Microsoft Bings Verizon Wireless

Earlier this year, Microsoft and Verizon announced a deal that would bring Live Search to Verizon's phones as the default search engine. All that changed about a month ago that now has Verizon Wireless customers Binging to their hearts' content.

Bing, Microsoft's new Search Engine (formerly known as Live Search), will now be pre-loaded on the majority of Verizon phone (Windows Mobile and others) and become the Service Provider's default search engine.

Microsoft is reporting that in the first 20 days after Verizon started using Bing, the search engine handled 19 million queries. There's no telling how much of this activity is due to the "newness" of Bing, but Microsoft seems happy with this arrangement and hopes it will boost their advertising revenue. Revenue which has declined over the last quarter.

For those non-Verizon Wireless customers who would like to enjoy Bing as their mobile search engine, you can find Bing's mobile app here.


Phil Nickinson

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