Microsoft dings Chromebooks in latest ad

Looking for a fairly inexpensive laptop to browse the web and type up some papers? Microsoft is afraid that if you’re looking for a device like that you’ll consider a Chromebook. Which is why they’ve made this advertisement to counter any threats from those Chromebooks and highlight a PC that’s available for under $300. Watch it for yourself below.  

The Asus X200CA Touch (opens in new tab) is a Windows 8.1 machine that you can grab on Amazon for under $300. It’s definitely not going to wow you with specs, but it does what it’s advertised to do perfectly fine. That is browse the web and play with the occasional Office document. Something that Chromebooks are advertised as doing as well and at the same price points.

Good ad or bad ad? Do ads like these justify the Chromebooks existence and threat to the low-end of PCs? Sound off below.

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Sam Sabri
  • Good add , hate GOOGLE and its STUPID PRODUCTS , a notebook which is dead / brick if we don't have a internet connection -_- , windows 8.1 runs fine on low hardware (my machine is just a old dual core processor and 2 GB ram , smooth and fluid )
  • LOL at these comments. I gotta wonder how many of you actually own a Chromebook or simply regurgitate the 'I hate Google' propaganda party line. Somehow, I think it is the later.
    The Chromebook is a threat to Microsoft and lets face it, Windows RT is a joke (unlike a Surface Pro running 8.1) and likely to be killed off leaving many users out in the cold. Kind of like what happened to Windows Phone 7 users.
    A Chromebook is not a laptop replacement, but it is a great little internet browser and gateway to Google services. And I only spent $160 for my Samsung Chromebook. Good luck with that Asus. Their hardware is junk. I own both gens of the Nexus 7 and Asus sucks.
  • But why not get a tablet if all your going to do is browse the internet?
  • have ipad 3 which sucks due to ios 7 , the new animations made me sick
  • I have a surface rt and it does a fine job running full websites, the other guy says he has a chromebook and uses it for internet browsing, so why not just get a tablet instead of carrying around something that looks like a laptop but its really not
  • why not jailbreak it? i did mine and its soo much better now
  • cydia is not optimized for ios 7 , further more tweaks that i wanted (SB settings ) were implemented in this ios , also noticed random battery drain after jailbreak , waiting for 7.1 update . Harjit which iPad do you have btw ?
  • Hold up for a second. The Samsung chrome book is $279. It's very small. And yes I actually personally own one. And I do agree that this is kinda anti google but your on a windows site so what did you expect? And I disagree that the chrome book is better than that asus running. I don't understand where rt is a joke? It has a flash player like a chromebook and a keyboard if you'd like. You can install apps on rt like Skype, Call of Duty and Minion Rush according to the video but on the chrome book ( at least the small samsung one) I can only install web Add-ons. And if you really hate the apps on rt. you can hack it to install genuine programs. Now how does that compete with a chrome book that isn't even touchscreen? It seems that we are not really Anti-Google rather you are Anti-Microsoft.
  • Let's be honest, web browsing on mobile devices sucks.
  • so why do most people do theor web browsing on mobile devices?
  • Because they have mobile devices that have web browsers? Just because the experience is lame doesn't mean that people shouldn't do it.    
  • no its not , if the hardware and software both work equally good , browsing internet will be a breeze , notebooks are bulky , tablets are light -weight and have a much longer battery life.
  • Software is the weak part. Mobile browsers are pretty pathetic. Windows 8 IE is really the only one I know that's actually good - but that's because it's just the desktop version.
  • Surface RT has the full desktop browser in a tablet form factor with a very sexy Type cover. ChromeBook is nothing compared to the feature rich, mobile Surface RT.
  • Well, to be honest, while Surface is overall a better device, I'd get a Chromebook if I was looking for a purely browsing machine. IE may be good, but Chrome is still ahead - and has extensions.
  • You sound like a buffoon who prefers Sushi to a full blown Buffett (where Sushi is included) at the same price. Surface is a Buffet, where in addition to Microsoft Office and hundreds of thousands of native Metro apps it also has a full desktop class browser. Chrome is the Sushi. Good luck eating your Sushi.
  • I'm a Surface Pro owner. But good job insulting me. Plus out of those hundreds of thousands of apps, about 1000 or so are actually good.
  • Surface Pro over Chromebook any day
  • Hell yeah.
  • You are a jackel under the skin of a lamb with your jackel balls hanging down. I do not believe you are a Surface Pro owner. You are a hideaous, ugly, shrewd Google fanboy who wants to defend his precious ChromeBook. Good luck with your Sushi ChromeBook. I love my Surface RT Buffet.
