Microsoft is cooking up its own "Google Glasses" - Wall Street Journal reports

Microsoft isn’t going to let Google take control of wearable computer without a fight. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the company is testing various prototypes of “internet-connected eyewear similar to Google’s Glass”. Sources close to the matter had emphasized that Microsoft has the full ambition to go “head-to-head with Google, Samsung, and Apple”.

Canalys analyst, Daniel Matte, stated that “technology companies can’t afford to wait” and that “device vendors will face a number of tough challenges” while designing the new technology.

As of now, Matte stated that smart eyewear will remain a niche market for the next three to five years, but the industry for such technology is expected to hit $10 billion dollars by 2016.

We have had previous hints and leaks that Microsoft is working on various wearable technology from a smart watch to smart eyewear – we will just have to wait and see what happens.

If Microsoft releases a smart wearable device, will you be in line to purchase the first production?

Source; The Wall Street Journal; via The Verge

Michael Archambault