Microsoft is cooking up its own "Google Glasses" - Wall Street Journal reports

Microsoft isn’t going to let Google take control of wearable computer without a fight. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the company is testing various prototypes of “internet-connected eyewear similar to Google’s Glass”. Sources close to the matter had emphasized that Microsoft has the full ambition to go “head-to-head with Google, Samsung, and Apple”.

Canalys analyst, Daniel Matte, stated that “technology companies can’t afford to wait” and that “device vendors will face a number of tough challenges” while designing the new technology.

As of now, Matte stated that smart eyewear will remain a niche market for the next three to five years, but the industry for such technology is expected to hit $10 billion dollars by 2016.

We have had previous hints and leaks that Microsoft is working on various wearable technology from a smart watch to smart eyewear – we will just have to wait and see what happens.

If Microsoft releases a smart wearable device, will you be in line to purchase the first production?

Source; The Wall Street Journal; via The Verge

  • I can't wait
  • Huge waste of R &D money. Stop playing catchup on decidedly useless gimmick technology that's laden with privacy issues.
  • Huh
  • Agreed, wearables (at least for the forseeable future) are a joke.  Once they are good enough to be independant devices and not just glorified phone accessories then they will take off, but they will cannibalize the smartphone market when they do.
    Smartphones are the way to go right now.  MS needs to focus their efforts on making smartphones the central controlling device in the 'sea of devices' that they often talk about.  That is a good game plan, and one that should not be abandoned.
  • Developing wearables doesn't mean they expect smartphones to go anytime soon. But you should realize technology such as Google glass can't be accomplished overnight. In a few years when Google glass takes off, it would be too late. Tech companies can't afford to wait a couple of years.
  • I want I want!
  • I want Microsoft to start doing things first❕.. MS has a lot of great ideas, but coming up with ideas, and being the first to bring new products to consumers, are two different things..
  • First on the market with a full X86 tablet PC.  Never caught on.  First to unify all products under a single service umbrella.  Keep in mind Apple did very few things first.  It's not being first, but doing it right. 
  • YOu are right.  People always forget MS had tablet pc's a long time before the ipad came out.  The timing was wrong and the hardware was not up to the task of the software IMO.  What apple did right was dumb down the OS to run on that hardware, and of course wait on/develop improved hardware.
  • In fact, Microsoft had "hybrid" computers since Windows 3.1, with the OS "Windows for Pen Computing" 1.0 (Windows 3.1) and the Compaq Concerto (which had a detatchable keyboard, turning it into a tablet)
  • It doesn't matter what they had, or what they came up with first.. Its about what they do in the future with mobile, and how they start to be perceived as a company that is inventing things.. Apple didn't invent shit❕... Oh, today I was at Fry's Electronics and the SurfaceRT2 was sold out❕.. This guy was telling everybody that the iPad, and Android tablets couldn't come close to even RT.. They had tons of W8 tablets, laptops, and all in ones, and everyone was all over that... The Apple section was dead... I saw not one person looking at the iPads, or MacBooks.. Now, it could be that people just don't go to Fry's for their Apple products, but I doubt that.. Nevertheless, hear in Dallas a Frys' employee said that the SurfaceRT2 is a hot item, and is sold out❕... It don't get old hearing that..
  • I know this. I was just stating a "fun fact"... You are right though. Its about doing things right, not doing things first. As far as the OS is concerned, despite my love for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, theres still a ways to go in doing things "right" in many areas. But as far as wearable technology, it all depends on how MS does it and exactly how well they do it. Its possible Microsoft could of been working on tech like this longer than we know, but we dont know for sure.
    Nice to know that the Surface 2 is doing better (There is no RT in the name BTW). Maybe dropping "RT" from the name helped? And the awesome magnesium silver color doesnt hurt either (i wish the pro came in that color)
  • LOL, I know, but you know how people are around here.. I was just trying to avoid having anyone ask if it was RT or Pro.... This guy earlier today thought that the Lumia Black update was going to bring 1080p to his phone, and that he was getting more rows of tiles.. LOL❕.. That was THE most funny comment that I've ever heard... We didn't make fun of him,,, too much...
  • You're right, but being last to grab consumers attention doesn't always work either... MS needs to be the first to get the consumers attention about new technology.. They always appear to be last, and that perception is not good.
  • For the record, I had fun creating that Ballmer mashup image.
  • Haha, I'm sure you did.
  • I'm just hoping the next CEO will be as fun to Photoshop.
  • Will be Stephen Elop
  • So Ballmer was the true VISIONary behind Vista, eh?
  • That image is creepy... You're sick❕... :-)