  • We need a selfie of you with the Surface throwing  up a peace sign
  • I don't think so.
  • Did someone piss in your cereal his morning?
  • I'm sorry, it might have been me. I was half-asleep at the time.
  • At the beginning of last year Chromebook had a global market share of 0,023%. By the end of last year this would be 0,04%. Yes Chromebooks are really popular. With W8 tablets and PC's becomming cheaper, Chromebooks don't have any future. So enjoy your Chromebook, which is nothing more than a tablet with a keyboard, soon to become a product of the dynosaur age.
  • Actually, they will become popular. They are great for schools and businesses where they want locked down, feature lacking, restrictive devices. Windows is actually too good in those situations and it's easier for people to install Chromebooks instead. I imagine most users grow out of them quickly and find them frustrating and hate them, but despite all that they will continue to be a success. Why anyone in their right mind would buy one for their own use is beyond me however. If it's just for browsing, get a tablet. If only Chromebooks were tablets with a keyboard (ala the Surface) they might actually have a future - but without touch, without all the Android apps, they are not even as useful as the now hated old Atom netbooks.
  • You know, there was this company called Neoware, that specialized in Thin Clients, not unlike what the Chromebook offered.  They introduced a Thin Client in laptop form.  While Enterprises saw that as a "cool" device, it never took off.  The same is said of Chromebooks. Now, you can argue that Windows RT is the same way, but I would beg to differ.  What Chromebooks lack is Google Play.  And that's never going to happen.  Why?  Because the Chromium folks do not want Android, and vice-versa.  With Windwos RT, I can develop a Metro app for either ARM or X86, and be available for either platforms.  That helps corporations and consumers in the long run.
  • "The Chromebook is a threat to Microsoft and lets face it, Windows RT is a joke..." To which I say, "LOL at these comments. I gotta wonder how many of [if] you actually own a Chromebook " Windows RT device. Face it, this isn't a one or the other only kind of world. Each device has its place. In my case the Nokia Lumia 2520 fits the bill far better than a Chromebook can.
  • Depends what you want it for, there's no "one device fits all". But I do agree with you and on the whole find the usage scenario in which a Chromebook would be the best device to be rather few and far between.
  • Let me translate, ChromeBook is a POS compared to the Surface RT.
  • Sorry, but I was one of the 1st beta chromebook testers Mario cr-66. What a painful device. The device was useless then, and more useless now. You are better off with an Android tablet-keyboard combo if you plan on going that route. Otherwise,there are enough windows/linux laptops that are much more versatile at the same price point. They should have called it a crime book!
  • The fact that you where one of the first beta testers isn't saying much. Todays chromebooks can't be remotely compared to the original CR-66. The chrome app store has a lot of packaged apps now. Apps written in HTML5, but which look and run like native applications without need for internet connection.
  • "They should have called it a crime book!". LOL
    And since Google violates Privacy laws constantly, it would really fit.
  • Windows RT is much less of a joke than chromeOS. Far, far more capable as well. It even has more apps. Between the two RT is the better choice.
  • Comparing the two is kinda irrelevant because RT is more like Android than it is like ChromeOS. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • and android is more capable than a chromebook and just as cheap. i still don't see the point of a chromebook. just get a keyboard for your android tablet and it will do everything a chromebook does and then some. install chrome on a pc and it will do everything a charomwbook does.
  • No. I used the Transformer line for a while and it doesn't offer the same Google Drive experience as a Chromebook. Way watered down. Also, my $300 Asus laptop is the first windows machine I've ever wanted to chuck out a window due to it's horrible performance. On the other hand, my Chromebook that costs $100 less offers 4x the performance in spite of its limitations.
  • And the issue is the disk, not the overall device.  I have one, and it performs quite well.  It's no gaming system for sure.
  • I won't argue that fact but, for what I use BOTH devices for, the Chromebook is the better experience for 2/3 the cost. It all comes down to how we use our technology. I personally would never use a laptop for anything other than a wordprocessor and web surfer, because of the form factor's limitations. If I need to do other kinds of work, that's what my desktop is for.
  • Thats the problem with you Android fanboys, you do not understand the hybrid devices such as the Surface. It has a full blown Browse with flash support,, Type cover for fantastic typing. And more than a 150000 native metro apps with full Microsoft Office. Chrome is a browser, thats all. Surface is a device that functions both as a Tablet and a Chromebook.
  • I have a surface rt. It does a great job for the £250 I paid for it. Nothing wrong with rt for web surfing, watching Netflix, playing a few games. I don't know why people are dismissive of rt just because its locked down to just apps (like iPad, droid etc). I tried a chromebook which was rubbish, stopped working in the garden when wifi signal stopped. Plus my surface has word.
