Microsoft wants you to ditch Lumia Camera on Windows 10 Mobile and use Windows Camera

Microsoft has released an update to Lumia Camera for Windows 10 Mobile. This release fails to offer new features and/or improvements, but does attempt to steer users away from the popular photography client. Microsoft will cease supporting Lumia Camera and is asking everyone on Windows 10 Mobile to start using Windows Camera instead.

Lumia Camera

Now, before you all lose your marbles and rant about how Microsoft is effectively ditching Lumia Camera, take note that this move is actually a good thing. The company is rolling out the same features found in Lumia Camera to Windows Camera, which will be made available to all Windows Phones as the native client. That means it will no longer require which Windows Phone you own to take advantage of the sweet photography features.

Thanks, Asif K. and Albert G., for the tips!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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