  • This is what Microsoft should have done from the start. They need to release a surface mini & cell phone already. Everyone keeps talking about OEM partner getting upset, but they're producing hardware with competing OSes on them and are worried about how Microsoft feels. At the end of the day, it about dollars & cents, something Microsoft is in the business to make......bottom line!
  • Not sure Il be a big fan of wearable technology but we will see. Competition is always good for innovation though...
  • Agree, they want to turn us into androids. Maybe Google calls its OS that for a reason...
  • I don't know about glasses, because you know someone is going to eventually blame an accident on them just like texting & driving
  • Digital wristwatches count as wearable technology.
    But things like google glass and smart-watches are wearable computer systems.
    So, the corrected statement is: "not sure I'll be a big fan of wearable computer systems".
  • You meant to say computer system is not technology? Just kidding.
  • Why is it called google glass if Microsoft is making its own? =p
  • MicroGoggles
  • Binggles. Xray One.
  • Smart Glass?
  • MicroView...
  • Windows Glass One RT.
  • Surface Glass, no?
  • Sight? (Surface for tablet and touch "surface" devices, "Sight" for a HUD, like Glass) And perhaps a watch could be "Time"
  • A smartwatch: Yes. Glasses.? No. Not even if it's made by Nokia, Microsoft or Apple.
  • somone else read "brain tumors" instead of google glass? Err'time
  • Eh i would use smart lenses, glasses is no go for me.
  • Not really interested in this.  I would be more interested in a smartwatch, but I am lukewarm on those as well.
  • Me too. I want less clutter, not more. Then again I'm probably not in the target demographic.
  • I am Steve Ballmer of Borg, you will be assimilated.
  • Ballmer: I'll be back. YES! YES! YES! YEAH! YEAH! ALRIGHT!!!
  • SMARTglass !! ohh wait....
  • I'm holding off for the smart-belt.
  • How about the shoe phone from Get Smart? Might as well...
  • Lol that sounds pretty awful -1
  • There is no contest if Microsoft would only pimp slap google every once in a while.
  • I called it a long time ago, the Microsoft monocle.
  • No.
  • Definitely will not be looking forward to this, but no way to stop the trend. Therefore... How long do we have to wait for a 41MP camera on our glasses already??? :-D I kid, but you know it will happen...
  • The article didn't stress enough that *Microsoft has no intention of mass producing this* at this time. Remember the Microsoft surface? No not the tablet, the touch screen table MS created in 2003, then was never heard from again for *nine years*? Expect that.
  • Never heard from again for nine years? Depends on the company you keep. It wasn't exactly a consumer device, even if initially presented that way.
  • That Surface was in use all over the place and went through a few revisions. It just wasn't designed for your average moron to watch TV on. It was installed in hotel lobbies, airports, and tourist help booths and was really cool.
  • And malls!
  • Would be nice to see Microsoft leading and others copying for a change.
  • With Americans pronouncing Nokia as Noh Keer, maybe Nokia should produce something you could put to your ear as like a play on words hhmmmmm something to put next to ones ear produced by Nokia......nah I'm stumped
  • I've never heard it pronounced that way, personally. This American says No-Kia. :-D
  • No-key-ah is the way this 'Merican says it.
  • Isn't it Nok-ya
  • No
  • Intelligent nipple piercings anyone?
  • After the Surface thing, I'm never buying 1st generation Microsoft products again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
    That said...they should also be concerned with Apple's latest offencive. Todays Microsoft's Roast (it was that that Apple did, wasn't it?) may well put them in a very peculiar position regarding future Windows and Office versions.
    As for the Google glass...I find it a really silly project. Who the hell would want to use that? Am I in DragonBall and no one told me?
  • If I could get it for about 500 with prescription lenses I would bite. Having a HUD for riding my motorcycle would be great. GPS speedometer and all.
  • LOL that's where I remember seeing them... what you don't the ability to cyber stalk someone, at the same time you really stalk them?
    All the while giving NSA facial recognition of everyone that you encounter?
  • Lmao yea the last thing you wanna hear walking down the street is someone saying nice scouter bro what's my power lvl lol.
  • If it is 1500$, no thanks.
  • When its a contact lens that you interface with then talk to me but until then I am not wearing that on my head.
  • Google glass and similar stuff from other companies are the end of personal privacy. I hope lawmakers will come up with strict rules what these devices are allowed to do.
    And Microsoft is again (far) behind the competition as it seems. Will they ever bring something really groundbreaking first?
  • Google glasses and similar stuff from other companies are the end of personal privacy. I hope lawmakers will come up with strict rules what these devices are allowed to do.
    And Microsoft is again (far) behind the competition as it seems. Will they ever bring something really groundbreaking first?
  • Until a product hits the shelves there is no one that has produced anything as of yet.
  • Don't worry. At least in Europe the authorities will certainly jump over that immediately. This isn't the US where companies and Governments can do what ever the hell they want ;P
  • lol, sounds a bit sarcastic
  • Yes Wall Street the legendary place of the world communism.
  • I give all my money for Steve balmer's face... xD