  • Hahaha. How many RT products you own? Yeah. Exactly, you hypocrite. And before you lie, I can also and claim I have five Chromebooks. I do own two RT Surface devices and it is far from a joke. Your just clueless though. Keep walking, little boy.
  • How is RT a joke and all ipads run similar to RT and for some reason every one loves them. Its all in the marketing. If no one ever told you what it really was you never be complaining. IOS on iPad is just as RT on tablet
  • LOL at these comments. I gotta wonder how many of you actually own a Windows RT device or simply regurgitate the 'I hate Windows RT' propaganda party line. I own a Chromebook and they are about as useless as everyone says. I own a Surface 2 and since I got it, I choose it over the chromebook every time.
  • Windows RT 8.1 is no joke.  I have a Surface 2 and it is a serious machine that is WAY more powerful than a Chromebook.
  • True , can chromebook do multitask the way surface rt does on 8.1 , chromebook is just a browser with google services and browser based apps which i can get by installing chrome.
  • " I gotta wonder how many of you actually own a Chromebook or simply regurgitate the 'I hate Google' propaganda party line."   I'd say not nearly as many people that continue to crap on Windows Phone, W8/8.1, W/RT simply because the last handful of idiots did it. Including "writers" and bloggers alike.
  • I am having good luck with all my Asus hardware. The X200CA, A sweet Asus 24 inch monitor. Graphics Card and Motherboard. Seems I keep coming back to Asus because I have such excellent results and they offier uncommonly good value for the money. Sorry to hear about you very poor purchase decision. I would have forked out the extra $90 ($249 at Best Buy) for the X200CA running the full version of Windows 8.1 over the $160 jokebook any day. Good luck with your toy. Chromebook sucks.    
  • You do know you spent 160 freaking dollars for just a webbrowser which only works when you've got Wi-Fi or 3G... I'd say you got tricked by the market. Try saving something on your chromebook... Ow... Wait... You can't... News flash... If you've got Windows RT YOU CAN STILL RUN CHROME! Just download the app for free. And tadaa... You've got yourself a chromebook within Windows RT. ps. Windows RT is a bad move we all think that, but the tablet and notebook market is already defeated by Windows 8.1 Pro. iPads are useless against Windows 8 pro devices. We all know it, but the Apple fans can't admit it yet.   ps2. I got an iPad, Selling it for a Surface Pro soon!
  • $160 is far to much to spend on a "great little internet browser and gateway to google services" when you already have one at home, at work and in your pocket. Straight up waste of money in my opinion.
  • Windows RT? Are you mental? You go off on your own rant, then proclaim how much better Chromebook is to WIndows RT, in an article about an ad that is featuring a product that is NOT running Windows RT.   Sadly I agree that if you are a Google service fan, a Chromebook might serve you for that specific function; however, so would a Windows x86 or RT device just as well. I have to disagree that ChromeOS  is better or even on the level of Windows RT, as Windows RT is the full OS, even if Microsoft doesn't allow/offer a Win32 ARM compiler. (Enterprise features like user/group policies, multiple logins, full desktop browser with Flash, and on and on.)  
  • My RT tablet I actually find useful. And in a world where a sea of icons live, Windows stands out. Everyone asks me about it too when I pull it out to use it. So for a Chromebook, if you're fine with Google monitoring your every move and selling it for profit, be my guest and buy one. Otherwise, my Windows awesomeness makes me happy. ;)
  • Chromebook = trash!
  • Microsoft must be really angry or pissed off at Google xD
  • With good cause, I think.
  • why? they are trying to cut the competition's growth before it gets any traction.  
  • They have to bring up Chromebooks since they're discussing a PC at such a low price point. People who have heard of the Chromebook woud think "Oh, why don't I just get a Chromebook instead?"
  • I like ponies.
  • I Expect comment deletion soon lol
  • No, its relevant. The fight between MS and google is a one horse race. I think that's what he was saying :P
  • Sounds legit.
  • in the desktop race but in the mobile race? Andriod beats Windows RT and Windows Phone combined it's sad.
  • Well, right now in the mobile world Android beats everyone numbers-wise.
  • In sales or performance?
    Bigmacs outsell gourmet meals too, but that doesn't make them "better".
  • This ad is fast n fluid.
  • This is much better than previous ones. At least it's just a 'ding' as you put it, rather than an all-out attack. Just enough to cast a seed of doubt about Chromebooks in the mind of the viewer, and not enough to seem desperate and switch the viewer off completely.
