Xbox One

No one like it when services go offline, especially Xbox Live, which requires you to purchase a subscription in order to really take advantage of online and multiplayer features offered by the Xbox One. Microsoft's Larry Hryb has revealed on Reddit that the Xbox team at Microsoft have been made aware of the request to offer compensation for when Xbox Live is down.

"I've taken some of the more thoughtful comments and shared them with a few folks on the Xbox team to make them aware of this request. That's about all I've got right now - but when I am back in the office I am going to stop by and chat 1:1 with some folks about this as well."

The console has experienced issues in the last couple of weeks that has seen some significant downtime, something paying customers should be disappointed by. Implementing a system that automatically offers some kind of compensation when Xbox Live goes down could help alleviate some of the bad press when subscribers flock to social media.

How would you like to see Microsoft handle Xbox Live outage, aside from addressing issues as quickly as possible?

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