Microsoft details upcoming Windows Phone software update

Microsoft has taken the opportunity to discuss its future update plans with the Lumia 925 running a yet-to-be-released version of Windows Phone 8.While probably not the final build, the release is set to be rolled out to consumers later this summer, which will introduce a number of features and improvements. So what can you look forward to?

First of all we have support for FM radio, which will please those who have been looking for a solution to tune into local stations using their Windows Phones. Another big feature is Data Sense being activated with and supported by more mobile operators (though we've not had any names provided just yet). The update also makes it easier to select, download and pin tracks in Xbox Music.

It's noted that "hundreds" of small quality improvements will also be bundled and those who rely on Google services will be able to continue using Windows Phone and accounts with calDAV and CardDAV. Not the biggest update we've seen, but at least Microsoft is looking to address concerns and fix issues that have been raised (some more than once).

Source: Windows Phone Blog

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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