  • Well said!
  • So in a world of competing company's, where company's (ALL company's) will cast doubt on their competitors if given a chance, where we have even seen one company pay people to go into forums and spread FUD about their competitors (hello, samsung?) I ask you why is it better that MS simply "dinged" them? Why should'nt they "all out attack" them? When I see car, food, clothing, tech or any other type of company's "attack" their competition I have never once walked away thinking, "wow... they must be desperate!" But whas has made ME think that way is finding out a company was paying people to go into competitors forums and spread lies... Or seeing people write articles about devices that is at least 50% misinformation.
  • I don't have much or a problem with the others, or even the scroogled campaign. But I do know the affect they have on a lot of people, and no matter much much right Microsoft has to do it, or how correct they are, it doesn't help if it puts people off. It's 'companies' and 'shouldn't', by the way.
  • You really think people are put off by these types of ads, and not by any other companIES doing it?
    What makes Microsoft so different?
  • Other companies like Apple could do it because they were trendy and Microsoft was trendy to hate. However when the traditionally 'unpopular' company takes shots at the ones generally regarded to be 'world leaders' and 'innovators', people switch off. I'm not defending that -- I agree wholeheartedly with you and think the ads are all spot on -- but what I'm saying is that Microsoft needs to play to the market, one which is largely illusioned with Google/Apple and disillusioned with Microsoft. That's why a little 'ding' will get them more goodwill than a big 'dig'.
  • Truthfully speaking though, MOST people don't care. Their not hung up on stuff like this. If anything they will view these ads and see them in the same ways they see ads by any other company. 
    It's part of advertising, and Microsoft doesn't owe it to anybody to tread lightly. They take shot after shot undeservedly in (seemingly) damn near every article, or blog out there. They really need to fire back, and IMO there is nothing wrong with it if they are being 100% honest... which they are in this ad. 
  • Sure, they don't consciously care. I'm talking about the subconscious reaction which happens regardless. Anyway, remember how I said this ad was good ... ?
  • This ad is worrisome because it means that MS considers Chromebooks as danger. "Scroogled" was ok imho (a lot of people dont know that Google is collecting their data), but they need to stop.
  • Microsoft isn't collecting my data? I'm not trying to troll (writing this on a Surface 2), but I find it hard to believe that Microsoft is really all that much better than Google when it comes to this.
  • Miscrosoft is. They dont need all the data they can get because they are not getting 97% of their profit from the targeted ads.
  • More to the point, if MS were caught doing so of their own accord (FISA Court orders are non-voluntary) their cash cow Enterprise customers and nascent consumer customers would flee in droves. Since Enterprise business is almost their entire profit generator, they have a compelling reason NOT to follow in Google's despicable wake.
  • Good ad.
  • Wait, it comes with Windows 8?
    Here in India, ASUS X200 CA is without Windows. It comes with "Free DOS" though. Also the same price ₹18,200 (around $290 as per Bing Calculator)
  • I'm from Malaysia and I have seen a couple of laptops, regardless of brand, come with that option as well, but at a much cheaper price compared to those with Windows 8 pre-installed.   Not sure how 'upgradable' they are if you want to change the RAM or hard disk, but I have noticed more recent laptops having a 'flat' back compared to older laptops which come with removable panels for the former two.
  • To be honest, I'm already starting to find my Lumia 2520 more useful than my old Chromebook now that I have the keyboard for it. So I'd say there's some justification for this kind of commercial, heh.
  • Comments on the YouTube page shows many hate MS, Office or Windows laptop.
  • They are all trolls :)
  • Not all of them. Some are just Google fanboys, but in general firing shots instead of promoting your product in a positive way is not a very smart move.
  • The majority of the population isn't smart so that kind of marketing works. Just look how it helped Apple and LMFAO the Kia ads. Anyone that's driven a Mercedes, BMW, or Audi knows Kia isn't luxury but your average Joe sees that ad and is blown away.
  • Ms is the best but we,can't deny the thing that google started to innovate much earlier however I love Microsoft ✌
  • Sure we can! First of all, Microsft is the older company and therefore it's impossible for Goggle to have "Started to innovate much earlier." Secondly, Google -- like Apple --  does not innovate, they buy smaller innovative companies and incorporate their technology. For example, Android was initially developed by Android Inc. who Google backed financially and later acquired in 2005.
  • IMO, this ad is great! It's much better than the commercial where they slammed the iPad with no real justification, but with this they're actually telling people why a Windows machine is better than a Chromebook; it can install Office etc. 
