Microsoft consolidating Office Delve into future search efforts on Windows 10

Office Delve for Windows 10 is no longer available from the Microsoft Store, with Microsoft having confirmed (opens in new tab) it is no longer supported. However, as reported by ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft looks to be gearing up to fold the Delve experience into a broader vision for search in Windows 10.

Delve is a relative newcomer to the Office experience, having been launched as a way for Office 365 users to stay more organized. As part of that mission, Delve uses machine learning to surface content you need at the right time in a card-based interface.

It's not entirely clear when the Windows 10 app was removed from the store, but a Microsoft spokesman provided some insight into why it was removed in a statement to ZDNet.

Delve is one of many personalized search and discovery experiences powered by the Microsoft Graph, and has provided a model for how search results surface across Office and Windows. Our vision for workplace search is that it is accessible from wherever you are working, personalized and relevant to you, and that it surfaces results from across Microsoft 365.As we announced at Ignite, we continue to enhance the search and discovery experiences across Microsoft 365. As part of this, we're focusing our efforts on the Windows taskbar search experience which includes content and people inside your organization, as well as content on your local device, and on the rich web search experience including Delve and other search bars within Office 365.

The response points to less of an abandonment of Delve and more to an effort to consolidate Microsoft's search experiences on WIndows 10. We've already seen a glimpse of a richer, Spotlight-like search experience in the works for Windows 10, and it appears Delve may figure into Microsoft's work in this area in some capacity. That new search experience will likely make its way to testing with Windows Insiders soon.

For anyone currently using Delve for Windows 10, Microsoft now recommends using the web version of Delve instead. If you already have the Windows 10 app installed, it will continue to work, but it could abruptly stop working in the future without support from Microsoft.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • WTF is Office Delve?
  • All of these redundant services (and products) just show how previous leadership had MS resources spread way too thin..
    If MS pulled together all of this wasted effort over the last 15 years, and put those resources to good use,, they (we) wouldn't currently be in such a bad situation when it comes to mobile.
    Another thing that needs to change, is the beginning of new projects before current projects are given the proper attention to succeed. Nadella might be getting rid of some things we like, but at least he has some direction... Overall, I think MS is gonna be better in the long run.
  • WoW, You're sounding a little positive! lol...I agree.
  • Of course you agree. I'm the💩
  • I agree. They are always doing these little side projects meanwhile leaving Windows in a half-finished state. Super annoying. And then with Insider Previews they are always adding more stuff. So they might finalize the OS but next thing you know there's 50 more features they added meanwhile that they didn't finish. Can't they take a break and solidify their works? As a developer myself, I always check my apps for stability and fluidity before adding new features.
  • It's an Office365 service. A data visualization and discovery too. Really nice in a team situation. I use it all the time for work
  • As a developer you should know that there ALWAYS be "stability and fluidity" issues when adding features. Software development is never ending story of [feature release]-[bug fix] cycle.
    Of course you can create tool/OS what will have frozen set of features, but that is not case of a company who wants to be leader in its area. There's need to be new projects, hence there for sure will be failures and wins.
    E.g. in our company, Office Graph had a significant impact on our overall IT costs as we were able to generate reports about how employees are using MS products, like never before; doesn't sound like a fail though even many of us don't heard about Office Graph before ;-)
  • What is Microsoft Graph? I have seen only and that looks pretty good. Is it some sort of AI based on cloud data?
  • Yes, you're right... I just think MS may have had just a little too many new projects at once with not enough effort put into a single project for it to succeed.
    Take MS's social network "".... That was actually pretty nice. It could've been huge, and a strong selling point for WP, but it had ZERO marketing presence from MS. Terrific products and services, and next to no awareness. What's the point?