Microsoft Cortana 3.2 for Android brings new home screen UI and To-Do integration

Microsoft is now rolling out a new update for Cortana on Android that introduces a new home screen UI that follows the same design aesthetic that was first introduced with the apps overhaul last year. In addition to the new home screen UI, Cortana now supports To-Do integration for reminders, just like on Windows 10.

Version 3.2 is now rolling out on the Google Play Store, and if you use the Cortana home screen UI already, you'll notice a big update. You now have quick access to now playing, as well as four buttons: read email, listen to news, reminders, and meetings today.

There's also an overview of all of your reminders easily accessible from the home screen UI, that you can tick off when completed. At a time where it feels like Microsoft is slowly abandoning Cortana, it's strange to see these periodic updates that prove Microsoft is still building out its assistant. Let's hope we see some major updates to Cortana on Windows 10 soon.

Thanks for the tip, @KrisPetrin!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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