  • How did they have no justification in what was said about the ipad? Everything that was said was 100% true... what more justification do they need??
  • I guess by that I meant that the iPad v Surface commercilas were less professional that these new 'Honestly' ads. That said, I thought the iPad v Surface commercial was great - but some thought it wasn't.   Sent from my Surface 2 xD
  • Ok, what do you mean by "professional", and why is MS held to these standards of "professionalism" that literally no other company seems to be held to? Not trying to talk crap, I'm really trying to understand.
  • By 'less proffesional' I mean some people viewed the commercials as 'childish' so to speak.
  • Those people are fans of individual companies, not technology.  I give credit where it's due, but the iPad vs Surface comparison commercials are spot on.  I like these newer ads as well.  MS needed to shuffle around their marketing campaign.
  • ^ I agree. I just thought that this ad conveyed the message more appropriately. I'm looking forward to some more Windows Phone ads with the new 'honestly' starter!! :D
  • I used a chromebook for a year while studying at uni. I wanted a simple laptop due to the fact that I already had a very powerful desktop, so I wouldn't be using the laptop for much else than writing, which meant I wanted a good keyboard. At the time there was no such thing as a Surface. People who claim it is a brick without an internet connection have obviously never used one. Even back then it worked well without one. I could write my documents, listen to music, browse pictures and watch movies. Pretty much most of what people do on laptops. You can now also download packaged apps which are written in HTML, but work offline. Fact is, there is lots you can do with a chromebook now, and even back then, I never really felt hampered by it. People don't seem to realise just how far Chrome OS has come. Its a completely different beast than it was just a year ago. Also, do you honestly think Mircrosoft would spend as much time as they do bashing the chromebooks if they didn't feel threatened by it? I will easily admitt I prefear a Surface 2 to a chromebook now, but I can quite easily understand why many would enjoy using a chromebook.
  • "I could write my documents, listen to music, browse pictures and watch movies" But that's so generic lol I think what Microsoft is trying to do here is avoid people wasting their time on a chromebook because of compatibility issues. Yes you watched movies, but what if you run into an extension that chrome does not support? You edited your documents, but what if you're in class and you try to open your teachers Word.docx file and realize shes used tools and visuals that aren't supported in google docs? Those are just some examples of course. And I always mess around with chromebooks when I go into any tech store and their app store is very lacking. Many apps have bad reviews. Im just saying the average joe does not know what movie file they are trying to download or stream, they don't know what documents will work or what .exe program they may need to run, they expect it to just work get me? and with a chromebook the average joe can run into those issues. We're geeks we can troubleshoot any of that but not them lol honestly if I fear my grandpa or mother is going to infect the shit out of a cheap laptop with virus and spam then why not just get them a closed environment like windows RT? same thing as chrome OS but with the familiarity of windows.
  • I unserstand your point. I merely wanted to point out that you can do much more now than you used to and that it is not merely a brick without internett. I never had any compatibility issues with word documents, but I studied child protection work, so they never really gave us any advanced documents. I realize of course that this does not apply to everyone. But I stand by the fact that microsoft would not make adds mentioning chromebooks if they didn't feel threatened. If they really are that bad, wouldn't they have let consumers buy one, find out how bad it is, and then have them running back to windows? i must admit that this add is quite good. They mention the chromebook, but they dont bash it. the Scroogled ads made them look desperate, but this one makes it look like they kept their cool.
  • I don't think Microsoft see Chromebook's functionality as a threat. They see consumer ignorance as a threat.
  • You can just install chrome itself on a pc, so to hell with chrome os.
  • Chromebook? An OS by google to track your every move, then sell them to ad companies.
  • I just don't like the idea of having a pos device. That's why if I only wanted to spend 300 bucks I would go the tablet route. A chromebook is for the person who has no other choice. An actual computer vs a cheesy chromebook wins hands down any day. O and btw RT ain't half bad. IMHO it is better than an android is for tablets.