  • I wouldn't name them google glasses, might get in trouble. Just sayin
  • This ain't the future especially with future privacy laws tightening, the best move is a real smart watch running independently from a phone with its own sim/radios. Built from stainless very thin and utilizing bone conductive tech. Maybe when battery tech can make it viable. Google glass users not only look like twats they look like pervs. Bin this idea MS and Nokia should bin their stupid multiple screen bracelet
  • Lol I'll but a Microsoft one
  • I swear I saw an MS patent application for smart glasses right around or before Goog Glass
  • A smart watch would be great but I think that smart glasses have a big road to travel yet, I mean is not that awesome sneaking at a square rather than have a projection onto you eye as sci-fi movies have shown. But anyway, it would be great to have a lot of choices to pick from :)
  • Agreed. this is about as ridiculous as having that stupid news crawler on screen, while watching the damn news!
  • The tech is cool and all, but I'm waiting for the lawsuits over uploaded locker room birthday suits.
  • Optometrists! Optometrists! Optometrists! Optometrists! Optometrists! Optometrists! Optometrists! Optometrists! ...
  • I hate glasses period!!!!
  • I find they're useful. Especially if I want to see what I'm reading.
  • All this noise about wearable tech is just fire and motion. Try to make the competition waste loads of effort on something pointless, and it'll distract them from actually competing with or improving on the products you have now. Microsoft should refuse to be suckered in by this nonsense. Glasses and watches I think will prove to be niches of niche products, they'll get bought by a few enthusiasts but never go mainstream. The smartphone is the right size for on-the-go communication and information while not interfering with your life if you don't want it to.
  • If someone came up with a truly seamless and effortless to integrate a HUD in a pair of comfortable glasses, but also made it impossible to use it to actually RECORD things (to preserve privacy), I think it could be a hit.
    For example, just imagine if you went clothes shopping, and your eyeglasses could use a small laser measure to determine the exact size of the clothes you're holding up, instead of having to check sizes (which are unreliable) and trying on things unnecessarily. Or if you're driving, it could show you in a four way stop with a vehicle overlay which car arrived first to the intersection. Or if you're riding a bike, it could be a GPS and give visual cues for directions. Or reading a sign in a foreign language, it could instantly translate it to your language and show you that instead. These are things that COULD be done with a smartphone but would be cumbersome or a hassle, since you'd have to hold up the phone constantly or, in the case of holding up clothes, have someone else do it. If someone came up with USEFUL and non-invasive things to do, and they could be done easily, I think there's a future here. If they just want to replicate basic smart phone functions like GPS or camera, what's the point? 
  • I want a Microsoft smartwatch now! I will be surprised if they don't launch a smart watch in 2014. Samsung has already launched and apple to follow. They must launch next year.
  • While I don't want a smart watch, it would be very cool to see Apple be last to market!
  • Would the start of said glasses not be in the first part of this video?
  • Never underestimate Microsoft's clarity of vision. That 2011 video was the first of Microsoft's to feature wearable HUD, but even the 2009 vision had holdable HUD devices. Many things in the 2009 video Microsoft delivered, including kickstand tablets, pervasive data-first interface (on walls no less, but not glass ones), semantic zoom, meeting action item capture.
  • I'd buy it. But I'd buy Google Glass, and will go for whichever is first that works with my ecosystem (composed from all 4 of the majors, but phone is a single-device point in ecosystem, as headset likely will be, and for me Windows Phone won and continues to win the phone point, and outlook is poor for Google supporting Windows in the next 3 years...)
  • They should make a tv that can run a limited windows OS maybe with a camera and kinect style controls for changing channels and such also voice commands would be cool
  • I'm still waiting for Samsung to put a reduced version of Windows 8 in a TV.
  • google: "lets distract apple with these goggle things... damn, they saw through it."
    apple: "lets distract google with leaks about a watch, LOL they bought it!"
    ms: "hey guys, look at me, i have google glas, oops i mean Microsoft Eye Windows Professional x86 64 bit Ultimate Clear View Edition with OFFICE 365 Wearable Edition in the works for January 2015!!!"
    apple: hey google, fish in a barrel ?
    google: sure apple, but you go first, i feel guilty already.
  • Until they make wearable tech that actually looks good I will not touch them. If the watches stop looking like a cheap Casio calculator watch from the 90s and glasses are embedded in products by Ray Ban and others, then I think more people will adopt them. The current look of the wearable tech out now just looks cheap and gimmicky. Of course I feel the same way about people who insist on wearing bluetooth headsets everywhere they go even when they are not on the phone. Keep the damn thing in your pocket or purse until you get a call. No reason to look like a Borg droid as you peruse the frozen vegetables at the grocery store.