time to decide whether or not to switch over to iOS, and kinda wait to see where Windows 10 Mobile in the next year or two.
  • You know a troll is here when they start using the Nokia cost excuse. Seen that far too often in other android or IOS fan infested sites like TheVerge.
  • Lol
  • I was in a MSFT store yesterday, they told me they have not been told to pull the Lumia's and send them back.
    He say's there probably just gonna let the stock run out/ once out! That's it no more restock.
    I also asked about my 950 on AT&T that they replaced Back in the spring, due to the Iris scanner wasn't working right, they replace it no questions asked.
    I bought a 2YR extended warranty new replacement no matter what happens to it, and I asked if I need a replacement what happens then if the stores are out of stock for good and I need a replacement, he said they could probably order one.
  • Microsoft is "retrenching" in the wearable market.
  • .
  • Lmao keep those delicious fanboy tears coming
  • You are pathetic. I wish Microsoft the very best but my interest is such that I can switch platforms when it comes down to it. But to wish ill will upon others is reprehensible.
  • And who wished ill upon others exactly?
  • What are you on about?
  • I fully support Xbox One: Enterprise Edition. Work is so boring. That would really spice things up.
  • COIP,  xbox one EE only has monochorme graphics and all you can do is cubical games.
  • Yup. There needs to be an AD enabled Xbox One. Group Policy for the win.
  • SharePoint for Xbox!
  • Haha that sounds cool. They'd probably make it ugly and navy-blue like IMB's POS machines. Just so it fits in with the work environment.
  • Everytime you type a paragraph in Word, you get an achievement!
  • Because Sony is outselling them Life to Date doesn't mean Xbox has failed. It is outpacing the 360.... Being number 1 and being a failure are two different things.
  • That's true this could still turn around like it did for Sony with the PS3.
  • Sure I guess you could say it that way, but... That implies that it needs turned around. Xbox is doing quite well. Sure they would like to consistently be number 1 every month, but they are still selling a lot. And.. There has been mention of game attach rates being better on the one, which is where the money is. I have no source for that atm though.
  • They aren't #1. So yes, it does need to be turned around. You don't just settle for #2. This is the video game industry. BRUTAL OR BUST
  • Lol, ok.
  • Yes. This is game industry, unlike PC, people that have PS4 can also buy a Xbox One.
  • Tell me exactly what that has to do anything and how having a PC means you can't buy anything else? Were you even trying to make a point? Lmao
  • didnt think so
  • Windows Phone was canceled? That's news to me. Oh, you meant the Lumia Phone was canceled. Got it.
  • Yes. Sorry. I figured that was obvious. I recognize that non-MS Windows Phones technically still exist and that MS is, for now, continuing to release new versions of W10 for mobile, but for all intents and purposes, I think it is fair to say that Windows Phone is kaput. That said, is there a single announced new Windows Phone? Or will HP's entry mark the end for the foreseeable future? (Notably, the Elite X3 is targeted strictly at enterprise.) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't think there is a big problem with Microsoft killing Lumia line. It doesn't necessary mean that now W10m will be gone or is only directioned to the enterprise market. Think that Microsoft never made any PCs before surface (correct me if I'm wrong) and we "all" had Windows machines running on our homes as well as workplaces. Microsoft just needs to have the Surface Phone to guide OEMs as a "perfect" Windows Phone should be. OEMs will play a big part in W10m future.
  • I think they are leaving the x3 to set the example for OEMs this year. Maybe depending on how well that does will determine whether they target the enterprise strictly or consumer space with the Surface-Phone as well.
  • without the apps and without the consumer/developer interest, OEM's wont flock W10M. Yes surface reignited interest in 2in1s but still didnt entice developers to take windows store seriously. Many of the fanboys are confused here, surface phone will be launched with enterprise focus and for enthusiasts, will not be marketed to mass consumers, and as seen repeatedly they dont want to become a full fledged consumer device manufacturer, but if OEM's arent interested till now, they wont be later.
  • You mean those OEMs that would invest into a platform without any apps? Seriously, this 'retrench to business' doesn't even begin to make sense to me as people may just run BOTH the private fun stuff AND business on competing platforms IMHO. It did make some sense before MS let the market implode entirely, but now?
  • That's not what he said at all. Lumia was dead after the 950/650s. That was known for a long time. Lumia was Nokia's. MS was always going to kill it for its own phone designs. You're not really understanding certain things.