  • Nice add, but as people have pointed out the Chromebook is becoming a thread and is more capable than its given credit for. I like my surface 2, and find that it hits the spot for my needs, but the other day i was setting up a used Surface RT for one of my classmates. She was very frustrated with it, since it looked very different than her old (now borken) laptop, and she said to me "man why is this so hard to set up compared to my old laptop?" (she didnt have windows 8.1 or any updates). I wouldnt say its hard at all, but thats not the point. The point is that its not her old laptop.. even with all the fancy new and very very useful functions of Windows 8, she wasn’t interested in all that, and found it annoying. What i realized then was that the reason Chromebooks are a threat is that they are actually the "old" windows machines. They are not trying to do something new, Chromebooks are (now, i dont think it was the original thought) filling the gap for people that dont want the new and fancy windows 8, which they have probably heard from friends sucks (most people I talk to bout windows 8 atleast). And atm MS dont have a respons to that, even though they have cheap Windows 8/RT tablets with great functionality, they are not the old machines that people are used to, with the deskop and a simple interface, that i think some people are still searching for. Chromebooks are easy to understand since people dont expect them to be much more (i would think).. like the continuing problem and misunderstanding of windows RT, of not being able to install windows programs.. People buy Windows and expect a Windows like they remember. (maybe less now that even my mom is aware that there is Windows 8 and its "different") Thats my two cents, and take my "people definition" with a grain of salt, i know its not everyone and i wouldn’t spell doom for MS because of Chrombooks. MS still have alot to offer, problem is, what good MS DOES offer is just as unknown as the Chromebooks! :) Back to my friend though, i think that she will eventually become very happy with her used and cheap Surface RT, thats alot of good hardware and software for the money, and she was impressed when i showed her the functions like split screen and swipe in to switch apps. But i cant help but wonder if a Chromebook couldnt have made her at least just as happy, by being alot more familiar, even tho it might lack in functionality? (though it is kinda contradictory)  
  • I just want to know, what is wrong with ads knowing what we like? How else are companies supposed to learn what kind of things the public likes?
    And please... MSFT may not sell one's information, but they certainly do keep it for themselves. What is the difference between MSFT knowing all of you vs other companies knowing all of you?
    But for the record, I wouldn't go with either. I prefer the surface pro 2. That shit is a fucking beast! Or the Lumia 2520.
  • They can learn from traditional methods such as focus groups and surveys. I don't want all my habits known to some company unless I specifically tell them to like I did with Netflix. I want Netflix to reccommend movies so I have no problem telling them what I like. Just surfing the internet and having Google track my habits so it can serve me ads I have no interest in no matter where I am on the web, is not what I want, nor what I signed up for. The difference, is that my information stays with Microsoft and is used to make better products, with Google, it sometimes gets sold to the highest bidder, or at the very least, is used to pester me with ads. I'd rather give my data to the company that seemingly does nothing with it, than the company that sells it, uses it for target ads, and God knows what else.
  • The difference is Microsoft doesn't track everything you do. They only 'tracking' is what you type into a Bing search. PERIOD.   Google's Ads and other collection methods track virtually everything you do to fill in a complete profile of who you are.  Google also uses this additional information to track everything from politics to trends they leverage and sell fo countries and investors. Even if you don't care about them collecting your information, do you want them knowing what is the most emailed product today and use it like insider trading?   Just their use of data mining GMail breachs many insider trader laws when they act on this 'trend' information they have collected.  
  • If anything this is a lost cause for Google, Android will kill it.
  • Let's be realistic, if I wanna play around with some of my documents, I won't consider chromebook as an option!! I'll definitely go with a W product, the G thing is TRASH!!!
  • I used to think Chromebook is a niche product. But all these attack ads by Microsoft leads me to believe Chromebook is very capable and a serious threat to Windows. So good job Microsoft, your 'attack' ad made me think a little higher of Chromebooks than I did before.
  • Then you have a weak mind. Pay attention... For instance (assuming you are from the US) do you really think Ford feels their F150 truck is some how inferior because they will put out commercials, and ad after ad saying their trucks are better than chevy, dodge, and whoever else? All company's do it... this is nothing new at all.
    Wake up.  
  • Honestly they shouldn't even bring up chromebooks. Just tell us the good stuff about the laptop and the low price. Why bother bringing up something a lot of people don't know anything about.
  • Minus the cheap dig at Google, it was another decent "honestly" commercial. The Honestly ad campaign is a fair one. Not amazing, no, but most certainly a lot better than some of the other ads Microsoft has put out.   I'd give this commercial, hmm, say a... 6/10? Maybe 6.5.
  • Chrome books??
  • I'm sick to death of these petty us vs. Them ads. I have a Chromebook. For a writer like me it's one fantastic machine when I need to work on the go. No, it can't run Crysis, and it doesn't fill all of my productivity needs outside of writing and research, but what it does, it does REALLY well. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Why would a Chromebook be better than a product like this though?  That's what I don't understand. But I do feel that it's nice to have options.
  • So when Google was running the us versus them ads against Windows 8, I bet you were really angry and that is why you bought a Chromebook and an Android phone to show how much they upset you. Right...
