Gavriella Schuster has officially left Microsoft after 25 years

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What you need to know

  • Gavriella Schuster was with Microsoft for 25 years.
  • Early in 2021, she announced plans to leave the company.
  • Now, she's finally done it.

Executive departures from companies often take time. Between squaring away existing business and training a successor, most execs aren't in a position to hand in the old-fashioned two-week notice like most others can. That's why Gavriella Schuster, who we reported on back in March as being ready to "pass the torch," has just recently formally vacated her position at Microsoft as one of its corporate vice presidents.

On Twitter, she announced her plans for the future, which consist of working to address diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry.

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She is one of a few high-profile departures Microsoft has experienced in 2021. Microsoft also lost two of its presidents, Kate Johnson and Toni Townes-Whitley, though these two aren't actually packing up their things until September.

You can check out Schuster's LinkedIn profile to get a better idea of what she accomplished while at Microsoft. One example of her listed accomplishments includes that she led launches for over 15 products at Microsoft, including Windows Intune and Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP). If either of these names rings a bell with you, now you know who helped guide them to release.

Even with Schuster's departure, it's not like Microsoft is short on staff. Schuster's replacement (Rodney Clark) is on deck, and Microsoft's always hiring new people to fill gaps in its roster. For example, it recently hired Manik Gupta for its Teams Consumer, Skype, and GroupMe operations. What exactly that hire means for the future of Skype and Microsoft Teams Consumer, given the products' overlap, remains up in the air.

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