Microsoft dings Chromebooks in latest ad

Looking for a fairly inexpensive laptop to browse the web and type up some papers? Microsoft is afraid that if you’re looking for a device like that you’ll consider a Chromebook. Which is why they’ve made this advertisement to counter any threats from those Chromebooks and highlight a PC that’s available for under $300. Watch it for yourself below.  

The Asus X200CA Touch is a Windows 8.1 machine that you can grab on Amazon for under $300. It’s definitely not going to wow you with specs, but it does what it’s advertised to do perfectly fine. That is browse the web and play with the occasional Office document. Something that Chromebooks are advertised as doing as well and at the same price points.

Good ad or bad ad? Do ads like these justify the Chromebooks existence and threat to the low-end of PCs? Sound off below.

Thanks for the tip Kyle M!

Sam Sabri