  • I hate these kind of ads. Companies that needs to push other companies products down to "prove" how good their own products are is IMO companies with low self-esteem. I like MS, but this disappoint me! Instead of telling the customers how bad a Chrome-book is, they should tell the customers how good a laptop with Windows 8.1 is, without mentioning other products... Let people think for themselves. And THAT is what i call good advertising!
  • I seem to remember a "fruit" company that spent a lot of time on an us vs PC advertising that worked really well for them. The campaign definately wasn't bashful about who their competition was and made sure to bring up every weakness, both real and perceived, to make their point. It definatley bolstered their sales. There was a very brief mention of the Chromebook, mainly to place it as a competitor. Most of the commercial discussed the advantages of the device: Price point is less than $300 It doesn't have to be connected to the internet It can play games It can run Word and PowerPoint It is a competitor to a Chromebook I think it is important for companies to let you know who they are competing against -- especially if you are already leaning towards that product because of the media buzz going around. If I was in the market for a low powered, value priced device and I had only heard about the Chromebook, this ad would make me seriously consider this device.
  • I hated those commercials too.
  • So every company (in the US) does this at some point. Car, tech, food, wireless phone, real estate, grocery stores, drug stores, clothing, bottled water, shoes...  the list of companies that will put out ads saying our product/prices are better than our competitor is literally endless. Yet Microsoft does it and they are petty, scared, and feel threatened? You kids need to stop!
    Microsoft is getting bashed left and right WHILE actually putting out superior products. It's high time they not only highlight their products, but they should also take the gloves off and swing back. Check out all the unnecessarily bad and more often than not, untrue press they get... they have to do everything they can to get back mind share. Sitting back doing nothing while "others" are paying people to write articles showing their competitors products in a positive light is not working.
  • I don't like the contrastive ads that have no point or use false information.  However, when a company is talking about specific features and comparing them, it is useful information for consumers.   There is manipulative advertising, and there is advertising that tries to educate the buyers.  If the company is telling the full truth without manipulation, it doesn't hurt anyone.  When Apple did the Mac vs PC, a lot of the information they provided was simply not true or fully true.  They made fun of Vista needing 1gb of RAM, while their new version of OS X also needed 1gb of RAM, etc.   This commercial is a bit borderline, with the 'connection' statement and I would rather they just stick to the specific information, they don't need to embellish the weaknesses of the Chromebook, there are plenty of facts that can use to contrast.  
  • Seems like a lot of opinions in the comments here... and this was left wide open for fanboyism. How about a comparison test, wpcentral? Maybe announce one and solicit for test cases from the community? Let's actually find out how these two compare with demonstrable evidence so we can have a more useful conversation rather than a bunch of folks just voting with their hearts. The comments section on this article was the most disappointing one I've seen on a mobile nations article, and I think the style of article brought that out. I'm usually interested in seeing what the community had to say.
  • I hate Google, but this kind of horrible is horrible and counterproductive. Make more ads please like the Superbowl commercial, that one was beatiful. Focus on why your products are great, not why other's are worse. Microsoft's image is struggling and offending copetitors why they make heartwarming commercials won't fucking help.
  • Struggling?? They just made $24 billion (with a B!)... shit man, if that's struggling sign me up!
  • I didnt say their revenue / profit is struggling I said their IMAGE is struggling.
  • Are the two not related?
  • I don't get it....if you want a device for surfing on the go or sofa, get a cheap android tablet. If you want a full functioning laptop, get a Windows or Apple desktop/laptop. Posted via the WPC App for Android! on BlackBerry Z30
  • I have a CromeOS emulator in my PC m, its called Google Chrome. I can run Chrome app and surf the web. I think Google would have done better taking Android to laptops.
  • Lots of people are buying Chromebook because they "look" like a laptop and they are relatively cheap. I think Micrrosoft is trying to tell them that the next time they go into BestBuy just buy a REAL laptop.
  • Install Chrome browser on that Asus and you have a Chrimebook... I wonder how many owners of Chromebooks actually use them.
  • Nothing beats the Office experience and the completeness of MS's software. Plus you'll be able to do a considerable range of tasks with a Windows desktop, from development to hardcore games, since pretty much everything is available for Windows. I'm not saying Chromebooks are a bad call; it's up to your needs and standards. But it is quite limited if we compare it to Microsoft powered products, and a smaller price is not only understable, but required. We're still far away from being completely online and therefore far away from a cloud only (or almost) behavior. It's going to happen eventually, but until then we still need the "dying desktop". Buy a Chromebook and you're most of the time trapped by the urge of an Internet connection; get yourself a Mac and you'll rely on virtualization in order to make a lot of things happen and stay compatible with the rest of the world. Buy a Windows and you won't have a problem. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Cool post!
