Microsoft rumored to buy Appcelerator, giving possible boost to Windows Phone software

According to Business Insider, Microsoft is interested in buying Appcelerator ( Appcelerator is a mobile app cloud company that powers some 50,208 applications installed on over 111 million devices, which is roughly 10 percent of the world’s smartphone apps.

Appcelerator’s development product, Titanium, provides an impressive amount of tools for developers to create and manage mobile apps operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and HTML5. Compaies like eBay, PayPal and Wall Street Journal are just a few examples of who’s already on board with the program.

Microsoft’s supposed interest in gaining possession of Appcelerator could possibly be to add to their own cloud service, Azure. Owning the company would give Microsoft the "in" with an incredible amount of participating developers (418,731 to be exact). This would certainly be a huge boost for the Windows Phone platform.

Haynie and Wright are well-known in the app development world. Wright once worked at Marc Andreessen's Netscape. Haynie is an angel investor, known for his work on the web app hosting product JBoss, now owned by Red Hat. Red Hat even has a minor stake in Appcelerator, but not enough to block a sale to its rival Microsoft, sources say.

Appcelerator has become so popular that Intel already has them under their wing to support Tizen, a new smartphone operating system that Intel and Samsung are currently developing in hopes to compete with Android and the iPhone.

Sounds good, right? It’s pretty obvious why Microsoft would have Appcelerator in their sights.

Source: Business Insider

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  • Anyone proof read these articles before hitting the 'publish' button?  That first sentence was painful to read.  Just sayin'.
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  • if thats true, its good for the long term
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  • Just pull the trigger, Microsoft. You need to do something to boost your app store. That is one of the biggest arguments your competitors have hammered into the consumers' brain.
  • If this is true then i look forward to seeing what Microsoft will do with this, lets hope we here more developments soon
  • A rumor's been circulating and it now being said, somebody at WPCentral has been punching the keyboard lately.
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  • They probably make it windows phone exclusive access. Basically to screw over google users:)
  • If this rumor would happen to be true.. That would be awsome, but wont be happening, probably they will get sued if they do so.. :P
  • why would they be sued? Companies do it al the time. I can see them charging for None Windows Phone Apps but free for WP developers.
  • This is written so poorly I am sure it gave me cancer. Thanks a lot.
  • This is huge news!  Very exciting.
    At the moment, Codex Labs is the ONLY company currently training on Appcelerator in the US, other than Appcelerator themselves in California.  Contact us if you're interested in getting in on the next training session!
  • I am sure if this is true there is a vary good reason for them buying it other then just for the Cloud... 
  • I don't care if it's not 100% in sentence structure and spelling as long as I can understand what's written. I hope they buy them and kick start the apps. Windows phone is caught in the people waiting for apps/ developers waiting for people problem. Not a good problem to have.
  • This is one of Microsoft's smart business decision's.
  • Damn, I sure hope this is true. Come on MS, pull the trigger already!!!
  • The fact that a rumor is flying around means that something at MS is stirring, this is only good news, my fellow WP fans
  • Sounds like a great strategy. Go get 'em Microsoft!
  • So going by the math in the article there are only a little over 500,000 apps available for mobile phones. 
    The math is WAY off. Android has almost 700,000 and if you add iOS and take out the duplicates there has to be a little over a million mobile apps between those two operating systems. 10% of that would be 100,000.
  • I think your 700,000 Android apps malware is included.
  • Titanium built apps suck. As a means to quickly build up the store? Yes. As a long term solution? That would be less than desirable.
  • Titanium built apps suck? No, they do not. Stop spreading FUD.
  • Nice play Microsoft. Nice play.
  • Lol @ the comments concerning grammar. I didn't pay any attention until reading the comments.
  • I've been thinking about this alot. Microsoft should buy Gameloft. Think about that!!..
  • Microsoft like other companies is in run to buy more and more companies...
  • I can make a request that Please stay independent Appcelerator.
    Anjali from Appcelerator Titanium Development