  • Actually no, it's not fair to say anything until it's official. Unsubstantiated claims mean absolutely nothing.
  • PS4 isn't creaming Xbox, it's won a few months but now Xbox is winning, also PS4 Pro isn't really gonna make substantial growth in there sales, everyone who has a PS4 won't buy the Pro since (as of now) it's just a small upgrade really. Very few games in 4k, hdr only available for hdr tvs and no 4k Blu-ray. Scorpio will make a difference since it will be a big upgrade and by then more games will be able to play in 4k. I believe Scorpio will use the same system as PC games. So probably all of them can be at 4k with HDR and 60fps. MS is still strong in consumer space, just not in this small things. Surface is big, Xbox is big, Windows is big. They're focusing on enterprise with Windows Mobile not everything they do.
  • Wait, you're saying Sony only won a FEW MONTHS? In which universe? The PS4 has outsold the Xbox One since they both launched and the Xbox has only won a few months including recently. Lets not try and project an apple style reality distortion field just because its Microsoft.....
  • are you saying then that xbone is a failure, because I think they are actually doing very well
  • I think the Xbox one is far from being a failure. They've sold more then enough to make it a success. I'm still not sold on Sony VR yet. I don't reckon the hardware including the Pro is powerful enough. I doubt Windows Mobile is dead, only the Lumia branding. No doubt it'll be incorporated in to the Surface branding. Win10M is just one part of a major OS across multiple hardware platforms. Interesting times ahead. Bring on Universal Apps and hopefully some serious pushing by MS on getting major apps from other platforms released on W10M.
  • I finally read a comment that actually understands the situation. Microsoft Windows 10 is out there on computers getting people acquainted with the OS. Surface is showing the manufacturers how to build tablets and computers for the current market. If a Surface Phone ever comes out, it should be an example of what a Windows Mobile device needs to be like. That's what is needed in the Mobile space. A Surface Phone for enterprise would be easy to use for anyone as people will already be used to Windows 10 on their computers by then. I'm game with Enterprise Mobile devices. That will set a Surface Phone apart from Galaxy or iPhone.
  • Windows is big? Windows 10 is nothing but a failed crap. Nothing but bugs everywhere...a cheap made product poorly tested by who knows what testers, since Satya ditched them again what's big about windows? install numbers? yes...but does it matter when it fails to work properly? Damn AU managed to break most of the webcams... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yet more people are using 10 then say osx or Linux. ..yup total failure... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • Nice try. I'm not thrilled with MS pulling the plug on Lumia without giving any sort of statement that the company has a new line on the way, and that led me to buy a 7+. That said, W10 is hardly failed crap. I likeed W7 and W10 is a whole lot better. I wouldn't go within a country mile of an Android device. Enjoy yours.
  • Omg. That's a very sad comment. Good luck.
  • It is such crap that enterprise now has a viable upgrade option from xp? I think not. W10 is quite functional. We know that practically no OS release has ever been bug free. So stop selling something as trivial and common as bugs as uniquely Windows 10 and a death knell. Hyperbole just isn't applicable by any measure of personal anecdotes across any spectrum of realities. Let's get real.
  • What world do you live in Mari...?
  • I don't think XBone has won a single month, ever. Maybe in the US, but not overall. The gap is a persistent 2-1. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It doesn't mean the Xbox One is doing bad. Just because something isnt #1 in sales doesn't mean it's a failure. The fact is, the Xbox One is doing better than the Xbox 360 and has exceeded all expectations. It is Microsoft's best selling console ever. And with Scorpio on the horizon, there'll likely be a shift in preference towards the scorpio instead of the PS4 Pro.
  • If you honestly think that the Scorpio is going to be pushing 4K at 60 frames, you're delusional. Maybe indie titles will pull it off but not AAA. Remember it actually is possibly for the current console to output 1080p at 60 frames but they don't, why? Developers care more about effects than framerate/resolution, or they favour one over the other.
  • Consumer market drives business. MS being dominant in consumer space is why they are dominant in business now. If MS thinks they can cede consumer space to Google and Apple and hope to latch on to businesses, Satya is living in a fool's paradise. At least Ballmer was a fighter - WP didn't have market share, but he didn't give up. We need more of that attitude and not backing off from all fronts. Does not inspire confidance for your hardcore fans.
  • Ballmer also didn't give up when Surface lost billions and when the 360 also lost billions. Ballmer understood how important the consumer space is. Sure he made mistakes as all CEOs do. But MS is under far more threat these days from far more avenues then they ever were under him.
