Microsoft demos mixed reality gaming on HoloLens with Project Xray

During its big Windows 10 Devices event in NY, Microsoft demonstrated some mixed reality gaming on the HoloLens. The code name is currently Project Xray, and it turns every room of your house into a personalized video game level. HoloLens can detect your arm and overlay it with holograms, robots will burst through your wall, and you'll even be able to hold and wear the holograms. You are defending the stage from a mixed reality robot invasion, and it becomes even more real with spatial 3D sound.

Stay tuned for more details as they come from Microsoft.

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  • That was just awesome!!! I just loved it sooooo much
  • Reminded me so much of Face Raiders on 3DS.
  • Me too, when it was released 4 years ago I would never have thought this to be possible in the next 30 years!
  • I missed it as I was in a meeting but I look forward to learning more.
  • Are you serious? Yes you are!
    Well, you should have pretended illness hahaha
  • But 3000 dollars only billgates can afford it.
  • It's gona cost around 2.5L for us :P save bro save
  • Only for enterprise then
  • They are showing games, so in future iterations of the technology it will become more affordable. for now, this is the beginning. The product is out there and theoretically you can buy it.
  • As was clearly stated, it's $3k for the Dev Kit.  It remains to be seen what the retail price point will eventually be but it's not going to be dirt cheap regardless. Before people complain too much that this is going to be SO expensive let's get some perspective... the Band 2 is priced at $249 and is a mere smartwatch/fitness tracker (albeit a kickass one).  Take that versus HoloLens... a one-of-a-kind, fully contained holographic computer that pushes the limites of technology and the boundaries of science.  Yeah, it's going to cost a bunch at least initially and probably for a few revisions.  Deal with it. If you really want one, start saving now.  You've got time before they hit the consumer market.  
  • Wow. That was impressive.
  • Incredible, revolutionary. This is like having a TV for the first time at home, like having a PC. But THIS is the new PC.
  • Imagine for example a building and people with hololens playing multiplayer games in it. And you'll be using your own hands to aim instead of your mouse
  • While it is reminiscent of Mass Effect's Omnitool, I'm concerned about the mass marketing pricing. If Dev kits are $3k, what does that mean for a mass production price point?   I hope MS isn't pricing itself out of the market.  As a long-time admirer of MS' old Entertainment and Devices Division, I hope MS has their ear to ground and responds as rapidly to consumer feedback as the Xbox Division has.  That would help endear consumers to the brand, generating massive amounts of brand loyalty.  
  • It's not possible to tell what the price will be for the mass market yet. This is a one of a kind piece of hardware. MS was smart to price the dev kits high, that way the large majority of people that buy them, are going to be serious about developing for it. They aren't going to make a lot and they don't want them all selling to a bunch of people in the insider program that would complain about it being buggy or not having apps.
  • Imagine playing Halo.
  • Very cool. I'll be really impressed when a game with campaign / story mode is developed that interacts with the environment I'm in while on a hike in the woods for example. This is a great beginning though.
  • I wonder if it would still work when you're looking at a 4' by 9' mirror. That would be cool
  • Living rooms and basements all over the world waiting to be destroyed... Virtually of course..;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I was anticipation for 2K and preparing for mysefl but now have to wait. But Google Glass statrted at 1k and it has nothing in it, so Hololense 3K at start seems to reasonable.
  • This totally is what I was thinking, like it is in Watch Dogs! =D
  • Integrate it with Pokemon :P