Microsoft boasts big developer adoption numbers after BUILD

Microsoft recently tweeted some stats about developer uptake since the BUILD conference, and overall they're pretty impressive. There have been an average of 1,500 new developer registrations every day since the conference, and more than double the Windows Phone 8 SDK downloads in the first 8 days compared to the 7.1 SDK.

That works out to a 17% increase in the total number of Windows Phone developers out there, and makes the WP8 SDK the most rapidly-downloaded development kit Microsoft has launched this year. Of course, this all might have had to do with the significant slash in registration cost. We'll have to wait to see if there's actually an increase in apps available.

Any surprised by these numbers, or at least impressed? How many devs here went to BUILD? Did it pump you up to get working on Windows Phone 8?

Source: @ToodBrix

  • Pumped!
  • You still have to pay the full amount before they refund the difference.
  • Negative Nancy!! Lol
  • Ha ^
  • This is huge news. A indication of the demand to develop for the platform. This, and the lines outside the stores to get the new devices that were released today build confidence that WP is here to stay. 2013 will no don't show increased market share for WP. Today was a good day and I'm looking forward to more great news, and progress for our favorite platform. Man, what a different feeling versus a year ago. Awesome!
  • I've done a lot of web development in the past (html, css, javascript/dom, php, mysql, apache) and later took an MS exam reg. C#, XAML, .NET framework. But for the last 4-5 years I haven't worked as a developer. The //build event got me jacked up to kicking out my old and worn down pc, and get a new Dell Vostro 470 i7-3770 w/Win8 Pro + ekstra monitor for dual-mon setup, plus I enrolled as a phone developer (the $8 deal). My new Dell will arrive in about a week from now.
  • Make sure to come back here and let us know about any apps u release. The community will support u :-)
  • Thanks :o) Will do!! Gotta have some beta-testers :o)
  • Thats the way to go (eller sådan!) well plenty of beta users lining up :-D
  • Would love to. :D
  • Ditto on getting jacked up. My primary obstacle is convincing the missus that upgrading our gruntiest laptop from Win 7 to 8 will not result in her having a nervous breakdown
  • I registered free thanks to my school! Still learning C#, but I still don't have any original ideas on what kind of app would be good to develop. But glad to hear I'm not the only one!
  • I have an idea if you would like to hear it.
  • Make a zune game clone, forgot its name ut it was like tube and you doge objects as music plays and ackground cahnges according to it
  • Gotta start somewhere
  • Well obviously I want to see the number of apps increase as a result of this interest, but this is certainly a very positive thing... with developers comes apps, and at 1500/day?! That's awesome!! Bring it on!!
  • I'm not a phone developer, but after going to Build, I want to build Windows 8 and WP8 apps all day long. If I didn't have a regular day job, I'd be all over it. I did build a "Speed" card game while at Build (I was one of the people that signed up for the Hackathon), but I didn't realize that the game already existed in both the Windows 8 and WP8 stores :( Oh well, on to something else. All I can say is that if you're a developer and haven't tried developing for Win8 or WP8, you should try it. The tools and API's available are way easier to use than I ever would've thought.
  • Develop an app that will allows you to pair your windows phone to a windows 8 computer and see calls and text messages. My car does it, my computer should be able to do it too.