  • That's because Balmer was a salesman from early on at MS.  He knows what it's like to beat the pavement and have to sell a product to people.  Sometimes you swing and miss.  Sometimes you get up to bat and crack one into the parking lot while all the competition is caught buying hotdogs and sh!tty beer.  Has anyone postulated that maybe a grander retrenchment is going on that would require all hardware to be taken back to the drawing board and reimagined as not individual devices, but as a suite of devices in the Surface line?  Similar design language, similar appeal.  A phone that is stylistically similar to the surface and a wearable that is a higher quality, premium product.  I have a Band 1 and love it but it doesn't scream premium by a long shot.
  • Patently False. MS dominated the office space (pun intended) waaay before droves of people ran out to buy Windows based computers.
  • At one point, Microsoft even dominated the mobile space with Windows Mobile phones and handheld PC's. No they weren't called smartphones back then per se, but before the iPhone came out, Microsoft and RIM (now Blackberry) dominated the mobile space.
  • Actually the Smartphone(tm) was a Windows device predating
  • yeh they once had 42% market share in U.S. and 23% worldwide.
  • Lol you mean Nokia with symbian
  • ya then make xbox one for enterprise...surface for enterprise,surface hub for enterprise,holo lens for enterprise,windows mobile dead,band dead, why leave xbox for consumers make them as enterprise device or cancel xbox one...
  • Blah.....
  • You need to put that thing down and stop smoking
  • Xbox is holding really well against PlayStation. And with all the dumb decisions Sony has been making recently... I still think the One S is by far the best value console of this generation. The PS4 Pro just feels unnecessary. It's adding more work for developers and consumers but it can't even bother fully supporting the 4K standard. The One S does more with less.
  • Xbox is doing just fine. The PS4 Pro is a joke.
  • The PS4 Pro is not a joke.
    Jokes are funny. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • For once I greatly agree with you. Sadly though, I do NOT wanna see Sony fail. The competition has been awesome for everyone that owns a console.
  • Ah,  no it's not,  it has VR etc..its is ADDING features to the playstation instead of stripping them like MS is doing
  • Microsoft has nothing to worry about with the PS4 Pro. Even Sony's own fans have received it quite negatively. When the Xbox One Scorpio is released, the PS4 Pro will be all but a joke.
  • Lol little pony go home.
  • Don't understand the downvotes. What you have said makes complete sense. Only a CEO change can bring Microsoft back to the consumer space.
  • I don't know about you, but in the gamer community everyone is panning the ps4 pro and calling it useless, even Ps4 fanboys. Also, x1s is out and is getting rave reviews.
  • What are you talking about PS4 creaming Xbox one, you sound so stupid as if the Xbox one is flopping like Nintendo U. Care you pull more wrong stats out your a**?!
  • They have a tendency of releasing something and then completely dropping the ball. I thought by now people should already get used to it.
  • Did you miss what the PS4 pro was? That thing is going to do poorly compared to the current PS4. Sure, Die hards will buy it, but overall, that thing will flop. You're also making 2 claims that are still very much false. Windows Phone was never cancelled, it was turned into something new, and you have 0 information on the Band that you can prove. Troll harder kid
  • Erm, some facts here please. Windows Phone is not cancelled, the Lumia line is cancelled and we have known about that since the 650 came out. Nothing about Band is confirmed as cancelled, did you actually read the article? PS4 Pro is hobbled compared to xBox One S for people who care about media as well as games so that is to be seen. Not to mention the fact that they were very 'loose' in their wording about it's 4K support. It's no wonder you are being down voted, try and gather some actual facts before you go off on one....
  • Next thing you know Panos will be on the streets and surface is dead. Welcome 2016 IBM Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Strange, you don't seem to share the same universe as I do. Sure Windows Mobile is definitely licking it's wounds, but Windows/MS still dominates Desktop, Xbox it's still a major contender, HoloLens has a good chance, Windows tablets have made a come back and the Band is/was just getting started. MS also have a chance to enter IoT if they don't screw it up. Even Windows Mobile may well make a come back as the boundary between desktop and Mobile continues to blur, it works perfectly for my needs which are more about content creation and consumption as well as usability and reliability than lots of silly little narrow use apps.
  • looks MS is trying to kill their hardware pretty heavly....hopefully they can manage the software side of things better.