  • Waste of money. No one other than the most hardcore Goigle fans are buying them. The average consumer walks right past them in stores.
  • Microsoft power is just awaking. I believe they have a lot of great things coming!
  • I own a surface rt device.dont know why peope hate it. it is very good for daily use. I mean what exe files you use on pc and like them to be on rt too? In my case, i mostly use internet, skype, office, one of many video players on my computer, video converter and games. Sometimes i use autocad and video/image editors too. Out of these i dont get converters, games, auto cad and editors on my rt. And only Image and video editor are something i would like on my rt. There are apps for that but they are nowhere near something like photoshop.
  • I use MS Exchange at work and home. I have used office since Windows 3.11 days. I use my OneDrive (nee SkyDrive) daily. I was vested into MS before Google was a word, I appreciate that Google exists and is competetion for MS. Due to that competetion consumers win. I personally have no use for most Google products, except for Voice and Maps on my phone. However, I must get some of my relatives off Windows, because they, quite simply, are not smart enough to use Internet Explorer without screwing it up every few weeks to months. I am seriously looking at Chromebooks and/or iPads/MAC for them.
  • Microsoft can't bash Chromebooks when Windows RT exists. It can't run Chrome or iTunes.
  • All the more reason why I choose Window RT even more!
  • I've been using RT for over a year now and I can definately say it is a much better O/S than the reviews lead you to believe. The problem is not RT -- it was messaging around the purpose of RT. Microsoft definately missed the boat there. Here's hoping Nokia can get better messaging out around their new tablet.
  • If you, and so many others can honestly say it's "much better than reviews lead you to believe" then the problem has a lot less to do with MS missing anything and more to do with the negative press all things MS gets from most of these hack sites/"writers".
  • Cromebook can't run Office, IE, Firefox, iTunes (the list goes on). What's your point?
  • I think this was done accordingly and hit on points of marketing. Price point advantage over competitor and usefulness. Minimalist in bashing and straight to the point. Much better than just bashing CS with Pawn Star BS
  • Completely agree with you! +1
  • Why are we discussing Windows RT? This commercial is advertising an extremely affordabble ans touch enabled Windows 8.1 device. And not to mention, why buy a $300 Chromebook when you can get Chrome apps on your Windows 8.1 device through the Chrome browr app?! Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • So that's what happened to Doreen from SyFy's Helix.
  • That's really not cool to have a spoiler on here like that for something completely unreleated.  You REALLY should edit or remove your comment. 
  • It will be interesting to see how Google reponds:
    "Microsoft is evil"
  • The top 3 notebooks on amazon consist of chrome books.Just sayin Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • MS are you kidding me? Most of my classmates never ever heard of chromebook. Once I told them and they were like "What? Google Chrome?" or like "Notebook?" but by making ads like this, you are taking that sh*t to a whole new level and letting the world know that the sh*t is worth comparable...
  • Bad. Because if you need to point out the flaws of a competitor design to promote your product, it's simply that bad. I don't even care how good, bad or whatever Chromebook and Surface RT was in the past, is currently and will be in the future. It doesn't matter. The ad is bad in itself, not judging the products. And honestly, I don't even think lots of people know what a Chromebook is in the first place. So is this ad trying to promote both products? Because it'll at least make consumers think of them both - no one trusts an advertising piece to be 100% honest about it. So people in the market will be watching this and thinking: What's a Chromebook? Why does it matter in a Microsoft ad? Are those laptops for kids? And then: I don't need Office and I'm always connected. Should I buy a Chromebook instead? It's for me, not for my kids... Chromebook then? I don't play Minion games, so should I consider a Chromebook instead? For geeks, it's unimportant, because we don't buy products based on such superficial ads. For more common consumers, it's not only confusing, but raises more questions than answers. A good ad, imho, should point out the strong points in a product and how you could be using them in all sorts of scenarios. That's the draw. Everytime a company makes an ad campaign that is based on comparing and oftenly detracting the competition, it raises suspicions why they did it in the first place. Maybe the other company product is actually better in stuff they are not saying. I didn't even know there was another product in the same category, but now that I know it's better to actually compare them myself before the purchase. Microsoft sounds like they are just trying to ride in the other product's fame. etc etc It's almost like the Mac vs PC ads. The only thing that ad has done for me is strenghtening my belief that I'm a PC user. That Macs are simply not for me.
  • Do you guys know what beats a Chromebook, Android, Windows RT, Windows Phone, Mac, iPad and any other device? Alienware! Haha sorry because I'm reading through the comment section going back and forth laughing about what were all saying to each other