  • A number of managers leaving in theese days... I'm continuosly pissed off by Microsoft dismising something Of course theese are not official statements, but let's see what happens at the next key note
  • agreed but I have had enough of Microsoft seeming to make such great headway on everybody else platform but their very own. i can get outlook on the apple watch but not my ms band 2. Come on ms when are you going to get your sh*t together, anyhow if redstone 2 is a bust I'm leaving the platform for good enough is enough. Not saying I want outlook on a watch but using it as an example
  • You do realize the watch and band are 2 totally separate things, right? The watch is meant to be a smart watch in full, with all the bells and whistles. The band is an activity tracker first, with a few extra features. It won't get outlook because it's not designed or meant to get outlook Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So it is designed and meant to suck? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's just idiotic. The band is designed closer to a fitbit than a smartwatch. Just because it doesn't do what you want it to doesn't mean it sucks. It's just designed to be useful Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Minimally useful? Is that what makes Windows popular? Microsoft doesn't even know it's own users. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The band is extremely useful. Outlook on such a tiny screen cannot be even remotely useful. Stop being lazy and pull your phone out of your pocket. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Then they should have made the screen bigger. It was priced like a smartwatch but only had the function of a fitness band. It is minimally useful compared to other similarly priced wearables. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I was talking all smartwatches. I cannot see outlook being remotely useful on an apple watch or anything else with a 1-2" screen. The band offers many features, some of which are unique to the band. I think it's very competitively priced and offers a great feature set. If it doesn't fit what you want, then you aren't who MS is targeting. Doesn't make it useless. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You don't see how useful it is to be able to receive notifications and then read an email and even send a response without pulling out your phone? I use Outlook on my watch everyday. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nope. Less of a hassle to pull my phone out and do it all on a big screen. I can't imagine how a watch could be more convenient than a phone for email, messaging, or anything of that nature. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It is more of a hassle having to pull your phone out just to read an email. That is easily done on the watch. You know whether you need to pull your phone out or if it is something you don't have to respond to. Sorry Microsoft doesn't offer you this option. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The band has the mail tile that allows you to do that, so Microsoft does give that option. But it's not an option I want or need from my smartwatch/fitness band Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • U do realize there is a mail tile on the band right so what's the difference between that and an outlook app being there. Not picking a fight but stating facts fitness or not the band also servers notifications and emails are apart of that I should be able to dismiss notifications on my band and have them be done on my lumia,but the only way that can happen is with what? That's right uwp outlook,WhatsApp and so on. So yes it does make sense to have outlook on a band in some shape or form
  • Why should he pull his lagdroid out of his pocket? To enjoy that laggy, unsecure and ugly experience? I would not
  • Minimally useful? Didn't apples product just catch up in terms of function for example GPS? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • The Apple Watch does a hell of lot more than the band and now the price is similar. GPS isn't that important when you can pull that info off the phone. It just becomes a battery drain. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • never said it suck pre order it the first day I'm saying I'm tired of always hear how they making great headway on other platform than their own
  • @bleached Have you ever got anything happy to say or are you just a bundle of negativity? This comes from reading your negative comments on every article for about two months. Seems like a blind hatred for a company. You're spending your time well aren't ya?
  • I've come to the conclusion he's either retarded or an out and out troll. Or both.
  • Actually have been a Microsoft fan since Windows 95. It is tough now seeing them make dumb decision after dumb decision. They did the Surface Pros right. I love my SP3. Windows 10 is quite good. Almost everything else they have done is really bad. Like obviously terrible decisions. What even is the point of the band? It wasn't a reference device, they don't have a platform available for OEMs. It was massively ugly like they haven't seen the other similar hardware available. Windows Phone was bad right from the start and when Windows Phone 7 flopped, they needed to change their approach. Instead they released the exact same thing. They didn't open it up for manufacturers or try a new UI or anything. They just released the exact same thing with a new kernel and were surprised when it failed again. Like the kernel was the issue with WP7. Now they are doing the exact same thing once again. They didn't change anything for W10M. I want to see Microsoft become successful again, but I am not going to cheerlead these obviously bad decisions. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You noticed that too, eh?
  • U do realize there is a mail tile on the band right just pointing that out
  • Of course I do, I own one. Doesn't mean it was designed with those functions in mind, just means MS developed a way to get basic functions like that to work. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wearables at the moment is like Android - everyone makes one, so it's mostly a commodity product. Microsoft is better to spend time and money elsewhere.
  • Actually everyone doesn't